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Can You Say, "I'm Sorry?"

So Sorry, Boss
What makes some people, people who are usually nice, and thoughtful, be unable, or unwilling to apologize when they may say or do something that hurts someone who really cares for them, such as their spouse, or a family member, or even a friend, for that matter?

I know several people who fit into that category.  Some are even family members.  It's like they think it shows weakness, and imperfection to have to admit they goofed, or said something hurtful.

Actually, if you think about it, it takes a stronger person to admit their mistakes, don't you think?  It means you have to actually look into yourself and realize you are not perfect, no matter what facade you may show outwardly.  My late husband, while basically a good man, just could not bring himself so say he was sorry for anything he did, in more than the twenty-six years we were married.  I also know other people who have that same problem.  I know they both had a difficult childhood, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't break through that self-protective armor and let their friends see that they have a heart, too.  Does it?

Ahhh, Ain't Love Grand?
Some people say. "Love means you never have to say you're sorry."  That is factually, morally and actually exactly reverse of what love is all about.  Love should not hurt.  Saying hurtful things to someone who you love, is something most people do from time to time, possible in the heat of a disagreement.  But, when we take the feelings of our closest partner, and most loved person in our life into consideration, should we not really, lovingly say we are truly sorry for offending them.  Did we really mean it?  Things like this are reasons why people who once dearly loved someone, become more and more distant, growing farther and farther apart.  Instead of showing more consideration to strangers or workmates, that belongs to our spouse, our partner, or other half.

If a policeman pulls you over for speeding or failure to stop completely at a stop sign, wouldn't you say something like, "Sorry officer?"  Doesn't your spouse or another family member deserve at least that much consideration as well, or even more-so?

Is your ego worth losing a dear and trusted friend over, simply to save face?  Personally, I don't think it is.  To me, it's natural to say, "I'm so sorry," if I accidentally do or say something that offended someone, no matter who it was.  That is only good manners, and shows consideration for the injured party.
Showing Love and Caring
is important in any

Do you know what I once did accidentally?  It was about nine-thirty in the evening, and I was very tired, but needed to go to a local store which was still open.  I got there just fine, but I was distracted by something.  The parking lot had been virtually empty, except for employee's cars parked some way from the store.  Thankfully, I wasn't going very fast, or I would have hit someone in the driver's door.  I jammed on the brakes, and quickly parked.  Then, I jumped out of my SUV, and hurried over to the other driver's nice pickup, crew cab truck to tell him I was terribly sorry that I nearly hit him.

The man was very nice, and said he really appreciated me taking the time and caring enough to come over to say I was sorry.  Guess who it was that I nearly T-Boned?  He's a famous singer/performer.  He also had his young daughter in the truck with him.  They had just driven in from Las Vegas, and were stopping to get a few things on their way home.  I won't give his name, because he lives not very far from me, and I wouldn't want to give that away.

Places or Things That Inspire You to Read, Write, or Study

My Writing Place
©2011 PK Hawk
Usually, the place I am most productive writing is at my IMAC. When I am out and about, I seldom have time for writing. Occasionally, I can sit at my favorite cafe and maybe make a few notes, but that is out of the ordinary. I am more likely to be reading or even studying at the cafe than writing. I do  some of my Bible based reading there.  It allows me time that I don't have to answer the telephone, or have someone knock on the door, or even let the dogs out.  I find it too distracting for creative writing anyway. Sometimes people may get a little loud talking on their cell phone, or the kind, helpful server will ask if I need anything, like more coffee, to which I usually just tell them to keep it coming.   But, it is still a better place sometimes than home.  Eating out is where I usually drink way too much coffee anyway.
Sunrise on the Lake
©2011 PK Hawk

I only go the the library to check out, or return books. So, that isn't the place for me to be most productive, either reading or writing. When I am home alone, and it's nice and quite, maybe with the radio on low, just for background noise, I can relax, and read, write and study.

When I am home, and need writing inspiration, I often set my computer on my photos, opening them to screen size, and let them run with pleasant, easy to listen to music.  That bring back happy memories, and gets my creative juices flowing a little better.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eye Contact

Two Different Stories?
I am big on "Eye Contact." When I speak with someone, I usually look them in the eyes, as that is not only maintaing contact, but it also lets them know that you recognize them, and helps hold their attention. I only do the unblinking thing if it is called for. When someone insinuates I may not be telling the truth, they get the uninterrupted look. I'm not a liar, and I really don't appreciate anyone doubting what I have to say.

There is a saying, "The eyes are the window to the soul." I believe that is for the most part, very true. Only sociopaths can really look you in the eye, and lie through their teeth. A person who had principles should have no problem looking you in the eye/face, and telling you anything of import.

Once, someone actually questioned my veracity, and I was so thrown, that I really was pretty much speechless. In the world today, many more people take it for granted that everyone lies, and you can't trust what anyone says. That may be true in a limited way, but anyone worth their salt, will be honest in their speech, as well as their dealings with others.

Buying a Home?
If you can't believe anyone, then where does that leave you?  Of course you don't want to be gullible and foolish enough to believe everything you are told by just anyone.  It's important to be discerning, and observant when talking with someone.  Not everyone even blinks when they are lying. Some people are so accustomed to lying, or skirting the issue, that their conscience no longer bothers them when they lie.  That a sad state of affairs, but unfortunately it's becoming more ingrained in society today.

When it comes to business dealings, it's always best to get everything in writing.  Many people put their trust in something a sales person told them, only to find out later, that it was a complete lie.

Love or Attraction?
When buying a car or home, don't you hire an expert to examine it before actually putting out your hard earned cash?  When you buy a car, it's always wise to have it gone over by a qualified, and trusted mechanic.  Have you never heard the saying, "Let the buyer beware?"  Most people make a mistake at times, but overall, it's always better to think over important purchases before jumping in with both feet.

If you are considering marriage, that amounts to getting to really know someone, and not just jumping into a relationship, especially if it's someone you may have known for only a short time.

It's usually in the eyes

Are eyes the window to the soul?

Forgotten Angels in Need

This is a special article reprinted with permission of Forgotten Angels, to help them in transporting and saving hundreds of pigs of any size or breed, as well as pretty much any animal in need.
Forgotten Angels
Pig Train

In This Issue

Farm sow with piglets

1822 Meister Hills Rd
Deer Lodge, TN 37726


No matter what kind of animal we work to rescue, it always makes us feel good to know that it has a home. A special place to call home where it is not only loved but safe. One of the key ingredients of rescue is being able to transport to their new home. It is a vital part of our organization since we work all over.

Last year over 150 animals was transported by what we call the “piggy train” but not all the animals are pigs that get transport. Just this month 18 pigs left FL to be transported to new homes. During the trip to the NE more pigs were picked up along the way and transported. We have 33 pigs waiting to be moved from FL and SC which will be going to states like NC, TN, LA, MO and TX. Soon after that trip another train will be moving to haul over 32 pigs from Darlynn’s Darlins to GA, PA, OH, IN and IL. That’s a lot of animals being moved into new homes where they will be safe and loved.

Potbellied Pig (adult)
Here is part of the story as told by Carol Eiswald in NY on what happened on the last trip:

When the mishap occurred with the trailer containing 18 pigs, Ted Groff immediately came to the rescue with his trailer and transport expertise. Ted safely delivered 17 pigs to their intended destinations. Su and Jan kept a baby with them who needed special attention, who would later reunite with other pigs ultimately going to NY.

This, though, was not the end of the problem, and Dawn Camp stepped up to the plate to help. Dawn drove 6 hours from western New York down to Pennsylvania to take up where Ted left off. Keep in mind that there was record-breaking heat in the Northeast, with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, and Dawn's truck had no air conditioning. The train had long been committed to delivering a farm pig from Pennsylvania to New York, and then picking up 2 very large farm pigs in New Hampshire, and delivering them back to Pennsylvania. Also, transport was required to bring a little farm pig back to Pennsylvania to catch up with Su and Jan, who were bringing her to Georgia in the back of their SUV, along with another needy pig requiring transport to Florida. Yes, this is all convoluted and confusing, but it does give credence to the magnitude of what a Pig Train accomplishes.
An especially gratifying aspect of this whole episode is the way good Samaritans appeared out of nowhere to help. When the mishap occurred, strangers helped get the SUV and trailer to a nearby horse farm and necessary shade, brought the pigs lots of water, and helped in all sorts of ways before Ted and Dawn were able to take over. Even before the accident occurred, folks had made offers of respite from the driving, with offers of meals and overnight lodging along the way. The train seems to bring out the best in folks, once they realize what is being accomplished.

Many thanks and much gratitude is extended to all who help the Pig Train accomplish its goals, but especially for this particular trip, as it was fraught with difficulties. Still, all pigs were gotten to their intended destinations where they will live long and happy lives. They are among the few very lucky ones.

Pigs of all sizes and breeds, as well as more animals in need
are rescued and transported by the Piggy Train
Now we have a problem that will take all of us to solve.  The problem is that the trailer, which is a custom built Featherlite needs to have both axles replaced and two tires and a fender. Estimated cost for repair will be a little over $2700.00. Without this trailer and without the repairs being done, the next sixty five (65) pigs will have no way to get to their new homes.

We, the rescue community, needs this train to keep running. So we are asking for everyone to chip in with any size donation so that the upcoming piggy train will run on time. This is crucial to the rescue community who depend upon the train to make these rescues happen.

There are two ways to donate. First one is through and send to and mark it for trailer repairs. Second is to send a check through the mail to FAREC, 1822 Meister Hills Rd, Deer Lodge, TN 37726. Please don’t think that $5.00 won’t help. It will. If we all pull together we can get this trailer back on the road and ready for the next trip. The pigs and animals are counting on us. They can’t do it....but we can. But it will take each one of us making the sacrifice to make it happen.  

Thanking you in advance for helping the animals who need us so much.


We can't imagine our life without Darla Sue. She is a wonderful addition to our family.  Once again, thanks a million. Our lives are much richer with her in it. Kathy

"Journey and Jessica"
©2009 PK Hawk
Forgotten Angels also rescues horses


WMW El Halcon sorrel with lighter mane registered Peruvian Paso gelding 5 years, approx.. 13.2H not trained to ride but leads, loads, stands tied, can be trimmed, wormed, etc.

1. WMW El Azor palomino registered Peruvian Paso gelding 4 years, approx. 13.2H not trained to ride but leads, loads, stands tied, can be trimmed, wormed, etc.

Hannalea bay half Peruvian/half AQHA filly 2 years, approx. 13H (eligible for Part Blood Registry) not trained to ride but leads, loads, stands tied, can be trimmed, wormed, etc.

Lacey’s Wind Dancer Chestnut roan Appaloosa Mare, 11 years, approx. 14.2H was regularly ridden until two years ago when she was diagnosed with a bone chip in her knee. She has been in a pasture since that time. Never bred.
Please email me directly and not through the list if you have any questions or interest in any of these horses. I have some photographs available.

Mari Worley
Worley's Hauling
P.O. Box 6651
Ventura, CA 93006

This organization is yours. It is for the animals. But we cannot do it without your help. A donation monthly of $5.00 will go a long way in helping animals get spay/neutered and transported once homes are found for them. Please consider a donation today. You can donate through by sending to  We thank you and all the animals thank you.


Learning who we are is like applying new makeup to an old face. Within Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center, you'll find people who you've personally known or heard about over the years. We are all friends doing what we do best, trying to make the world a safer place for all animals.

Some of us rescue and place potbellied pigs who have lost their homes or been abandoned. Others of us work to help animals such as dogs, cats, and farm animals. We are united in a strong belief that no animal should have to live in fear, filth, or be without food, water and shelter.

As a consequence, a decision was made that we would band together to work for a common cause while trying to make the world a safer place for all animals. Too often people don’t understand the fear, depression and even anger that an animal feels when it loses its home, doesn’t have enough to eat or even a place to get clean water...all things that most of us take for granted. These animals can do nothing to help themselves...they have no voice. They need each of us to speak up for them, and that's just what we plan to do.

We need your help. We can’t do it without each of you. We can lay the ground work and help get the word out, but even then we need more willing hands to come forth and say, “I want to be involved. I want to make a difference.” Together we can make that difference but none of us can do it alone. We all need each other. By reaching out we begin a chain reaction that will bring in even more help, then some more help, and so on it goes.

Please contact us at to see what and how you can be a part in making the world a safer place for all animals. Let's do it together...there is strength in numbers.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I Did It, Just Because...

One day about a year and a half ago, I was out for a morning of taking care of things that needed done around town. Then, I stopped at my favorite Chinese Buffet for an all you can eat lunch of some really healthy things.

View From Mountains
Mild Curves in Mountain Road
When that was all done, since it was a warm day, and I really just didn't want to go home, at least not just yet. I was just tooling along the streets in my Explorer, and suddenly I got the urge to head out of the area to Indio, which is in California, for those of you who don't know where I live. I haven't been to Indio since I was probably about ten years old. 

So, I drove down Interstate 15 southward, past Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Murrieta, and Temecula, and exited the freeway at state route 79, which heads inland toward mountains and eventually deserts. I didn't bother telling anyone where I was headed, as I had my cell phone, and if I needed to call anyone for help, for any reason, I would be able to do so.  I drove past lots of areas that used to be completely open, but were now filled with thousands of nice homes, shopping centers, etc. Then, I kept driving on and on, until eventually, I passed the road that goes up to Anza, from Auanga, which is along the main road, and up the grade headed into Anza.

I eventually came to a three way intersection. If I turned left, that would have taken me to Julian, which I love. but, since I have been there many time before, I turned to the right, which would eventually, take me to the 5,000 foot elevation and some really curvy two lane roads, which may or may have snow on them left from cold nights, when we in the lower elevations were getting rain.

I just love driving mountain roads. Eventually, I passed a car which had been involved in a one car accident. I looked carefully, and saw no one, so I drove on, up, up, higher and higher, until I reached the peak. I could see the entire inland desert from there. How I wanted to stop and take some pictures. But, there didn't seem to be a safe place to stop, so I had to just keep going. I still wondered how on earth that car ended up on top of such a large boulder, and no one was there. 

As I drove on, I began to descend the mountain, and still on some very curvy, switchbacks, which lead off the mountain. I really saw almost no other cars most of the way.

I just loved my AWD, as it was better in the curves than a car with rear-wheel drive. My Explorer had a big V-8 too, so climbing these roads was a breeze. Coming down was just as fun, too. I'm not a sissy driver, though I don't drive like a maniac, either.

When I finally was nearly down into the valley, it was really odd at first to see how much the whole desert area had changed. When I was last there, we drove thought in the middle of the night, as cars almost never had air conditioning then, at least not built-in. That was in August of 1955, when my family was returning to El Paso, TX from a visit with my father's sister, Helen. While we were driving through Indio, there were millions of crickets covering the whole road. We could hear them crunching under our tires. 

We had left my older sister with my Aunt Helen, and Uncle Harry, as she was recovering from a very serious sunburn she got while we were at the beach during our stay. We were, after all going to get our things, and move back to California, my dad said. There wasn't enough work in Texas, and he had met a fellow contractor from Long Beach who offered him a well paying job, until he could get settled in.

Anyway, back to Indio: When I got to the valley floor, I was thirsty and getting hungry, too. So, I started looking for someplace good to eat, that was not too far from the main road, as I knew I would have to leave before dark, as the mountain road would be covered with ice, probably black ice, which you can't see when you approach it. Many people have some serious accidents when they hit black ice, and over correct, hitting their brakes, and hydroplaning into something like maybe a mountain side, or a boulder, or even over the edge of a sheer cliff.

I found a place with some decent food, and stopped in at the Visitor's Center to inquire about places to live, and property values, as well as more good places to eat the next time I head out that way.

After a relaxing afternoon, and an invigorating drive, I had to head back home. This time, when I passed the place where the car was sitting on top of the boulder, it was gone, towed away, obviously. 

I hoped the occupant(s) were safe, and well. I never heard anything about the accident, so I don't know how that turned out.

One day, I will go back to Indio, and who knows, maybe I will even relocate there. Of course, they are very close to the town of Landers, where there was a pretty devastating earthquake back in the early 1990s that caused some pretty severe damage.
Descending into Valley

Map of California
Riverside County Highlighted
Do you suppose that I am trying to capture the horseback adventures I have missed out on for the past twenty-plus years, since I injured my neck?  Please, don't even consider that my accident was in any way related to riding horses, because it wasn't.  If it were possible, I would be out on horseback right now, and covering as much new territory as I possibly could. It matters not that I am now sixty-six.  It only matters that my neck is a real mess, and my Neurosurgeon told me I should not ride horses, or even a slight accident could be my death.

Park service to thin out Yosemite's growing crowds — of trees

Bears may be overcrowded and
eating food provided by campers.  

A fed bear is a dead bear

Click on the link below to read entire story:

Park service to thin out Yosemite's growing crowds — of trees

Yosemite's Half Dome

North California and South California?

California State Flag
"The Bear"

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Californians revisit a longstanding issue:

California redistricting panel got earful about draft maps

Click on the above link for the whole story ↑
Southern California Mountain Area

Acting On Impulse

Long Desert Road to Las Vegas?
Does stopping to help a stranded driver count? Hmmm, I know, the clock is ticking... 

OK! I finally remembered what was probably the most impulsive thing I have done. 
Back in about 1986 or so, life was very stressful. What with working full time, and taking care of my late husband while he was hopefully recovering from the lingering results of being T-Boned in an accident, and with his having to that point, undiagnosed brain damage from the wreck, and the fact that he was certainly doing many thing out of character for him, I was about at my wits end. 

He had physically recovered from two back surgeries, and twelve shock therapy treatments enough that he was able to drive again, even traveling alone to Mexico City, without giving me more than a half-hour notice that he was leaving for at least a month. I was really at my breaking point.  I knew he was up to something, but he was very secretive about anything and everything he was doing (also out of character). Mind you, we had been married for more than twenty-three years, and these things were not his usual behavior.  He had taken over things that I usually did, such as paying all our bills, removing all, or practically all our funds from our checking account, and still failing to pay the bills. He even started writing bad checks. 

Anyway, back to my impulsive thing: It was a Friday late afternoon, and when I got home from work, I was really ready to snap. No one was home, so I threw a few changes of clothes in a bag, got in my 1982 white Chevrolet Camero Berlinetta, and headed for Los Vegas. I had never before even been there.  I just needed a break, and to see something new and different. I left my husband a note, saying I would be back in a few days, stopped off at the bank with my check, deposited enough to pay the bills coming due, and took the rest in cash, and headed out of town. 
"These boots were made for walking,"
I inserted my favorite tape into the cassette player, (there were no CDs at that time) and listened to Loretta Lynn, singing her heart out. After a while, I began singing along with her, "These Boots Were Made for Walking." 

I overnighted in a motel along the way, since I was not sure of the road conditions, and did not think it wise to drive late at night, on the open road between southern California and Los Vegas, especially since I was alone, after all. I stayed in Vegas for two days, and stopped along the way in a little town, stopping in a little jewelry store where they had Black Hills Gold. That place was so inviting, that I was tempted to just stay there. Still, I knew I had responsibilities, and a position of responsibility at work, so I finally headed home, via back roads, instead of driving home the way I had used to get to Las Vegas. 

It was relaxing to drive through wide open, lightly traveled desert highways that stretched out in front of me.  The road seemed never-ending. With my windows open, no AC running, it was just the hot wind blowing in, and Loretta and me singing for mile after mile  along the open road. 

Finally, I headed home, at least feeling somewhat better, having done something to clear out the cobwebs, and relieve some of the stress. Now, I had been taking in the sights someplace different than just the freeway between home and work.  Returning home meant to encounter heaven only knew what he had gotten into while I was gone.  Back to work, and back to worrying about things he might get into.  Things got worse before they got better.

Bees sting horse to death | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

Link to story:

Bees sting horse to death | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mom Mistakes Gun for Lighter, Shoots 12-year-old Daughter

Two Shot Derringer
Similar to the one found.
The Derringer which shot the girl was a single shot weapon.
Photo courtesy of
Smoking could kill you, or someone you love.

Link to story:

Mom Mistakes Gun for Lighter, Shoots 12-year-old Daughter

Why Do People Feel the Need to Blog?

Writing to Her Blog
Have you ever wondered why so many blogs exist, and what people get out of blogging?  I suppose there could be as many reasons as there are people who write to blogs.

Some blogs, of course serve as news sources, others allow the writer to blow off some steam and frustration about various topics, while other blogs serve to save the blogger from having to pay for a regular web site, and a domain name.

Many pet adoption people use blogs to advertise the dogs and cats, or other species of animal they may have that needs a new home.  It allows people to vent, or to share ideas, as well as photos, news going on in and around their vicinity, and one, if they so desire may remain relatively anonymous, unless they choose to do otherwise.

On my own personal blog, I write about many different topics, and use many photographs I personally took near the area in which I live.  There are times I vent, and other times, I share interesting, or important information regarding dogs and cats, as well as other animals people keep for pets.  I have also written some informative articles about health and diet, as well as given a few tips for diabetics and obesity.
Range Fed Meat Cattle
Many are taken to Feed Lots
to be fattened up on GMO Corn, including the
kernels, stocks, leaves, and the empty cobs.
I have touched upon the subject of Bariatric Bypass surgical procedures, and shared a little about some personal friends who may have had such a procedure.  I also have shared names of videos that one may learn about eating healthier, as well as how to be more aware of things in our foods which are toxic, and how some big commercial food growers, and distributors are adding things to what we eat that is now causing all types of health problems.  I also have written about GMO (genetically modified organisms) which are at least unhealthy to eat, or even feed our pets.  I have shown where you can find these documentary videos, in hopes that you, too will sit up and take notice in regards to what you eat, and feed your family as well as your pets, and even livestock.
Young Dairy Cows

Sometimes, I will write a poem, or a fictionalized version of a story based on actual situations, in my own life, or that of someone I may know.  I hope you are at least somewhat interested in my writing, as I do enjoy seeing people enjoy my writing, as much as I enjoy seeing them enjoy eating what I have cooked and served at my table and at the little cafe my late husband and I had at one time.

If you like, or even dislike what I write, please feel free to leave a comment.  I do pay attention to feedback from readers.

While some dairies are now producing hormone free dairy products, many are still filling their cows with growth hormones, to make them produce more milk, and they tell you, the consumer, that this hormone is safe for you and your children.. When my children were growing up, they also drank milk from the super market, which was the same hormone laden milk most children drink today.  My youngest daughter matured to menses at age ten and a half.  She started needing a brassier at age eight or nine.

The animal on the left is a mixed Nubian Goat.
Nubians goats have richer milk than other breeds.
The three other light-colored animals are sheep.
To the right, there is a charcoal colored pygmy goat.
Most people get their goats milk from the larger breeds.
many people also drink sheep milk, and even make
cheese from it, too.
When I was growing up, in my teens, my father bought several dairy goats, and we had nothing from then on except raw goat milk, cheese made from the raw milk out goats produced, and even homemade ice cream made, also from the raw goat milk out goats produced.  I was the one who milked them, twice daily, all five producing milk goats.

Our local area is fortunate to have a local dairy which refuses to use hormones on their dairy cows.  Since most, if not all milk producers are required to have their cows milk pasteurized, it isn't raw milk, but it is the next best thing, as cow milk.

Do you know that more people on earth drink goats milk, and percentage wise, people drinking cows milk are relatively few.  The curd of milk from cows in larger, and harder to digest than that of milk from goats.  Many people who cannot tolerate cow milk, can drink goats milk without any negative reaction.

Nearly 100% of corn produced in the United States
today is genetically modified to withstand weed killing
chemicals, as well as producing much higher natural
pesticides than it was originally intended to produce.
Meat we eat that is fattened up in feed lots, are fed
these genetically modified grains, such as corn and soy, and it also has added high fructose corn syrup, which is also a chemically treated by product of the corn.  Corn nowadays, is not nearly as nutritious as it was some thirty or forty years ago, also   due to the genetic changes and additions performed in the laboratory, instead of by cross-pollinating, which is how the process was done previously, which was not manipulating the natural ability of plants to bring forth different and new varieties of crops.  Bees, which have always been the main source of pollination, are now endangered, and in many parts of the country, most hives do not survive even one season, and more and more queen bees must be imported from other countries in order to keep hives of pollinating bees going.

These videos are available on http://www.

* King Corn

*Food Inc.

*Food Matters

Eat well, feel better, live longer


There are many more videos available, also on that are also documentaries on how our food is raised,  sprayed, and genetically modified, making it actually damaging to our long term health, as well as that of our children. 

Boy, Did You Get a Wrong Number!

Bill Collector Calling
wrong Number
Certainly I have received erroneous voice messages left by people who thought they were leaving the message for someone else. Unfortunately, many of the voice messages were from bill collectors, and mortgage companies attempting to reach someone else who had my home phone number before (about eight years ago, to be more exact). I also was getting voice messages from several local schools, stating the school was under lockdown, for one reason or another. Some were reminders for parents of students that their parent/teacher conference was set for some date they had missed, and to please call to reschedule. It took many calls to the individual schools as well as finally, to the district office to get those calls stopped. 

I recently got another call from doctor's office for someone who, to the best of my knowledge has never even had this phone number, as that was the first call I had received for that person. 

I guess that's the price I pay for having a phone number that is very easy to remember. When I got the number, I was very involved with pet rescue and adoption, and needed a number that people could easily remember. 

I don't get a lot of text messages that were not for me, maybe one or two, but they weren't funny. 

If and when I get any messages that are obviously not intended for me, I contact the caller, or whoever sent the message, to let them know I am not the person they are attempting to reach. That way, they can either call the right number, or remove my number from their call list.

Secret Agents
from Germany spying on you? 
Way back in the 1970s, my brother-in-law answered their home phone, and it was someone that said they were from the German Embassy.  I always get the east and west Germans confused, but suffice it to say that these people had somehow gotten my sister and brother-in-law's phone number, and they were very unhappy, claiming that they were supposed to be getting some kind of microwave mirrors, and wanted them, now!  My brother-in-law tried to tell them that they apparently had an incorrect telephone number, but they would not accept that reply.  The calls kept coming, and when it was reported to the FBI, and whoever else my brother-in-law and sister could think of to call, it seemed that nothing was happening to help them, so whoever was calling stopped.  

Once, while this was going on, while my sister was in the shower, someone managed to get inside their home, even though the doors were locked when she went to shower.  Oddly enough, until we later heard a news report about Microwave Mirrors being used against U.S. Agents in Russia, or maybe it was Germany, we never had a clue about any such thing.
Microwaves, were really new on the market then, too.  Finally, after repeated phone calls to the telephone company to report apparent having a tapped telephone line, they eventually came out to investigate.  Yep, the telephone company found that their line absolutely had been tapped into.  It was discovered in some kind of junction box about a block or more from my sister's home, but there is was, and there was no denying it any longer. 

When she came out of the shower, their place had been ransacked, and later, they discovered their phone was tapped.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's Wrong With This Rhyme?

Children's Rhymes

Hey diddle diddle

The cat and the fiddle

The dog jumped over the moon

The little kid laughed to see such sport

And the fork ran away with the spoon.

If you recognize one or more errors in this children's
rhyme, please leave a comment.
Little Goat Laughed

Los Angeles County retiree group won't reveal pension information

Los Angeles County retiree group won't reveal pension information

"Voiceover Actors"

There are very few voiceovers that I pay attention to enough to even know who did them. I know many well known actors do that kind of work, but I have never been interested enough to even care. Now, I have a friend who should actually do a celebrity gossip column, as she can tell you almost anything and everything about just about any celebrity you could name. She never misses the Oscars, or Emmys, or about any other celebrity recognition show that is on TV. 

I know some, who I like their work, but would be hard-pressed to tell you who even starred in many of movies I enjoyed. 

I can tell you that I really liked the animated movie, "Cars," but I could not tell you who did the voiceovers. I loved, what's the name of that animated movie about the lions that was all the rage several years ago? "Lion King," that's it. But I couldn't tell you who did the voices, even though I most likely enjoyed seeing them in movies. 

I know that Billy Crystal does, or did voice-overs, as does Robin Williams, and I can tell you that I liked the movies: "Mrs. Doubtfire," and "City Slickers," but for the most part, I just don't care enough to make a mental note of actors, singers, and their work. I either like it, or I don't. If it's especially good, I may take more interest. I like John Wayne movies, and most movies that Robin Williams does, depending of course, as long as the language doesn't get out of bounds.

I'm sure there are some movies that I am more likely to recall, and maybe even a few of the more well known actors, but I just don't get all that jazzed about that sort of thing. 

When it came to the movie, "War of the Roses," I laughed 'til I had tears streaming down my cheeks, but that is very unusual.

Just remember, Roses
and divorces have thorns

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do You Take More After Your Father or Mother?

Teaching Their Children
For the most part, my personality is more like my Dad's. In stature, and in some things, I am like my Mother, but she was born into a different generation, where women weren't really expected to be outgoing, and verbal. 

My Mother was very creative, well educated, and just a lovely person, while Dad was more outgoing, and interested in many things, always looking to learn something new about anything and just about everything. Dad was very cerebral, yet, he also loved working with his hands. He loved working with electricity, so became a Journeyman Electrician. When we lived in Ohio, he was a contractor, specializing in electrical work of all kinds, which provided very well for his family. Dad was also a Minister, who while far from being perfect, really lived what the Bible teaches.

Father Shows Son
Hands On
My Dad and I did practically everything together, from electrical work, mechanical work on our family cars, working with our animals, such as our fifteen milk goats, working in our yard, trimming tall hedges, etc. I guess I was sort of the son my Father never had, and I loved it all. From public speaking to doing a tuneup on my car, milking our goats twice a day, and helping Mom do the cooking, and laundry. 

Public Speaking
I have always liked learning new things, and doing the things I have learned. Even changing my own tires, certainly did help save a lot of time. When I was growing up, these were things girls simply 'didn't do,' but I loved it all. Mom was very artistic, had an outstanding singing voice (lyric Soprano) and did some really wonderful pencil sketches. She sewed, and was more of a homebody than either my sisters or I are. My eldest Granddaughter seems to take more after my Mother in that way.