Monday, September 6, 2010

Me, as a Teen

Repetitive personal information.

I'm pretty sure I have already done this, but since you want it again...

Well, OK, here goes.

First of all I looked like a girl, and had brown hair, blue eyes, and was not overweight.

As I have already stated, I was rather curvy, and looked pretty good in a swim suit.

I never had skin problems thank goodness. I have always preferred wearing either slacks or jeans, since when I was small, I had a chronic illness that made it necessary that my doctors thought I should always dress warmly, which meant that I wore few dresses.

For a short time, I used reading glasses, no braces.

I have always had more older males interested in me than boys my own age, as I tended to be more serious, and really have never been interested in foolishness of many young people.

I was a good student, so some thought I was the Teacher's Pet. But that was not the case. My teachers, whether male of female knew I was dependable and a good student, so I was not treated like the kids who were always causing trouble, or goofing off.

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