Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skydivers Over Cleveland National Forest, Landing... Where?

True Story, March 2010 Event

Photo ©2010 Helen Dawson

Have you ever gone skydiving? I haven’t either, but there are a lot of skydivers jumping in my area everyday, that is, unless it’s really windy, or raining too hard.

One day, I drove to the Lookout Road House parking lot, in the Ortegas, (which are part of the Cleveland National Forest) so I could take some nice photographs of our valley, with the snow covered mountains in the distance.

After taking some nice shots of the distant mountains, with the snow covered peaks that are at least sixty to eighty miles away, I decided to leave, and go to another area that is still not in the flatlands of the valley, but just high enough to get more pictures of the surrounding homes, and the lake. Maybe I could get more detailed photos from that angle and elevation.

Once I descended the mountain, and was driving to my destination, I saw some skydivers coming over the highest peak of the mountain I had just left. Since the skies promised some interesting subjects for more photos, I parked off the road, and started taking pictures of the skydivers. I watched to see where they were planning to set down.

Was I surprised to see the place they chose as their landing spot. It was at the base of the mountain, between a residential area, and the hill itself. This particular area is especially dangerous for such landing, as the winds are known to shift without notice.

Thankfully, they each landed successfully.

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