Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beginning A Long, Long Road...

Based on Real Events In The Lives One Family

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Luis Chico grew up having parents who were an alcoholic, and a prostitute. At least his father had a steady job, even if it was working as a skycap at the Mexico City International Airport.

At least his father, Juan Carlos was doing an honest days work and getting decent tips, what with so many American Tourists, and business men who were always flying in and out of Mexico, DF. But, when he was off work, his avocation included drinking to forget about his present life’s situation, as well as his growing up years.

Luis Chico had a younger brother and sister, who along with Luis Chico were always locked inside their apartment while their father was at work, and their “mother” worked the streets, for her personal spending money. Juan Carlos, of course had no idea what his wife was up to while he was working, until finally one day, he became very ill at work, and returned home much earlier than usual.

He discovered his three children locked inside their apartment, with a padlock on the outside of the door. At first he assumed that his wife, Norma had taken the children with her to shop for groceries for the families dinner, which would consist of fresh tortillas de maiz (corn tortillas), and frijoles, (pinto beans) with a cup of coffee for her, and maybe, if there was enough money, the children could have half a glass of milk. There was always plenty of fresh or canned Chili Jalapeños, which practically everyone in most Latin American homes served with their meals.

Luis Chico had long ago decided that as soon as he got old enough, he was running away to America, (Los Estados Unidos) and become a drug runner, because that’s where the money was.

His father, Juan Carlos had told him about his older brother, Julio who was married to a good American lady, and that they had lots of money, and were coming to visit them this fall.

Luis Chico was already getting in with the wrong crowd, and in Mexico City, there were some really rough people who could eat Luis Chico for dinner, (chew him up and spit him out), unless he did as they said.

The day finally arrived when Juan Carlos said his brother, Julio and his family would be arriving at the airport about midnight, and he planned to tell Julio and his wife Ruth about his problem with Luis Chico and what had been happening to his kids for so long. Maybe Julio and his wife would agree to take his son, Luis Chico with them back to los Estados Unidos. Maybe Luis Chico could have a better life there, with his Tio and Tia, (Uncle and Aunt).

Of course Juan Carlos, nor his Uncle and Aunt knew anything about Luis Chico’s plans to join drug runners, or even open his own drug running business…

They only found out after they got his visitor's visa, and were back home awhile, when suddenly Luis said, "Tio, would you like to die in your recliner or in your bed? Because I will kill you, you know?"

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