Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mrs. Gross, act I ... 200 Words, Real Fast

It just takes too long to tell this whole story...

day2-mgm 103

There once was a woman by the name of Gross. Mrs. Gross. No one seemed to even know what her first name was. Everyone, from neighbors to local law enforcement just called her, Mrs. Gross.

An evil woman was she. Maybe that’s why everyone just called her, Mrs. Gross, for gross she was. She made everyone hate her, and I don’t think she ever had a kind or honest bone in her body.

When one of her tenants was moving away, because they could take her no longer, she kept coming over, pretending to measure for new curtains that she never planned to buy. Heck, she didn’t even have a pencil or paper to write the measurements down.

Mrs. Gross attempted to enter the house again. She’d just open the door and walk in, this time while only the man’s two daughters and his two-year old granddaughter were there cleaning and taking care of final touches, to leave the place squeaky clean, Mrs. Gross again approached the door, and tried to open the screen door again.

This time, the screen door was locked. When the young women asked her to return when their father was back, she flew into a rage, and commenced to jumping up and down, screaming, “I’ll get in, I'll get in, you’ll see.”

Mrs. Gross then went to her pick-up truck, which she kept parked at the curb. She opened the rear of the camper shell, and returned with a Bowie knife, and again attempted to enter. She tried forcing the windows, prying them with her knife, screaming and jumping up and down, and cackling like an old crone, the whole time.

Eventually, she managed to get the kitchen door to give, so both daughters slammed against that door, re-locking it and holding the turn-button so she couldn’t use her side-door key.

And, that’s only the beginning of the story…

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