Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Heart Versus Head

First, consider the cost.

Like most people, I do both, but I don't follow my heart nearly as often as I do my head. That would be foolhardy. After all, that would be a bit on the compulsive side, don't you think?

There are many decisions that require thought and examination, both of yourself, and your motives, as well as the possible consequences of each choice.

For example, not very far from my home, is a piece of property that has some pretty impressive pillars supporting wrought iron fencing, but the owner, apparently failed to consider the entire cost of completing the project. That place has been untouched for for more than two years, and I understand it's actually been a bit longer than that. This person now has nothing really to show for all his hard work, as well as his hard-earned money spent on this folly.

The Bible says that only foolish people begin constructing a house without first considering the costs involved to complete the project.

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