Sunday, September 19, 2010

Or How To Get The Bergeebers Scared Out Of You...

This is one book with the prefect title. I don't think I have ever read another book or seen any movie more intense. Edge of your seat intense, and for a book, with no "visual aids," that's pretty intense.

I'm not sure you will want to read this book on a dark and gloomy night. But one thing is for sure, once you start reading it, you will either shut it, and try to forget all about it, or you won't be able to put it down 'til you have finished it. (That's what happened when I read it)

I sat up all night reading Intensity, and was unable to put it aside until I had finished. This book was made into a movie for television, but the book is much scarier than the movie.

Now, what the story was about...

A young woman took a trip to California's Napa Valley to visit a friend on her father's vineyard.  Hardly had she arrived when the whole thing began. Her life changes from one of a care free, happy person, to having to witness everyone that was in the house with her being murdered, and her not being able to help at all.

A mad killer had wiped out every living soul there, except for this young woman, who had managed to stay out of sight.

She decided to make sure he was stopped and brought to justice. She somehow managed to get out of the house, and hide out in a motor home that was outside, when he came out of the house, got into the motor home, and drove away, with her hiding in back.

At every turn, once he discovered her, he was either torturing her, or she was fighting for her very life, over and over, with the suspense growing and growing, again and again. Each time she managed to get away, she was stopped, and well, if your are into Dean Koontz, you too have most likely read this book.

If you think this part is horrific, just wait 'til you actually read the entire story.  This was absolutely most riveting book I have ever read.

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