Monday, September 6, 2010

My Prophetic Dream

Prophetic Or Not Prophetic: That Is The Question

The only dream I have EVER had that had a resemblance to something that eventually happened, was one I had as a child. I really don't recall exactly how old I was at the time, but I always remembered one very specific part of the dream. I think it was because I had never before seen anything like the scenery in that dream, so had nothing in my own memory to draw from for the picture in my head.

You see, I was on some tropical beach, and there were a few huts made from palm trees, which also had palm fronds for the roofs. Until this, I had not even known such huts existed, much with the palm fronds on the roofs, and with Coconut palms growing all around the huts, and along the beach.

I can't seem to find a photo that portrays my exact vision, but it was somewhat similar to the one I have used. The trees were not leaning so drastically. Neither did it have so much greenery in the area, as the beach itself was much wider and longer as well, not showing very much of the surrounding plant life. The huts had vertical walls made of natural things like tree branches covered with some other natural materials, and had palm fronds on the circular roof, instead of grasses such as many photos I have seen while searching for just the right picture. The scene was really nicer that the photo used here.

I can still see that picture in my mind's eye, even some 55 to 60 years later.

It wasn't until years later that I saw that very scene in a photograph online. Online didn't even exist when I had that dream, as it was sometime in the early 1950s that I had that dream. I never even had a computer of my own until 1999.

I had used computers at my work for several years before getting my own, but they were not ones that had an Internet connection. Those I used at work were just for word processing and other office related tasks.

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