Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is Prevention Better Than A Cure?

Cold and Flu Season ?
 Actually, the very best way to cure a cold, is not to get one in the first place. Being by washing your hands after handling raw meats, handling your pets, and of course using the bathroom. Always prewash raw fruits and vegetables before eating them, as well. 

Believe it or not, most of my life, I have always gotten sicker than almost anyone I knew. From the time I was a toddler, whenever something was going around, I was usually the first one to get sick, and was very much sicker than anyone else in my family. Why even when I was twelve, I even contracted Mumps on both sides, for the second time in my young life. 

My family always ate well, as well as most people we knew, anyway. However, we were also having desserts on a fairly regular basis, and were also exposed to pesticides as we lived in a large area of commercial farming, where they raised tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, celery, strawberries, and many varieties of lettuce, too. The man who farmed the land used who knows what to spray by airplane, and also cordoned off his fields with sheets of metal, to stop the intrusion of the annual caterpillars. On both sides of the metal, he spread powdered poison to kill any caterpillars that might make it over the strips, which were about fifteen inches high. 

Back to the cold thing; I also drank soft drinks, and baked cakes and pies which my family enjoyed. All of that sugar, actually turns one's body chemistry acidic, which leave a person very vulnerable to infection, including all kinds of viruses, and even cancer. 
Drink plenty of fresh clean water.
Everyone needs at least
64 ounces daily, in addition
to whatever else you drink.

Plenty of fluids and fresh air and exercise is also beneficial for fighting infections, as it helps your body eliminate them, while also taking in more oxygen into your system, which helps fight invading bacteria and viruses.  Even Cancer patients who eat healthy foods, and get as much outdoor exercise as possible fare far better than those who just stay indoors, awaiting death.  Mind over matter is also strong medicine.

Many medications, which appear to help relieve some symptoms of colds and flu are actually petroleum byproducts.  So, how can they actually be good for you?  Chest Rubs, are such medications.  They even have warnings on the label about not getting them into your sensitive areas of your nostrils, or taking them internally.  My older sister, started in her youth to actually swallow some "Vick's Vaporub" to relieve some cold symptoms.  I too used it in hot water to release the aromatic steam into the air.  You would be better off using such herbs as mint in hot water, or cinnamon, leaves of eucalyptus to release their fragrant oils and allow you to breathe in more moisture from the air in your home or room.

Add fresh herbs to meals
instead of salt and/or excessive
I was diagnosed at a rather early age of having some sort of autoimmune problem, though no one could ever figure out exactly what it was. So, I continued to get sick, and allergies continued to increase, until finally I had to drop out of school, as I was missing more days than I was able to even be there. Somehow, I still maintained as 'A' average.  As I have stated before, I would have died at an early age, had it not been for Penicillin due to strep throat and Rheumatic Fever.  I still have lingering Chronic Nephritis from that illness.  Still, for the good I got from the treatment, No one knew at that time that antibiotics kill off good bacteria as well as the bad.  
Eat lots of fresh fruits and
 vegetables.  Drink freshly juiced
vegetable and fruit juices.

If you must take antibiotics, then when they regimen is completed, be sure to eat plenty of yogurt that contains active yogurt culture for some time afterward, and even buy some natural probiotics to help replace the good bacteria which was killed off in your digestive tract and in the intestines.  This is also the reason many women get  a yeast infection after taking antibiotics.  It is also why many people get fungal infections, as their body's natural defenses have been wiped out will the bad bacteria, by the antibiotics.  Cancer treatments also destroys the body's natural immunity, so after Chemo, you need to replace the good bacteria, get plenty of natural whole foods, and replace the good bacteria which protects your body from another invasion of Cancer.

Eat lots of whole foods, including
plenty of fresh whole veggies.
Then, I finally moved back into my own home, from having lived on my younger sister's property for four years, as I was safer being near help if I needed it.  Until only about three years ago, I continued fighting off all kinds of infections, and the flu, and colds, as well as taking more and more medications for allergies, and Imitrex shots for severe migraines, until, I finally discovered that my diet was affecting my overall health more than I had ever realized. I had been on medication for GERD for probably eighteen years, in addition to the medications I was prescribed for my Chronic Neurological pain from my back and neck/spinal cord injuries.   Ꮃhen I stopped drinking soft drinks, my gastric reflux also stopped.  Rarely if ever do I drink sodas now, and I was a card carrying Pepsiholic. 

You will find that if you can eliminate processed sugar from your diet, not only will your blood sugar levels fall, so will your tendency to catch everything that is out there, blowing in the wind, or floating all around in school, or your work place.

Even two surgeries on my neck failed to help very much, except to keep me alive and out of a wheelchair. My Neurosurgeon had me on Duragesic patches, until they were no longer allowed by my HMO. Then, I was prescribed Morphine, which actually helped more than did the patches. I was also prescribed muscle relaxers to help with the severe muscle spasms, which the doctor said were so severe in my neck that I stood a significant risk of having a fatal stroke from the blood supply to my brain being cut off. 

When I did move back home, I was barely able to put one foot in front of the other, even using my cane. Since my older daughter and her family were living in my home then, I at least had someone home should I get injured, or have a stroke.

Delicious cucumber
and tomato salad
Anyway, as to the diet change: I was not really up to preparing meals, so I started eating out, as my daughter and her family ate differently than did I. That's when I discovered the Chinese Buffet I often refer to. I was careful to stay away from breaded meat, and since they served mostly sea food and chicken, that was easy to do. I also ate as much of the freshly prepared vegetables as I could, and ate mostly a variety of green beans, cabbage, cucumber salad, and whatever else they had in the way of fresh vegetable, except for ice berg lettuce, as I had already known it is lacking in almost any nutrients, and it difficult to digest, as well. 

Bit by bit, I started having less pain, walking better, and feeling more energetic than I have in more than twenty years. Now, I don't even remember the last time I had a cold, or the flu. I no longer even take flu shots, either. I have been around people who have been sick, and I don't get anything, except for an occasional allergic reaction to something I may have eaten that may have something I am still allergic to which I may have missed.

I know this is really long, and you may think it is off topic as well. But, it really isn't, as I am healthier now than I have been in my entire life, and watching what I eat, staying away from sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and genetically modified grains such as corn, soy, and even conola oil and even vegetable oil when possible has help improved my health, and strengthened my immune system so much, that my mind is more alert, and I feel better than I did, even in my youth. 

Why this past May, I had what should have been a serious injury to my finger, when a friend and I were working on the base of a new shed I bought. She was using an electric drill to drive in three inch long screws into the wood. I was holding the wood in place, when the screw bit, jumped out of the screw head, and went all the way through my right ring finger. Sure it hurt, and bled all over, but after washing it, thoroughly, and putting a good bandage, with Neosporin on it, the pain was gone, and I was able to bend the knuckle and continued working, using that hand. The finger wasn't even swollen. Now, that's very unusual. Within about a week, my finger was completely healed, though still slightly sensitive if I bumped, but it was after all, new flesh and was not as strong as it is now. There is only a very small scar on each side of my finger where that bit passed all the way though. 

If you cannot jog,
walk, but move
your body (outside).
My friend, on the other hand, continued to eat sweets, and was only slightly careful about what she ate. She and her son were very ill with the flu, and called me to see if I was also sick, as we had all been together the entire day before, eating out on almost the same dishes. Her son vomited about half an hour after we left the restaurant, and I was in the same car. 

I didn't get sick at all. Her son, who is about thirty, was sick in bed for almost a week, and she for a couple of days. 

Slowly, she is learning that my tips and benefiting her, when she tries my way. She is cutting back more on her use of sugar, and watching other things, learning what she may be sensitive to, and adjusting her diet accordingly.

This friend has Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Cystitis of the bladder, as well. She is finally learning that sugar aggravates this problem, and is now trying new things, and learning, too. 

I am still learning, and sharing what I have learned with anyone who will listen, and some who don't. I still have my neck and back problems, but I am no longer on any medication, at all. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Beware Of Free Software From Unknown Sources

November 18, 2011
This morning, I was checking my blog stats, and came across a referring site which I did not recognize.  Every once in awhile, there are readers or hits from businesses, which may or may not be legitimate.  I have been getting several readers from Russia, and that URL is not the same as the one I saw this morning (also from Russia).

I clicked on the link, which was, (without the entire link, so you don't accidentally click on it through my blog)

I was instantly alerted, as it was not a search engine, and was not anything like the search engine from Russia which many readers there use to find my blog.  This was a video, with scrolling words.  The link that sent me to was 'mobilemachines'.  The man on the video speaks English as well as you or I, without any accent.  The man claims his name is Jack something, and that he discovered a secret way to earn money from cell phones all over the world.  

If you write"free software for mobile machines" on Google, you will see lots of links with information on this subject.  The ones I looked up said it is a scam, which I thought when I heard much of the information on the video.  One other red flag is that while this man is pitching his deal, he says several times that money will go straight into your account.  Who would be foolish enough to give out their bank account numbers to a total stranger?  
Don't let your hard earned money
fly out of your bank account.
I'm sure that sooner or later, we will be hearing about the scam on the news, after some people who are either stupid, greedy, or just desperate enough to try it.

The warnings also state that after you are told that it's free software, they request a "donation" of about $49.   It also states that no one gets any software, as well.  Remember, there are many scams coming out of Russia as well as Nigeria, and many other African countries.  They don't care that you may be desperate to feed your family or pay your bills, they just want access to your bank account.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Do You Think About Aliens on Earth?

Are there really Aliens from some other planet
visiting earth, causing people to vanish, mutilating
livestock, and controlling governments on earth?
The odd thing about "Aliens," is one's interpretation of that word. The word "Alien," simply means something or someone which did nor originate in the place in question, in this case, "Earth."  There is ample proof that someone or something that did not originate on earth has been here, whether you are referring to fragments of meteorites, or living entities. 

As for living creatures coming from someplace other than earth, even the Bible states that there  and are and have been creatures that were not originally from the earth that have been and are still are in the vicinity of the earth.  It also tells who they are, and why they are continuing to affect the inhabitants of the earth, whether they know it or not.
What really is
The Bible's Message?
©PK Hawk

However; the Bible states that there are wicked sprit creatures roving about causing trouble for mankind. It also says these wicked spirit creatures are "fallen angels," who are working with Satan the Devil to dissuade people from believing in a loving, caring God in heaven who is allowing the Devil to do whatever he desires to mislead humans from either believing in God, Jehovah, or completely turning against him, falling into Satan's trap, just as did Adam and Eve, our first human parents.  It has been for a limited time that God has allowed Satan to try to show that he can run things better than the Creator of man and earth, as well as the universe.  That time will soon end.  It's a conflict between two powerful spirits to see who has the ability to run things better.  God, being the Creator of all things, is certainly powerful enough to wipe out all opposers, but then, if his challenger was not given a chance to prove whether he can do things better, and that people who serve the True God serve him for what he can give them materially, or if they really love him.  Would people and the angels wonder if possibly God destroyed Satan just to prevent him from proving his ability equaled that of God, or if God really was less powerful?  Is man better off running his own affairs as Adam and Eve tried when they disobeyed God, and listened to Satan?  

Does not an architect provide instructions and operating instructions for building and maintaing something which he designed?  Doesn't it make sense that the Creator of earth, the universe, mankind, all the animals on earth should also provide instruction for caring for and maintaing his other creations?

©PK Hawk
Satan, who has only created problems for everyone concerned, has failed to help mankind, animals or governments better themselves.  What starts out looking beneficial, eventually ends up ruining more than it ever helped.

2 Timothy 2:25, 26 states... "... perhaps God may give them repentance leading to an accurate knowledge of truth, and they may come back to their proper senses out of the snare of the Devil,seeing that they have been caught alive by him for the will of that one." 

Most people only want to live
in peace and security
According to God's word, the Devil is as much a person as are the angels. Matthew 4:1 puts it this way. "Then Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil." Many of you are at lease somewhat familiar with this situation, but it would serve you well if you looked up and read the whole forth chapter of Matthew, as there is more there than I can quote here due to space. Chapter four of Matthew is a detailed description of the interaction between the Son of God and the Devil, whose name is Satan (which means 'resister'). In Matthew 4:10, Jesus tells Satan to "Go away, Satan! For it is written, 'It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.' " Verse 11 then states, "Then the Devil left him, and look! angels came and began to minister to him." 

©PK Hawk
Satan the Devil and his demon spirit creatures have been active ever since Adam and Eve were living on earth, and they continue down to our day, causing all sorts of trouble, doing everything they can think of to mislead everyone they can to discourage God human family from believing in him. In the Bible book of Job chapter 1, verse 6, it tells about when there was a gathering in heaven... "Now it came to be the day when the sons of the (true) God entered to take their station before Jehovah, and even Satan proceeded to enter right among them." There was a exchange of words between God and Satan. Verse 7 states... "Then Jehovah said to Satan, "Where do you come from?" "At that Satan answered Jehovah and said: 'From roving about in the earth and from walking about in it.' " Then, the conversation takes place about God's faithful servant, Job. That is something you may also care to read, as it is a good example of why God allows bad things to happen to even good people. God never causes bad to happen, but he does allow it. 
Polluting Factory
The book of Genesis tells how Satan the Devil actually made himself what he is, and how one third of the angels followed him in revolt against God, the Creator. Read Genesis, chapter 6 to see how it all started.

Satan nor the demons have immortality though, and they are fully aware that their time left to do their evil, wicked deeds is nearly over. They are now doing everything they can think of to distract everyone from listening to the TRUTH of the Bible, so dissuade as many people as possible from listening to God's truth. They know they will soon be stopped, and that they will no longer be able to run amuck on the earth, or anyplace else. 

Is it not rather clear who the so-called "Aliens" are? Why Satan is the temporary ruler of the earth, and influences all the governments now in operation on the earth. Man has tried every possible way to develop governments which work, only to see them all fail in many ways. Even men who have a good heart who try to run things well, cannot do it. They are either killed, or overrun by others who are more powerful. No matter what man's intentions are, they just are not able to undo all the bad that has been done
©PK Hawk
Today, there are problems with pollution which affects all the food supplies, genetic modification of our food, which is polluting it even more, with such things as weed killers, and pesticides. Even the manmade fertilizers used in commercial farming, it polluting out rivers and oceans, killing and deforming the sea food we all eat. Billions of fish in the seas are dying off from lack of oxygen in the water due to more pollution from oil spills, fertilizer pollution and alga blooms which thrive on the fertilizers spilled into the water. 

Now too, there is great concern about radiation spills in Japan and elsewhere that is blowing on the winds to other parts of the earth, affecting the health of people who live thousands of miles away from the sources of the radiation spills. 

The scriptures warned about all these things, and even the multitude of earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars were foretold. Just as in the days of Noah, so it will be in the last days. Read it for yourself, in your own Bible: Matthew 24:3; 2 Peter 3:5-7; Mark 13:4; 1 John 2:17 says the earth will not be destroyed. 2 Timothy 3:1-5; Only those who refuse to accept God rightful ruler and Christ Jesus as earth's New King, will be destroyed: (1 John 2:17) 

False God Baal
Courtesy of Wikipedia
I know many of you will think this is crazy, but if you take the time to pray to your Heavenly Father, and ask for help in finding the real truth, he will show you how to find the truth, and will help you understand what is really behind all of man's troubles, crime, unjust governments, and yes, even death itself. 

Soon, most people will be celebrating what they observe at the birthdate of God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  Yet, they refuse to listen to what he has said they need to do to please his Father, or to follow his footsteps, as he instructed.  Many people now recognize that Christmas is not of true Christian origin, but originated with paganism, by people whose false gods had them burn their own children in fire  as a sacrifice.  Do you think a loving god would have you burn your children alive?

Have you ever wondered why when thousands of people were killed by volcanoes after they even placed their idols in the way, were not saved from destruction?  Why, their idols could not even save themselves.  Why should they be able to save the people who carved them from trees or stone, or made the out of gold?

Psalms 115:3-8 says: 
"But our God is in the heavens;
Everything that he has delighted [to do] he has done.
Their idols are silver and gold,
The work of the hands of earthling man.
A mouth they have, but they cannot speak;
Ears they have but they cannot hear.
A noise they have, but they cannot smell.
Hands are theirs, but they cannot feel.
Feet are theirs, but they cannot walk;
They utter no sound with their throat.
Those who make them will become just like them,
All those trusting in them."

©PK Hawk

©PK Hawk

For more information on the things the Bible really teaches, visit the sites below for free information

If you read the King James version of the Holy Bible, there is a new corrected version online at: where they have reinstated the name of the God of the Bible as it appeared in the original manuscripts, and in all King James versions of the Holy Bible from it's original date of translation until the early 1900's when God name was removed from most places it originally appeared.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

14 Little Changes for a Healthier Life

The following link is from my Yahoo pages.  It was written by a man who has changed his chances for a longer, healthier life.  He now wants to help others learn simple things one can do that can add years to your life, while reducing inches and pounds from your body.

14 Little Changes for a Healthier Life

Then, brush with either
toothpaste or baking soda,
with or without salt. 

Dry Brushing
 before you brush with
There are several simple things that you would likely hardly notice having changed, that are beneficial to your overall health, such as dry brushing your teeth before brushing with toothpaste.  That's just one thing you can do to help yourself as well as your family that doesn't cost even a penny.

Start drinking more plain water each day.  You might also opt for herbal teas, instead of soft drinks or coffee.  Make the changes slowly if necessary.  Things which you can change faster will benefit you faster as well.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Than You Knew About Tea

Personally, I love Jasmine Chinese Tea.  For the past year or so, it seems to be very difficult to find this wonderfully delicate tea.

This morning, I also discovered a wonderfully informative video on netflix which is about a man named David Lee Hoffman, who though being a US citizen spent most of his youth in China.

He became very fond of the Chinese custom of drinking tea, and has learned much about the various teas and the quality of teas in China.  Eventually his quest for fine tea led him to searching for the best tasting and organically grown teas in China.  This video is called, "ALL IN THIS TEA."  It seems that China had also taken up the American way of producing commercial crops, which had contaminated China's tea crops with pesticides, and commercial fertilizers instead of allowing earthworms to turn plant remnants into natural mulching which was not only safer, but also produced better and safer teas for people to drink

When the video was about three quarters over, I finally found the name of the tea import company Mr. Hoffman started.  Though it has now been sold, I entered the name:  SilkRoadTeas, into my search bar, and voila, there it was.  I just sent them an E-mail to verify that everything they sell is organic before I order.

This morning  I googled "organic Chinese teas," and found the following wholesaler of organic Chinese teas, and decided to share the information as well as their web site.  If you click on the link below, you will find several types of organic Chinese teas, as well as the tea sets in which to serve them in style.

Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea - Sadogreentea

Both of these wholesalers sell organic teas in many varieties.  I am still checking to be sure they only sell organic, but that is something you can also do if you are interested in ordering their products.

Ten Things You May Write That Ruins a Resume

Click on the link below to read the entire article.  It contains some very good advice for anyone who is writing a resume and looking for work.

10 Words and Terms That Ruin a Resume