Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Book Every Child Should Read With Their Parents

My Book Of Bible Stories is well written and can help anyone who is interested in learning from the Bible, why we are here, why we die, and why things are in the mess they are nowadays. This book is available in many languages, and is available all over the earth.

While this book was written in language easy enough to understand that most children will grasp it's message, it is also useful for helping even adults who are looking for more information on Bible events, and their application to us in our modern era.

This book takes one directly to their Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and helps anyone get a good footing in beginning to know more about our earth, and about our creator as well.

It keeps the message simple, yet it is a very helpful tool for those interested in learning about Bible truths, and learning how to become closer to our heavenly Father, and his Son, Christ Jesus.

One can learn, from their own copy of the Bible how to find more insight about the real personality of the God of the Bible. My Book Of Bible Stories can help one to see that the God of the Bible is a very loving God, who truly loves and cares about humans, and that he is not a vengeful and uncaring, disinterested god as many people think.

This Book, takes you to many scriptures to show why God has not interfered in the way things happen on earth, but why and how we can know that he has promised to act in man's behalf in the not too distant future.

Your children and even you can learn why God has allowed things to get in the condition they are now in, as well as what he will do about it.

One will also find out from their own Bible

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