Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Epic Road Trip-To Relive The Journey Of Those Who Have Gone Before

Haven't you even wanted to see the things of history, first hand, and live like they did, when they did it?

My idea of an epic road trip may be a far cry from what most people would think of as either epic, or a road trip for that matter.

I have traveled the USA by road as a kid, and while that was educational, and interesting, my version of an epic road trip would have to involve being done on horseback, alone or with a small group of friends. Of course, one could also take such a trip in a covered wagon as well. After all, isn't that the epic way it was originally done? To repeat that arduous journey, in the way the pioneers and the Native Americans traveled, with limited supplies, and no road maps to speak of, was truly epic, and very hazardous, as well.

To do the same thing today, could also be dangerous, but we do have maps nowadays that would make it much easier to be sure you are on the right trail, or at least headed in the right direction.

Today, one has choices to make as to which trails or roads they will travel, but things could still get pretty hairy. If you chose to use a covered wagon, you would of course be limited in which trails you would use. You certainly would not be able to go on very narrow trails, but would by necessity would have to stay to roads or trails that would accommodate something about the size of a full sized car, or truck. Of course with a wagon, one could take along such things as more food, cooking gear and even sleep in the wagon.

I think I would choose to ride a good sturdy horse or mule, and use either llamas or more mules or donkeys for pack animals.  I have always dreamed of taking such a trip to and from two destinations. The first one I ever thought about was to cross the United States from west to east, and return. I may take some public roads, but only if necessary. I would plan my trip to take advantage of all the off-road areas possible, and try to live as the first settlers of the west did, while they crossed this country on horse back, as well and on foot, and covered wagon.  For traveling companions, I would not choose to join one of those huge group things, but would include only a few of my like-minded friends.

The second such trip I have often considered, and even planned in my head, would begin at the Mexican border, in California and follow an oft used trail traversed by the people who lived in this area some two hundred years ago. That trail goes all the way to Canada, through the mountains, and the high Sierras, through places with rivers, lakes, open fields, and past many ranches and small towns where one can restock needed supplies, and get the animals re-shod. Imagine riding horseback all the way through the state of California, then through Oregon, and on into Washington state, on up to the Canadian border, and back.  Of course the return trip one would have to wait for the next spring, due to the snows of winter all along in the high country of the mountains.

Again, I love roughing it. Even as a youngster, I always felt very connected not only to those settlers and cowboys, but most especially to the Native Americans that lived in those areas, and respected the natural surroundings and wildlife there. They only killed to survive, not for sport.  I feel most at home in such places, and it's as if I am drawn to such places, like a powerful magnet pulling me home.

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