Monday, September 6, 2010

Reruns of 'Rawhide' still hold up

A few of my old favorites...

This was the first show that Clint Eastwood was ever in, and he did a spectacular job. Of course he was pretty easy on the eyes, as well.

I have always loved westerns, such as the old Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy shows, and I especially liked the old Lone Ranger shows as well.

There was also another western I loved to watch, called Wagon Train, that was always good for getting the bad guys, and always having the good guys win whatever happened to be the problem the wagon train settlers faced each week.

These shows ran from the late 1950s to the mid to late 1960s, and if they are available on hulu, or some other online site, I will watch them. They had good and bad, but never outright evil like many of today's TV shows.

There were people who were possibly shot, or arrested, but no blood and guts like today's shows have.

There was an innocence that you seldom see on any movies, videos, movies in theaters, or even in many cartoons, or television nowadays.

The Rifleman
The Rifleman, staring Chuck Conners was a real family show, with a widower father with a preteen son, who moved to a western area, living a ways out of town, and trying to keep body and soul together, and make a go of it.

I don't see any old reruns of Gunsmoke available, at least not so far, not online.

Marshall Matt Dillon what a tall, lean man. He was always protecting the townsfolk from bank robbers, and forced to defend his reputation as a real fast gun.

Burt Reynolds played the part of the local blacksmith, always glistening from sweat and bulging muscles, but very handsome and a real nice guy.

Chester, played by Dennis Weaver was supposedly somewhat handicapped, with a limp, but had heart as big as all outdoors, and was always ready to help the Marshall.

Miss Kitty, (Amanda Blake) was the proprietor of the local saloon, but not a woman if ill repute.

Doc Adams, played by Milburn Stone was the local crusty ol' doctor who was always either patching up gun shots or saving someone with an urgent malady.

The Wild Wild West
James West, played by Robert Conrad, and Artemus Gordon, played by Ross Martin, were U. S. Government Agents, and somehow, many of their shows were on a train, which was their main means of moving from one hotbed of bad guys to another.

They always seemed to have weapons that were way ahead of their time, and it always had a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure.

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