Monday, September 6, 2010

Learning something new about myself

See? One is never too old to learn...

Have desk, will write

I have just this week learned that I can actually write poetry. I have never before even attempted to write a poem.

Thanks to Plinky, I learned something about myself that I never considered having an aptitude to even try.

Both of my sisters, and my daughters are very creative, but most of my life, I have written primarily technical things.

I have also written articles on various subjects, mostly factual information, or specifications for construction projects, contracts and things like these.

I have written a few news articles too, but just never dreamed I had a hidden, more creative side to my writing, until Plinky asked for a poem using the letter 's' at the beginning of each word. Then, they asked for a poem about a neighbor, and a haiku, which I had also not done previously.

Thank You, Plinky. Thank you too, everyone who had nice things to say about my efforts.

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