Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have You Ever Had a Break In or Been Robbed? I Have.

This is one of the two cameos that were stolen.
©2010 PK Hawk
Yes, I have had my home broken into. In 2005, I had to move away from my home for health reasons. I left most of my belongings there, as I only planned to be gone for a few months, until I was better. However, when my electric bill suddenly took an out of the ordinary jump, I decided I needed to take a look to see if something may not be working properly. 

When I got there, I noticed that someone had apparently broken in, entering through a rear bedroom window which was not visible from the front or side of the property. Then, I noticed that my computer tower light was also on. I had shut off the monitor, as well as the hard drive, but now the light on the tower was on. I began looking around inside and out, and found that my video recorder was gone, as well as some coins I had collected. There were also many things missing from my large upright jewelry case (the type that stands on the floor), as well as many other items. Then, I checked my four car garage. Several razor type scooters were also missing, in addition to several other items. In all, the missing items were valued at approximately two thousand dollars. I was also missing two authentic cameo brooches that had garnets, and pearls on them. They were valued at about $600.00. 

Since I was not living in my home, I really had no idea exactly when it had been robbed, but all the signs pointed to teenagers. I telephoned two neighbors, whose property was adjoining mine, so see if they had noticed anyone lurking around the place. From the change in my electric bill, it had to be at least a month or so.

The neighbor who lived on the side of my home, had not noticed anything out of the ordinary, and he was pretty good at watching things when I was not home. However, when I called the neighbor who lived behind me, at first he said he had not noticed anyone. Then, he asked me about some of the missing items. I mentioned my metal detector, as well as my video camera, and he said that their had been a local boy who was visiting his son, who had a metal detector messing around in their yard about a month or so before. He thought it was a bit unusual, but had not inquired of the boy why he had a metal detector with him. 

He said he would talk to the son, and let his wife know what had happened. Later that afternoon, his wife called me to see if she might be able to help. When she found that her son may also be involved, she told him that if had any information about my missing things, he had better cough up whatever he knew, because if he knew anything and didn't help me get my things back, she would make sure he went to jail along with whoever else was involved. 

My neighbor's son was very good at helping me get my things back, and he was so very apologetic. He took me to the home of the primary perpetrator, as well as a couple other boys who had some of my items. The primary perpetrator had most of the items, including the metal detector, as well as the video camera, as well as the coins. He had given a few lesser valued items to the other children to keep them quite. I managed to get written confessions from most of the children. Of course the coins were severely devalued, as the kid had broken open the plastic display cases which had contained the coins. He claimed he did not know anything about the video camera though. His parents were the only ones who were not nearly as cooperative as all the others whose offspring were involved in ransacking my home.

Later, my son-in-law discovered the video camera hidden inside some rolled up carpeting that was elsewhere on the property. 

The local Deputy Sheriff was astonished that I was able to get most of my things back, and I gave her the confessions in case any of the youngsters involved ever got into trouble again. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Sharing Some Photos of Our Latest Rain From Sunday, March 18, 2012

©2012 PK Hawk
These rainbow hues were actually plain to see with the naked eye, as the mist was reflecting all the colors
of a rainbow, with no definite rainbow in sight.  The mountain had a light dusting of snow, with some heavier areas.
By Monday all the visible snow on these peaks had already melted.

We have not been getting what is considered normal rainfall in California since the winter season of 2009-2010.  That winter we had plenty of rain for this area.  However, that was after a four year drought.  Since 2010, we have again been receiving less than optimal rainfall again.  Finally, this past weekend, we actually got a respectable amount of rain, and the higher peaks are finally covered with snow for the ski lifts and skiers for the first time since 2010.

©2012 PK Hawk
Rain, sleet and hail could not deter these fishermen.  I don't know if they actually caught any fish.
I have not yet been high enough to get any good shots of the mountains of Arrowhead, Mt. Baldy, and Mt. San Jacinto, but I do plan on getting nice photos within the next few days.

NOTE:  To see these photos enlarged, simply click on a photo, and the photo album will appear to   nearly full screen size.

©2012 PK Hawk
This photo was taken in the parking lot of an RV park on the opposite end of the lake from the previous photos.
This mountain is known as Saddleback Peak
In the meanwhile, I did get some shots of the lower mountains of the Angeles National Forest, otherwise known as the Ortega Mountains, and of the surrounding valley, between Corona and Temecula, California.
©2012 PK Hawk
Close up of peak with two birds of prey flying over

I went up to the Lookout Road House yesterday,  just before noon to take some photos of the distant snow covered peaks surrounding the valley where I live.  I was a bit disappointed by the high humidity which caused a lot of haze between this area and the mountains I wanted to photograph.

Such as they are, here are a few of the shots I did take.  I am hoping things will clear up before this weekend, when it is supposed to rain again.  From the reports, this rain may only be drizzles to possible light showers.

This is Mt. Baldy in a 6x zoom. Photo taken on Tuesday, March 20, 2012
©2012 PK Hawk

Mt. Baldy without zoom
©2012 PK Hawk

Arrowhead from Lookout Road House parking lot.
Notice the heavy haze.  It really affected the quality of this shot.
©2012 PK Hawk

I will get more photos if the haze clears.  If not, I won't show more photos with this bad air quality.