Monday, September 6, 2010

A Few Things I Learned Recently That Could Be Killing Us All

Consumers can make the difference, just as they did when they refused to keep buying the GMO tomatoes a few years back. If we refuse to buy it, they will stop making it, right?

Soy beans

Recently, I learned more facts about our food supplies, and the suppliers than the consumers in general already knew. I learned that they have gotten rid of most, if not all their competition whether it is the farmers who grow the fruits and vegetables we eat, or the ranchers who raise the animals produced for our meat, and what those animals are fed. It even controls the feedlots and slaughter houses, and processors of these meat products.

The genetically modified corn and soy products that we all eat, as well as the products that contain these crops are not only in practically every type of processed food product like cereals, chips, our favorite soft drinks, bakery foods, even those thing that have soy protein.

Practically all beef, pork, and chicken we buy in our grocery stores, and fast food establishments were all raised and/or "finished," or fattened up for slaughter with feed entirely unnatural to their normal diet. Cattle are "finished" on a diet of ground corn, including the corn plant, itself, the ground cob in addition to ground corn kernels.

I learned that this is Genetically Modified, to not only grow closer together to produce more corn, but that it is also resistant to being killed by weed killers that are sprayed on the weeds that crop up in amongst the corn plants. I also have learned that the corn produced was also genetically modified to have less nutrients, and much more corn starch, so it could be used to make ethanol and high fructose corn syrup, as a cheaper way to sweeten food stuffs.

I also learned that this information has been available for the public through at least two sources:

1- King Corn, a DVD that was created as far back as 2005, which I just recently discovered on Netflix. You can either have it mailed to you, or you can watch it instantly online.

2- FOOD INC, also on DVD, created as recently as 2008, which provides even more information about our food, including corn and soy, as well as how our meats are affecting the heath of the entire nation, if not the world.

The producers of the King Corn video also have a web site, called:, where you can order the DVD and get more information for publication, and for reporters who are interested in writing about what has and is happening to our food supply.

I learned another thing as well. That is, the reason there is more E Coli , salmonella, etc. getting into the nation's food supply for human consumption.

I also learned that this is the greater cause for the increase in obesity and Type 2 Diabetes being on the rise in our country. Yet, people are being told it's their fault they are getting fatter, and sicker, when it's actually from the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) corn and soy that we eat, thinking it's a better way to eat, or that because these unhealthy "super foods" are in practically everything we eat, be it bread, chips, anything containing high fructose corn syrup, soy protein products, or the meat that was "finished" or raised on corn products.

Oh yes, did I tell you that both of these crops, though they are modified to withstand weed killers, such as Round UP, and another one produced by Liberty, that doesn't keep the plant from absorbing the weed killer that is sprayed on the surrounding area, as well as directly on the plants that produce the corn and soy that we and our meat are full of simply by eating the products.

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