Monday, September 13, 2010

Me, Renamed... Hmmm, Nicole? Denise?

When I was younger, I didn't like my name. Well, I think it was my nickname that I really hated. I was probably one of the smaller children in my class all the way through school, especially since I had been very ill for many years.

I liked not having the same name as so many other kids in school. If I was called, I knew it was me someone wanted, and not some other kid with the same name. Talk about identity crisis!

If I were ever to change my first name, I think I might choose Nicole for a replacement. I even named my youngest daughter Denise Nicole because I like both names so much.

Recently, FaceBook had one of those things where you are asked to provide some kind of information about yourself, and this time it was about our names. I entered my first name, and it came back that in 1945, the year I was born, my name, Helen ranked # 36 in most popular names on birth certificates.

My parents each had a sister named Helen, and so that's what I was named.

Other than my two aunts, I can think of about a hand full of people I have known, or even met by the name of Helen in my life.

Now, if you google my whole name, there are many women, mostly in the UK, who have the same name as I. My dad's family was from England, so I guess that makes sense.

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