Monday, September 6, 2010

I have to wonder about how the Hubble photos came to be

What if there was nothing? Nothing at all?

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Hubble Telescope, - Starburst Galaxy M82

Actually, when I was about six years old, and with our family having things very hard at the time, I began to wonder why on earth I was even here.

My heart was broken, and I didn't see any reason for existing, at all. I have never before told this whole thing to another living soul.

Right now, I don't recall if it was before of after I had gotten deathly ill, or after I was up and doing somewhat better. I was tired of always getting sicker than anyone else with whatever was going around, and terribly worried about my Mom being so sick and trying to recover from having had Rheumatic Fever. My Dad was also having it very hard just trying to get enough work to pay $35.00 a month rent, and putting food on the table for the family.

When we lived in Ohio, things were certainly better financially, as my Dad was an electrical contractor, but in Georgia, where we moved to help Mom recover and to be closer to her family, many people treated my Dad especially bad, since he was from Ohio.

Some of them called him a (N**** Lover), while others just refused to give him work.

Anyway, I would think about what things would have been like if I were never born, and wished that I could go back and undo it all.

Then, I would think about GOD having always been in existence and never having a beginning or an end, as well as the other things he created. Just thinking about no people on earth. Then no animals. Then no plants or trees. What about no birds?

I thought about the earth as it must have been when it was all covered with water, and had the other canopy of water above that.

Then, I remembered that God had also created the whole heavens, stars, other planets, on and on and on...

THE UNIVERSE that GOD created out of NOTHING. It was his own dynamic energy that was the source of his creations, from his first creation, from his "only begotten son," to all the planets, and all the millions of angels.

In the Bible book of Genesis, it says that this "only begotten son was his very first creation, and that after that, he created the other things "through" that son, giving him a portion of his energy, or "holy spirit," so that he and his son worked side by side to create everything else, including mankind.

It's for this reason, also in Genesis, that it states that "man was made in 'our' image." Man was made to have the same attributes that God and his Son have.

In the Bible book of Galatians, Chapter 5, and verse 22 and 23, it says that the fruitage of the spirit are:

"love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Then, there were still the angels that God had also made, and of course his very first creation, Christ Jesus, then called "The Word."

Then, before he made "The "Word," there was only God himself, and nothing else...

A lot for a six year old to ponder...

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