Monday, September 6, 2010

My Neighbor

My Neighbor Clyde 10 Lines Plus

Ten Lines Simply Isn't Enough

Huntington Library Japanese Bonsai Garden 144

My neighbor Clyde is kind and polite

He always tries to do what's right

Clyde may be small in stature, true enough

Even though he's a retired fire fighter, he's never gruff

Clyde cares for all his neighbors, and his Mom

In bed by eight, but he's up long before the sun at dawn

Clyde tends his garden and his Bonsai collection

In his Bonsai propagation, he promotes perfection

As you may know, Bonsai is a work of art

Clyde certainly does his part

My neighbor is always a gentleman, from head to toe

He's never cruel nor does he ever bellow

Clyde's love of nature and animals shows

As his parrot Pelican surely knows

Having lived by neighbors both good and bad

If I lost this neighbor, I'd be terribly sad

In all my days, I've not had a neighbor so great

This neighbor, I certainly appreciate

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