Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Response,

Sorry Plinky, I can't even justify this one by writing to it. Who could presume to improve on anything that God has made?

Hummingbird Moth

God knew what he was doing when he created every animal on earth. I have only lived on earth for some sixty-five years. How could I be so presumptive as to think I could do a better job than the supreme architect and creator of every living thing?

God even has a better sense of humor than any man could have used to create things such as the Duck Billed Platypus. He also has an appreciation of beauty. Look at the Sea Horse, the Eagle that soars thousands of feet in the sky, and yet can see something as small as a tiny rabbit or mouse running along the ground. He has created the majestic and fabulously beautiful horse, the mighty sea creatures that man is just now even still discovering.

Why look at the picture on top of this article. I never knew there was a Hummingbird Moth, did you?

Only in 2009, did I ever see a beautiful red-orange dragonfly. Yet, this summer I have seen even more.

Man had to use the bee as a model to create the helicopter, and the birds to learn how to create an airplane. he has finally learned more by studying the gecko, and figured out how to make velcro.

Consider the dolphin and the whale. They are very intelligent, live in water, yet breathe air as do we. Yet, they both have their own language that means something, and a skin that allows it to speed thought the water, and leap high out of the water, twist and turn, even playing in the seas. How many stories have you heard or read about a human having been saved from drowning by a dolphin at sea?

Why God even made things such as the tube worm that thrives in super-heated sulfuric water at volcanic vents under the sea. There are places and things living in the deep, and with water pressure so strong, that it can crush a mighty submarine, and yet such seemingly delicate creatures as the squid, the jelly fish, and who knows what other creatures there are in those deep waters that man has yet to discover?

Man had to resort to making satellites with mini telescopes to read license plates from space., while the eagle has done it for millenium. Whatever man has made, God made it first, or man had to learn how by observing things in nature that God created. Why, man could make nothing without having the materials that God provided.

Man destroys Gods natural scenery, rain forests, and blames God for the resulting disasters, calling them "acts of God."

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