Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Still Wish I Could Have A Do-Over Here...

My Lost Love, continued...

Lost in Love

I've been thinking about this one just about all day, (actually more than just all day. It's 2 A. M.) and I just can't seem to think of anything, except maybe something I did to myself and the young man I cared for very deeply. I'm just not in the habit of doing anything like getting even with anyone for anything.

What I did or didn't do, depending on one's point of view, changed both of our lives forever. I lost my soul-mate, because I jumped to conclusions. This is the only thing that may possibly qualify.

I didn't respond to his letter telling me it was o.k. if I wanted to date someone else. I should have written back and asked him if he was either dating someone else, or wanting to date someone else since he was in another state for a few months with a few close friends.

As many of you already know, that letter from him, broke my heart, and I still haven't gotten over loosing him, simply because I misread his motives.

I was wrong, and a few years later, I found out, face to face with his wife. It was almost like looking in a mirror, though that's where the resemblance ended. By then, we were both married to someone else, and we also each had a child.

He was my soul-mate, and though it's been many years, and I am now widowed, I have never attempted to contact him. As far as I know, they are still together, and I don't want to cause a problem.

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