Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do You Celebrate or Observe Earth Day?

Lovely Lake Shore Scene
This lake, like most others on earth, is polluted, by oil, chemicals, gasoline, and runoff from the polluted surroundings.
Most people living nearby, would not even consider swimming here, or eating the fish from this lake.
©2011 PK Hawk
I don't celebrate such things as most might consider celebrating.  I try to do my share to help protect and conserve earth's resources everyday.  I recycle, and am conscious of things which are reusable possibly to a fault.  I thing people have become so accustomed to the fact that too many products, such as electronics, etc. are made so they will stop working within a few years of manufacture in order that the manufacturer can sell them a new one.

Many people dream of life in such surroundings
How many of you know that years ago, there was such a thing as a refrigerator that ran on almost no electricity, but kept your food cold by means of natural gas?  It only took a flame similar to a pilot light, to work, too.  This refrigerators almost never had a problem breaking down.  The main problem was, that the people who produced electric refrigerators, sort of pushed them out of business.  Why, today, most, if not all RV trailers, and motor homes still have very efficient refrigerators which run on propane gas, and they switch back and forth between gas and electricity, as need be.

Mining has greatly added to
polluted water and air.

I conserve dead leaf matter from my yard, and use it to make mulch/compost, in order to replenish nutrients in the soil, which helps avoid using commercial fertilizers, which are chemical compounds which lack most vital nutrients which make fruit and vegetables better for food, as tasting better, as well.

We live on the earth, and are from the things of the earth, so protecting and replenishing earth's resources is always vital to our own lives, as well as the lives of every living thing in and on the earth.  God made earth for life and the living things for the earth.  It is a symbiotic relationship which is nearing collapse, due to man's mismanagement of earth's resources, and greed.

Notice the polluted foam which has washed up on shore?
©2011 PK Hawk
There was once a crop planting program, which is even talked about in scriptures.  It was crop rotation.  This contributed to strengthening crops, and discouraged insects which preyed on specific types of vegetation.  It also helped in not depleting the soil of nutrients needed for good health and nutrition in the foods grown for man and beast to eat.  Every seven years, by rotation, various fields were allowed to rest, in order to become healthier again, and to prevent erosion and depletion of the ground's vital nutrients.

Today, with factory farming, and clear cutting of forests in many parts of the earth, rainfall has been damaged, animals which depended on the forest to live, and shelter, have been dying out in abundance.  Many species are becoming extinct due to man's greed.  Many plants once used for their medicinal value are becoming lost, as well.

Earth Day should be everyday, not just once a year.

In the scriptures, God, Jehovah has said that he will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.  He also said that if he did not step in, no flesh would survive on earth.


Isaiah 11:6-9

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eight Food Frauds Sold in Your Market

The article linked was authored by:

By Kelli B. Grant, SmartMoney

Most consumers know to ignore emails alerting them to foreign lottery winnings and to steer clear of "designer" bags sold on street corners. But experts say even scam-savvy shoppers may be falling prey to fraud at a surprising place: the grocerystore.

Food fraud -- the adulteration, dilution or mislabeling of goods stocked on the shelf -- is part of a growing trend of faux household goods . Although there is little data on the frequency of food fakery, experts say there's growing awareness of the problem. The lack of information on the subject recently prompted the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention -- a nonprofit that sets standards used by the FDA -- to establish a Food Fraud Database. And a new study in the Journal of Food Science analyzed the top offenders identified by the database, including olive oil, milk and honey. 

This is a small snippet of a very informative article posted in "Financially Fit," a online site which Yahoo has posted.

Many food which may and are being adulterated even include milk, olive oil, honey and fruit juices.  These are just a few which are warned about.  You may recall the uproar in China when baby formula was discovered to be laces wit melamine, that killed several infants.

Stay informed and stay at least a little healthier.

To read the entire article, please click on this link: 

Yahoo link to 8 Food Frauds on Your Grocer's Shelves

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dick Clark Dead at Age 82

Do you remember American Bandstand
and the Dick Clark Show?
I thought Dick Clark was older than 82.  Let's see, when I was about 11 or 12 years old, I believe is when that show, staring Dick Clark was on TV, in black and white no less.  Mercy, he was only about fifteen years my senior.

Dick Clark was one that everyone called the eternal teenager.  He always seemed to feel young, even long after his show went off the air.  He hosted the "American Bandstand" and "The Dick Clark Show," beginning in 1958.  Even after the show stopped airing, he still hosted "New Year's Rockin' Eve" shows from New Your City, for many years.

Funny, I just never really liked all the racket and whooping and hollering when that show was on, though I certainly know who Dick Clark was.  I even tried to watch it and get used to the show, but it really just wasn't my cup of tea, so to speak.

You may wish to click on the following link for more information and photos of Dick Clark, and read more about his life, and lifestyle, as well.

KFIAM640: Famed TV producer Dick Clark dies at 82.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monuments: Manmade and Natural

Monuments to Mythical Gods or Real People?
There are monuments, and then there are monuments. Personally, I prefer the monuments such as in Monument Valley. Manmade monuments are basically interesting, but few can truly be considered beautiful. Some are actually downright disgusting. Others have hidden meanings. Some, of course were meant as a tribute to someone who may have given their all to help others, but they don't get anything out of the monument. 

Mt. Rushmore
I suppose it would be interesting to see Mt. Rushmore. But, though many monuments man has built tell a story, they also make the person or people larger than life. Humans are alive for only a short while, and many more will take their place in history. It really isn't long before most people really have no idea what the real living person was like ( if they ever really knew in the first place), or if they were really all that good, or decent. Many thing come out later in regards to who various people really were when they were living. Take President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, for example. He was only human, and turned out to be be a womanizer. It also appears that somewhere down deep inside, he really may have been attempting to do good for the people of his country. It also appears he was very likely murdered by the very people who pretended to love him and for what he stood. 
Lincoln Memorial
Most people who were or are in the public eye have and had secrets that were and are kept hidden from the public. Many, if not most people in politics are not people I would really choose to call a friend, just as with people in the acting profession. Many are drug users and abusers, as well as leading very immoral lives. Many are cheaters and liars, too. 

Man is not perfect, and to expect him to be is foolishness. Good people still make mistakes, and sin. Still, there are still people behind the scenes handling the puppet strings, in all governments on earth. Only when God steps in, will things truly improve. 

Even bad things in your personal or business reputation can now be hidden from view of the public. Haven't you heard ads by some company who says they can protect your name from bad PR, even if the bad is true? 

Only a Small Portion of the
Dead American Soldiers,
Most Killed in Battle
All of the famous memorials for fallen soldiers are in their memory, but they got absolutely nothing for the price they paid (their life).  They were killed in horrendous ways, blow to bits, run through with bayonets or spears, swords, shot, beheaded, and many other ways completely obliterated off the face of the earth.  No matter what and how they are recognized for the price they paid, they are still dead, no longer living, and eventually forgotten as the persons they once were.  It is really a sad thing when you consider how many hundreds of millions of people, soldiers as well as those who really had no part in whatever war was being fought at the time of their death, lost their lives due to man's governments taking and killing, pillaging and overwhelming entire countries, and even small communities, in the name of enlarging their place on this planet. 

Every nation on earth has instilled into the minds and hearts of the population under it's control, that theirs is the best nation on earth, and God, whether Christian or pagan is on their side.  The ministers and priests or shaman, or whoever represents their faith, also teaches that their god is love, while telling the parishioners that they should fight in wars and kill anyone and everyone they are commanded to destroy, including people of their own faith.  Does that sound like what God would want any person to do, or does it smack of manipulation by the rulers in charge of starting such wars, and getting the job done, without having to actually take part physically themselves? 
Ancient Worrier
Spanish Conquistador.

Were you aware that the Pope of the Catholic Church actually blessed Hitler's war machinery?  There are photos available online showing him doing so.  While religious leaders in your country were praying for God to help them win, the religious leaders of the opposing nation(s) were also praying for victory for their nation.  They can't all have God on their side, can they.  People in every country suffered, and still suffer during time of conflicts, and while their nation prepares more war implements, such as more powerful bombs, more powerful guns, and now, even unmanned flying spy planes, as well as unmanned planes capable to sending death to individuals unseen, or hidden underground.
Personally, I would rather see monuments to God's creations, such as fabulous waterfalls, lovely natural rock and mountain formations.
Modern Fighting Machine
  Personally, I would rather listen to what the God of the Bible has to say about people who kill one another.  It is written in the "Ten Commandments."  To paraphrase, it says that we should not kill one another.  It does not say that it is OK in time of war.   Jesus taught that we should even love our enemy, and pray for him.  If everyone practiced this as Jesus did, no one would fight, but would look out for each other, seeking what is good for our fellowman.

Paradise will be a reality, not just a dream
The God of the Bible, Jehovah God, has promised that everyone in the memorial tombs will soon hear his voice and come out.  He has promised to allow them all to learn who God really is, and to learn the actual truth about the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and every good thing that he provided for man and animals.  Those who listen and obey, will gain everlasting life on this cleansed earth, free from crime, sickness, and even death.  No one will every again say they have not sufficient food, or that there is no clean, pure water to drink.  Never again will anyone or anything hurt of destroy anyone or anything.  There will never again be a need for policemen, hospitals, prisons or jails.  God's name, "Jehovah," be sanctified, with all the lies that have been told about him disproved.  His Son, Christ Jesus will rule as King over the earth will his 144,000 co-rules for the thousand years that it takes for everyone who is honest hearted and who accepts Jehovah as his God, to once again be a perfect human, with perfect health, and they will have shown that they love Jehovah for who he is, and not only what he can give them.

If you are interested in finding out more about the truth about our creator, the God of the Bible, Jehovah God, please visit one or both of the internet sites listed.  You will fine ample reading materials, including a Bible in modern English, or you may choose to use your own version of the Bible, such as the King James version, or the Catholic Douay version of the Bible.  They pretty much say the same things, just in different words, or versions of English.  There is now online a version of the King James version which has re-inserted the name of God in more than 6,800 places that it was in the original manuscripts, but was taken out by many religions, mainly by order of the Catholic church many years ago.


Come read and study you Bible.
You can find the truth of God's word.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Why the Rise in Atheism in America Today?

Is religion really teaching the Bible?  Why are so many of the flock leaving and becoming athiest?

I came across in interesting news article on Yahoo this afternoon.  It ponders several interesting questions about why so many are calling themselves atheists in the United States today.

The article begins by stating that the number of disbelievers is growing, but they remain America's least trusted minority.

It also asks why so many people are leaving religion.  How are nonbelievers perceived?  Why do much distrust?  It also asks how atheists have responded to this negative image.  Another question is "Will atheism ever be accepted?"
A church in Mexico 

Of course many people may respond that with so many politicians claiming to be of some so-called Christian religion, then why are so many politicians such crooks, liars and living immoral lives.  That goes even for many religious leaders as well.

Here is the link to Yahoo's article.  Why not read if for yourself, and take a little time to consider all the possible reasons.


After reading the article, do you have more questions than before?  Do you have any reason for hope in the future of life on earth at all?  If you keep up with the world news, you may have already accepted the possibility that earth may soon no longer even be populated by man or animals.

If you wonder why if man made such a mess of every single type of governmental rule in history, then who should you put your trust and faith in  man to fix the messes?

Have you considered turning it all over to the one who put mankind on earth to begin with?

If you care to read what the Bible has to say about things going on in today's world, and if you are searching for the absolute truth to your questions, check out the following links.
If you had a choice,  would you
choose to live like this?

There are reading materials here, as well as a modern English version of the Bible, where you can do some serious research, and even arrange for a free, no strings attached home Bible study, at your convenience.

Have you wondered why, if God is a god of love, then why do many religions say when you lose a loved one, or a small child, that God took them, because he needed another angel?  Is that what the Bible really teaches?
If you care, learn what
 the Bible really teaches.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

KFIAM640: AP reports George Zimmerman to be charged with 2nd-degree murder of Trayvon Martin; now in custody. Listen Live.