Monday, September 20, 2010

One Of The Most Bizarre People I've Ever Met: An Old Man Who Needed A Ride

An older man in 110℉ degree heat, needed a ride...

Well, this one really did have a serious problem. It was about 110℉ in the shade, and this older man was hitching a ride along a local road. He was carrying stuff, and well,  I was concerned for his life in such heat, since it was several miles to the nearest place where he could find shelter from the heat, and get something cool to drink.

You would have had to be there to really get the full impact of this, but this is what happened:

I was driving my Chevy Camaro Berlinetta, cruising along protected by my air conditioner, and a good set of wheels, as well. I was in my forties, and just trying to be a good person, and just couldn't pass him up, and possibly contributing to his demise. Besides, I never went anywhere without having something in my car for protection if I needed it. Under my drivers' side seat, was always something with which I could conk someone on the head if need be, and I also had one of those little hammers with a sharp pointy end to help bust out a car window just in the event your vehicle was somehow suddenly submerged in water, and you were unable to open either the window or door to extricate oneself.

Of course, I was not in the habit of picking up anyone I didn't know. But, in this case, I just couldn't pass this old man up. So, I stopped and gave him a ride.

He made a comment that I was a pretty gutsy lady to pick up a man like that. I replied that I was always prepared and capable of taking care of myself, too. He began looking into his bag, and pulled out a medium-sized rounded rock large enough to knock someone out if he's had a mind to.
Photo © 2010 PK Hawk

My inner radar went off. I remained cautious, and kept driving, while trying not to outwardly show my concern. He said he had a college education, and was interested in geology, but didn't come right out and call himself a geologist. It was obvious to me, that if he were a geologist, and all together, he certainly would not be wandering around in my neck of the woods, without having some kind of mental or emotional issues.

I told him that as soon as we reached a particular intersection, I would have to drop him off, as I had business to attend to. He said "ok" and just continued to ramble on, about rocks.

I dropped him near a SavOn Drug Store so he would be able to get something to drink, or make a phone call, or get another ride on a bus. He thanked me, and I said, "You're welcome," and left, and took a deep breath, and thanked God for keeping me safe.

Did I mention he was only slightly disheveled in appearance? He wasn't dirty, either. But, he certainly gave me the "willies."

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