Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Didn't You Listen?

A true story that is repeated only too often all across the country. These are cats I offered to find homes for. Now out of more than thirty cats, there are only two of the original ones left. Now, they are also producing coyote food.

The other five are kittens of the cats that were eaten by a single coyote/dog mix the size of a German Shepherd.

Think you saw a coyote?
I've warned you over and over again, and again. David, you just can't keep letting your cats run loose without them being killed and eaten by the coyotes that are hunting for food.

When your cats had kittens, I as well as another lady who did pet rescue and adoption offered to take several of those babies, get them "fixed," vaccinated, and to get them good homes. But no! You were too selfish to allow them to have a chance at a happy, healthy and safe life, in a loving "forever home."

Why don't you get your kittens spayed or neutered while they are small, and teach them to be house cats? Why do I care more than you do?

Dave my friend, you keep saying that you like to have the cats around, and I know you feed them well. But since they are allowed to keep reproducing and running loose, little by little, they will all be killed if not by the coyotes that shop in your neighborhood, then by a dog, or a raccoon,or even a car, but they will continue to disappear, until they are all gone.

Your neighbors have tried to tell you, eventually reporting you to the county, but you still don't get it. Don't you realize the cats using the neighbors' planters for their litter box is unacceptable?

How can you say that you love your cats, when you know very well they are no match for a coyote, much less one that is a hybrid that's as large as a German Shepherd?

David, you know for a fact that even two small dogs that belonged to your neighbor were killed and eaten by this same animal.  In the two years since you first called me for help, no less than twenty-five cats have vanished.

It's disgusting, heartless, and irresponsible to allow this to keep happening, and I won't help you again, when the authorities come take your cats to euthanize them. At least they won't be killed and end up as dinner for that coyote.

I helped you stop them from all being euthanized two years ago, and when they were all altered, except for a few kitten that were too young, instead of following though and getting them spayed and neutered, you allowed those kittens to grow up and reproduce, only to watch those babies vanish, too.

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