Monday, September 6, 2010

The Scariest Moment Came When With Only Inches To Spare...

They were all staring death in the face

Their family was heading home from a day trip to the desert in southern California. They had been to Apple Valley, where they climbed some of the gigantic boulders and picked up sea shells among the mountains of rocks and boulders. They had a nice picnic and just were enjoying the open spaces for a day. For some reason her Mother was driving instead of her Father.

Her Mom was not a confident person behind the wheel, and the two youngsters were in the rear seat of the 1947 Chrysler. They had one of their dogs along that day, and he was also in the back seat.

The older child was in her teens, (about 16 or so) and the younger one, also a girl, was seven and a half years younger.

Suddenly, while their Mom was driving in the right hand lane, which was her preferred lane, their parents were discussing which side their upcoming exit would be on. Ordinarily, freeway exits are on the right hand side of the freeway, but their Father kept telling his wife that they would be exiting to the left.

The older of the girls didn't really have time to interject that she too was pretty sure the exit would be on the left, when suddenly, they saw a fast approaching exit, which was blocked by quite a few fast moving vehicles.

While the Father was just about to say that they could just go to the next exit, his wife, (their Mother) suddenly hit the brake full force and headed directly across the three or four lane freeway directly in the path of several rapidly approaching cars and trucks, heading for the left hand exit.

When the older daughter looked out her window, she saw several vehicles bearing down on them, and she just knew they were all about to die.

She laid her body over the dog, as he was already in her lap, and waited to die.

Somehow, they made it, and while all the other cars swerved to escape the collision, while others were just trying to get away from this crazy lady who was driving the guided four-wheeled death machine.

That was an event never to be forgotten by anyone involved, and if there had have been a wreck, there would have been bodies all over the road. This was years before seat belts had ever been installed in cars, and it was very likely that no one in that car would have survived the collision.

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