Monday, September 6, 2010

There Is No Defending My Old Vice

Pepsi, Coke, 7 UP, processed foods, diabetes, cancer, death.

What do these things all have in common?

The Sweet Tea and Sodas...

My vice was Pepsi. Although I still occasionally drink one, I discovered that soft drinks in general were contributing to, if not the cause my Gastric Reflux problem (GERD).

I started drinking Pepsi, as well as RC Cola, and an occasional Coca Cola, pretty much like most people do. I was a child, and although we never made it a habit to drink soft drinks on a daily basis, we did drink them. They tasted refreshing, cold, and they also tasted pretty good. I liked to have a Root Beer or Strawberry Float every once in awhile, as well.

I had been taking prescription medication for quite a few years to help keep the gastric reflux under control. But, when I had a allergic reaction to Keflex (an antibiotic) that my pain control specialist prescribed for me to prevent infection after surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulator for chronic intractable pain from spinal cord damage, I began having G.I. bleeding.

It only took a couple days before I began to have symptoms, but although my doctor stopped the Keflex, the problem continued to worsen, until I ended up in the ER, and came within a few hours of having surgery to have a Colostomy, as they had not been able to stop the bleeding, and excruciating pain.

Finally, we stopped everything by mouth, including water, and within about thirty minutes, the bleeding stopped, and the pain lessened considerably, as well.

In any case, I ended up on IV nutrition for about four weeks. During that time, I was not taking anything in by mouth, to allow my digestive problems to heal.

Once I was again able to eat something, I was on a very bland diet to allow my innards to regroup, and finally accept real food again.

Even after I started eating again, I had no problem with the GERD, until I started to feel well enough that I had a Pepsi a couple times a week. Then, I started having a Pepsi more like one a day. That's when the Gastric Reflux problem again began to raise it's ugly head.

I then did my own trial, and discovered that whenever I drank Pepsi, or any carbonated drink, even on a semi regular basis, I started having trouble. Yet, when I stopped drinking sodas, I no longer needed any antacids, or other prescriptions to prevent the GERD symptoms either.

So, I stopped, because I didn't want to get throat cancer, or any other kind of cancer.

I stopped, because not only was it causing me to develop uncomfortable and downright painful symptoms, but it could also contribute to my earlier than necessary demise.

I also stopped due to the fact I was hypoglycemic, and very close to contracting Type 2 Diabetes. I very seldom have sugar at all now, and I am also very watchful and selective about eating anything that contains "high fructose corn syrup."

It all goes back to YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

Sugars change your body chemistry from alkaline to acidic, which is very detrimental to your immune system, leaving you more prone to infection, viruses, and becoming a diabetic, as well. It goes without saying all those empty calories also contribute to weight gain, which is a big problem for all age groups, especially in these United States.

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