Monday, September 6, 2010

Every day, I Duh, Feed my Critters

Duh, Feed my Critters
Well, actually I try to take my "nature break" first, if I can do it without my Chihuahua Puppy, "Puglsy" having an accident before I can get all four dogs outside.

Pugsly is a nine month old Chihuahua that won't top five pounds when he is finally fully grown. He is a puppy I rescued from a family who didn't have a clue that their four year old daughter needed to be monitored, and well supervised whenever she handled the puppy, especially since it was only about eight weeks old when their uncle gave it to them.

Oh yes, I do it daily, so I don't have to clean up after four dogs in my home... Whew!

Feed my dogs and my pond fish
Actually, I feed my dogs twice a day, morning and evening, and the fish three to four times a day.

I do it so they won't starve, and die...

The pond fish need small feedings several times a day so the water in the one thousand gallon pool isn't contaminated and get overgrown with alga.

These fish started out as Walmart feeder fish, and were only about an inch or so long when I first got them, and now that they are nearly three years old, they are between six and nine inches long. They are all different colors, with everything from red/gold, to calico, and even white.

My dogs are all rescued, and range in ages from ten and a half years to the puppy who, as I have already stated, is about nine months old.

My largest dog is a mixed Australian Shepherd, (Snow Bear) that I also took in as a rescue going on ten years ago. She was almost all white then, and ever since, she has gotten more and more black spots every year as she ages.

I also have another five pound Chihuahua that I rescued from our local animal shelter when he was ten months old. His name is "Peanut." Peanut hates men in general, and only trusts me. Even though he only has a few teeth, he still would try to bit a stranger, especially if it were a man.

Then there is Sequoia Dawn. Sequoia is six years old, and has been rescued at least twice in her life. Sequoia is half Chihuahua, and half Basenji, (you know, that breed that isn't supposed to be able to bark?).

Sequoia was originally rescued from a very rural California freeway as a small puppy, by a lady long-haul trucker.

She kept her for about four years, but had to give her up, when she and her husband moved into the jungles of Mexico to be near her hubby's family. Since her husband is blind, and she is on the road so much, and with them living in a jungle, they had to be concerned about predators eating the small dog.

So, I took in Sequoia, and have kept her. She is very kind and really doesn't know anyone to be a stranger.

Write online
I have many things about which to write, from animal advocacy, to articles for and several blogs and web sites, as well.

I also play a few games on and Facebook as well.

I enjoy meeting new people, and doing what I can about trying to stop FAKE PET RESCUERS, who pretend to rescue pets, but who actually kill every animal they take in or trap.

They have some demented idea that they are helping to control the pet overpopulation that way.

My main problem with what they are doing is because the lie, and tell people they will get new home for these animals, and they also lie about what the donations they get will be used for.

I'm not so foolish as to think every unwanted animal can be saved, but when anyone of any group actually misleads people and kills animals that are perfectly placable, without even giving them a chance, that on it's face is FRAUD. It is also FRAUD to take monies under false pretenses.

Sorry, but this is something very close to my heart, and I must do everything I can to educate everyone I can about the situation.

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