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Documentaries Recommended to Help You Protect and Start Reclaim Your Health

There is nothing more convincing than when your whole life is changed, and you are beginning to show signs of severe food allergies to things you have eaten all your life, to make you wake up and to start looking for answers.
What Does Corporate Farming Have To Do With Our Health?
I have several documentaries in mind that everyone should see. They are all related to our food chain, here in the United States. Many people will swallow just about anything that is on the shelves in their grocery store, thinking that the people who have processed these products have a conscience, and would never add anything dangerous or unhealthy to anything which is for human consumption. 

Fortunately, more and more people are finally discovering the truth, either because their bodies are so polluted with artificial this and that, that their livers, kidneys, and their entire body is shutting down, and they are in so much pain that their whole life is changed.

Family Medical Consultation
Did you know that the medical profession as a whole only studied nutrition for about eight hours during their entire time studying medicine? Many lay people know a whole lot more about nutrition and artificial ingredients in processed foods than most doctors. 

Have you ever looked up online all the potential side effects which are possible from your prescriptions?  it seems to be up to the patient to do a lot of the research themselves if they really want to know the benefits verses the possible or likely side effects and possible damage most medications can do to their bodies.  Take it from someone nearly died, and came with a few hours of losing their colon.   The author had an outpatient surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulator to help control neurological pain from a severe neck injury which caused permanent nerve damage.  The surgeon prescribed Keflex, an antibiotic as a precaution against possible infection after the surgical procedure.  Within two or three days, there were complications, gastrointestinal bleeding.  When the doctor was called, he simply stated that it was very unlikely that the Keflex would have caused the bleeding, and to continue with the medication.  

The bleeding worsened, even after the prescription was not being taken any longer.  One night, I woke up, in horrendous pain, even unable to get out of bed.  I called my sister, who is a nurse, to ask for help, as I needed to get to the ER.  I ended up in the hospital for ten days, and on I.V. Nutrition at home for another five weeks, or so, taking nothing by mouth, not even water.  

When I had recovered enough to go online again, I looked up the possible side effects of Keflex, and discovered that intestinal bleeding, and even possible death from the bleeding was the first side effect listed on the contraindications of Keflex.

Surgeons at Work
I only escaped radical surgery, that would have affected the quality of the rest of my life, by going against the advise of the gastroenterologist, and consulting with my sister and my trusted family doctor, who was also a family friend, and following my own instinct.  We discontinued anything and everything by mouth, including some trial medication the gastroenterologist had prescribed.  He left for a vacation, so I did not have to deal with him again, until  I was back on my feet, and had to go for a followup visit.  This doctor had also had another patient in a nearby hospital with the same problem as did I, and who was also taking the trial medication.

When this doctor said how foolish my family doctor and I were to stop the medication, I asked him how his other patient fared.  He said the other patient had continued the medication, and had his surgery,  That meant that this man has a Colostomy Bag for the rest of his life, and I do not.  I am back to normal, except that I learned a lot from that experience, and have continued to learn.

How were your fruits
and vegetables raised?
When your body is telling you that you are slowly dying, you begin wondering what you did to it that made it turn against you. With all the chemical medications the public is on, with prescriptions alone, it is severely damaging to the liver, just because your liver is the bodies primary filtering system, with the kidneys also carrying a heavy burden. The rest that is left over, is collected in your bodies fat cells, and even in your brain. 

What did this meat eat?
Have you ever wondered what the meat you eat, ate when it was alive? Watch these documentaries, and you will be enlightened. Have you also wondered why our ancestors ate meat, and did not appear to suffer from the same health problems that is now running rampant, especially in the United States? Why do people who came from countries with almost non-existent heart or cancer issues, to develop the same health problems the US population at large suffers. Why is type-2 diabetes and obesity so rampant in this country, especially within the last four or five decades? 

There is a saying that still holds true. "You are what you eat."  Another says, "Garbage in, garbage out." That can refer to what you feed your mind, as well as what you feed your body.  If a dog or cat eats a poisoned mouse, the pet is also eating the poison which killed the animal.  Your pet could suffer the effects quickly, or a little later and more slowly, depending on it's size and how much poison it actually ate.  In any case, the poison will take it's toll, in some way, sooner or later, but it is still poisoned.

Online Research of
medications, and
 food products.
Many people who suffer from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, are really suffering from the effects of toxic chemicals in their diet, the air they breathe and the water they drink, in addition to the the additives in their food.  You do not have to become a Certified Nutritionist to learn how to help yourself and your family eat better and safer food, and about listening to what your body is trying to tell you.  There is a lot of helpful information online, and from the documentaries listed below.

There is also a lot a person can do personally, to repair the damage, but a person first needs to know and accept the truth that is staring them in the face, and to what their body is telling them. 

If your pet is also having health issues, such as obesity, or tumors on their body, these too are related to what is their diet, as well. My pets were all too heavy, though I was feeding them so-called health food, and it wasn't cheap, either. Since changing their diet, they all lost weight, have tons more energy, and even have more color to their coat. 

The following documentaries are available on Netflix, and you may also find many of them on the web sites given at the end of many of the movies. Some of them even encourage the viewer to start educating their friends and neighbors, including their whole neighborhood, as many other people have done to share their personal experiences with sickness, pain and facing impending death from the cause of their health condition.

Recommended Documentaries: 

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; Food Matters; King Corn; Food Inc; The Future of Food; Ingredience; To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig; Fed Up; The Corporation 

Most of these are directly related to what's in the food we eat, while others address related issues.

Monday, August 29, 2011

United State President Obama's Uncle Said His Bail Would Come From the White House

White House
stock photo

Just in case you missed the story, President Obama's uncle was arrested for DUI a few days ago.  In his photo on the news story from yahoo.com he appears to be a real mess.

Click on the link for the whole Yahoo News story, and a booking photo of President Obama's Uncle, who seems to be in the custody of Immigration Authorities.

President Obama's Uncle being held on DUI with Immigration Authorities

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene Has Passed Leaving Destruction in it's Wake

I won't make this too long, as it is primarily an update on some of the information coming in on the Internet about the death and destruction that has become apparent in the wake of the deadly storm named Irene which hit much of the eastern seaboard of the United States Saturday and Sunday, August 27th and 28th, and throughout the night from North Carolina to Vermont and northward beyond.

The latest death toll has reached 37 as of this afternoon, Pacific time.

It makes one shudder to think of how bad it may have been had Irene not downgraded to a Class One and finally into a tropical storm.  The final damage estimates are bound to rise as more damage becomes apparent, and possibly more people are found or may still succumb to injuries sustained in the high winds and the deluge of rain falling on many widespread areas of the east coast.

From many television and Internet reports, it appears the many of the dead were victims of falling trees which became uprooted from rain soaked soil, and fell on their home, apartment, and probably a few cars, as well.

I am reminded of some who called in to radio stations saying they thought that the city of New Your was over reacting when they had businesses and subways closed in time for people to get to safer areas.  As was feared, water from the drenching rainfall, did indeed enter the underground facilities, and utilities, as well, shutting down power to many thousands, if not millions of residents in the area, as well as other affected areas all along the coast of the eastern United States.

The thoughts and prayers of many are with those who not only lost material possessions, but who may have also lost family members in the widespread storm.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011 Temps Hottest Since 1993 (Updated 2 PM PST)

Hot Summer in Inland Valley of Southern California
©PK Hawk

I have refrained from mentioning the weather again, but the last few days in my area of Southern California, things have been really cooking.  Yesterday's highest temperature in my little corner of the globe, it reached 114.6 at 1:15 PM, with the humidity at 10%.  That low humidity saved us.  A few neighbors were even out and about, while most stayed inside air conditioned homes.  This area does get warmer than the coastal areas of SoCal, as we are approximately sixty miles or so inland, as the crow flies, and are sitting at about the 1,300 foot elevation.

I have been in E-mail contact with my old neighbor, who lives farther from the lake, and he said it was only slightly cooler there, and the humidity was actually higher than where I live, which is only a few hundred feet from the lakeshore.

My dogs certainly appreciate the cooler atmosphere inside, with the air conditioner running, even though by day's end it can be in the mid to upper eighties when the outside temperatures climb as they have the last half of this week.

Would you believe, my neighbor is out raking his yard, and it's 109 degrees outside.  Of course the area he is raking, is in the shade of a tree we share, but so is my outdoor thermometer sensor.

Right now, on Sunday, August 28th, it is now 11:18 AM, and it's already 108.5, with 19% humidity.  So, if it really gets nearly as hot as yesterday, and the humidity stays higher, it will be suffocating.  Generally, though, when our temperatures really go up, our humidity drops considerably, which is the saving factor.  Most people who have lived in this climate for many years, pretty much go about their business, and just drink a lot of liquids, such as water, which is the best thing to do.  Other residents, may drink some sports drink, which really isn't nearly a helpful or healthful as plain water, or maybe some water to which you have added a slight amount of citrus juice, for flavor.  Drinking alcohol or sugary drinks actually are not the best thing to drink, and they actually are diuretics, and can actually make you more dehydrated.  The same goes for drinking iced tea or coffee, since they usually have caffeine, which not only causes you to lose moisture, but also constricts your blood vessels, which makes your natural cooling system less efficient.
View from space of a hurricane
(Not Irene which is larger)

As we consider friends and acquaintances on the east coast, we are naturally concerned about their safety with the storm which is pounding them presently.

Most people in Florida, and some of the central coastal states may be accustomed to hurricanes, Irene, even though it has weakened, it is gigantic, and very slow moving.  This could mean the people lying in lower elevations are being flooded.  My friend who lives in the northern portion of the coastal area of the country, said they had already gotten three inches of rain early this morning, and were expecting possible up to ten more inches before the storm dies out.

Whether you are roasting or being soaked, our thoughts are with you.  Be prepared, and stay safe, everyone.

Hurricane death toll rises to eighteen from Florida up the coast. Most were killed when fallen trees, fallen power lines fell in water where people happened to be.  At least one man was killed while surfing in the storm driven waves were lashing the coastline.  On eleven year old boy was killed when a tree fell on the apartment where he lived.  Such tragedy in a storm that has remained minor in strength, but has covered a huge area, and brought with it heavy, and long lasting rains, and winds which have felled many trees, knocked down signs, and blown heavy roofing material off buildings, which caused major damage, and has unfortunately cost the lives of several people.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Can you imagine the laughs this man gets? LOL

Just a Hint of the Photo
This is a very interesting way to commute.  You will like the photo.

Click on the link below, for the photo of one man's mode of


Jehovah's Witnesses: Lol. Can you imagine the laughs this guy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Police: Man out of prison starts new scam | police, beach, victim - News - The Orange County Register

Southern California residents may want to remember this man's face.  Of course he may end up back in prison, hopefully pretty soon.  He is a professional scam artist, and con man.

He has been living in Huntington Beach, CA since he got out on parole.  But, it appears that he has been conning people, to support his chosen lifestyle.  So, BEWARE, and remember what he looks like.

Click on the link below, and you will see the article and his photo:

Police: Man out of prison starts new scam | police, beach, victim - News - The Orange County Register

How Do You Blow Off Steam?

Loosing Control?

I believe that while most people get angry, that it should not be necessary to lose control of oneself. Certainly, I have gotten very angry at times in my life, and may have also lost control due to that consuming anger. However, it takes a stronger person to maintain control, than it does to allow yourself to blow up. 

The Bible says that it's OK to get angry, but not OK to resort to calling a person names, such as stupid, dummy, or even worse. It is much like a person who may have been challenged to fight, in school perhaps. I certainly had a few bullying types attempt to egg me on, so I would fight them. While I certainly did not back-off, or run away, I did stand up for what I thought to be right. If I saw my older sister being hit, or attacked, then I went into action. I told bullies that I did not believe in or want to fight. At first some of them called me "chicken," "thinking that would challenge me to take the bait. I simply let them know that while I did not want to fight, That I certainly knew how to finish it if they chose to hit me first. 

Over the years, I have learned ways to dealing with anger, such as just leaving the scene, or conversation if someone just wants to argue, for the sake of arguing. I do not choose to waste my time in a battle of wits with an unarmed person. 

Cooling Off In Order?
Do Something
You Love Doing
Just to blow off steam, there are many things a person can do, such as get some work done that may involve using a hammer and nails, or hitting a punching bag, for example. You might listen to some peaceful music, to help you calm down. One might go hiking, or running, swimming, or chopping wood. Try golf, baseball, basketball, or bowling for instance. All of these are ways one can use that undirected energy, and finally calm down, and feel a whole lot better, in the process. Anyone who surfs, knows first hand that surfing requires your undivided attention for timing the waves, keeping an eye out for sharks, as well as for other surfers. Getting your mind off of whatever got you so hot under the collar is a very good way to reset your mind, and regain peace. Exercise also helps your brain release endorphins, helping you feel better all over. 
Basketball With a Friend

There are really many harmless ways ti refresh yourself if you need to "cool off." Many times over the years, I would ride my horse. It redirects your thoughts, and gets you thinking about something else entirely. Riding a horse, especially when you are putting them through their training or practice lessons, requires your full attention, and if you are a mess, so will your horse be irregular in it's functionality and movements. 
Surfing Will Cool You Off
In whatever way you are able to calm your mind, that is a good thing to do, to help relieve the stress, instead of just allowing yourself to "Blow Off Steam." Stress and uncontrolled anger are hard on your body's blood pressure, and your heart. Contrary to what many people seem to think, calmness, can help with a hot temper, while letting it all out, only builds it up, taking a lot out of a person. 

Maybe most important;
Take some time to think things over

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today Completes Fifty-Six Years-Part One

Race Horses Heading for the Finish Line
Today, August 25, 2011, I have lived in California for fifty-six years.  I was ten years old when my parents decided we were moving to California.  We first lived in Los Alamitos, on Howard Avenue, which runs parallel to the Los Alamitos Naval Base.  When we came to Los Alamitos, the base was called Los Alamitos Naval Air Base.  In more recent years, the military had cut way back on bases in general, and in Los Alamitos, it has affected the air traffic in and out the the facility.

I lived in Los Alamitos when the Los Alamitos Race Track owned all the land along Katella Avenue, and had large pastures where brood mares were pastured, and their foals raised, until they were either trained for racing, or sold to other horse racing barns, or sold as riding horses to the public.

When I lived there, there were even some dairies scattered throughout the general area, which included what is now known as Cerritos, but then was called, "Dairy Valley."  A family friend owned one of those dairies.  Eventually, over the years, all the dairies were forced out, and moved to more remote areas, such as Norco, in Riverside County, and even to central and northern California, where there was more open land for pasture for their milk cows.  Yes, back then, nearly all dairy cows were allowed to spend the day and night in pasture, with actual green grasses on which to graze, and lie in the warm sun.  Now, those were contented cows.  About every twelve hours, they cows were herded into the milk barn, where they were washed and milked, while eating sweet grain.

Contented Dairy Cow
In 1958,  we moved to Buena Park, and lived on Artesia Blvd., about a mile from the Fullerton Airport.  We lived on about an acre and a half, where we had a huge Pomegranate tree, and an Apricot tree which produced more fruit than we could ever eat.  So, when we had our milk goats, they got their share of that, too.  We had three dogs, Pal, Cuddles and Chico, which we got in El Paso, Texas where we lived prior to coming to California.

While living in Buena Park, we had our share of excitement, as one morning, when my father opened the front door to leave for work, he saw a huge dust cloud about half a mile away, across the large field beyond the other side of Artesia Blvd.  He shut the door, I think to gather his thoughts, and to make sure he wasn't just seeing things.  When he opened the door again, there was a long, freight train, with several engines scattered all along the track as far as he could see eastward, from where the train had come.  We all looked, and saw that a large semi truck, which had been hauling a "sheep's foot," had apparently been in the train's path.

Heavy Equipment Hauler
Early Morning Freight Train
Within half an hour, there were television news van's and helicopters, all over the place, and it was a big news story, as well.  The entire section of track had to be rebuilt, so no train traffic was there for a while.  Fortunately, no one was killed, but one engineer did sustain a broken arm.  The truck driver had been blinded by the early morning sun, and was unable to see the train coming, and there were no flashing lights, or crossing gate in place at the crossing.  The truck had actually cleared the track before being hit, so only the gigantic "sheep's foot was actually hit.  If you are not familiar with a "Sheep's Foot," it is used in construction areas, for compacting soil prior to construction, and though I do not know the weight, it is obviously several tons, as it was about eight feet in height, barrel-shaped, allowing for it being pulled behind an earth mover, which on one of the large pieces of heavy equipment which is used during freeway construction.

From Buena Park, we moved to Westminster, California, which was even more rural at the time, in 1958.  We lived on a farm road, called Sugar Avenue, which is now called McFadden.  Our house was on acres and acres of land, just on our side of the road.  On the opposite side of Sugar Avenue, was more farming land, where they grew celery, cauliflower, broccoli, Blue Lake stringless beans, all varieties of lettuce, as well as carrots.  This farming area covered everything between Cannery Avenue, (now called Magnolia) and encompassed at least a mile east of our home, passing Brookhurst Street.  My parents did not do the farming here, but since we lived there, and made sure the crops were not invaded by thieves, the farmer who leased the land, allowed us to use whatever we wanted from the fields.

Plowing Acres
Several time a year, there were crop dusters, which flew over the land, spraying DDT, and other insecticides, to kill caterpillars, and who know what other poisons to help prevent the eating insects from wiping out the crops.  We were usually given notice when the crop duster was coming, so we could leave for the day.  Unfortunately, our animals, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, and our milk goats were unable to be removed.   That was also before people really were aware of the dangers of such chemicals being used on our food crops.  We lived on Sugar Avenue until I was married, and my parents moved soon afterward back to El Paso, Texas.

My husband and I lived in Cypress, California, until the property was being sold, about a year after we moved there.  The owners were family friends, but were getting on in years, so wanted to unload property they no longer had to worry about maintaining.  We were offered the place, but we had not been married long enough to have saved enough for even the down payment.  We were also expecting our first child.  We opted to return to Los Alamitos, where we had both lived before, and we had family friends who would be living nearby.

Our Little Girl, All Grown Up (r)
Our first child (a daughter) was born while we lived in Los Alamitos.  Sarita was born at Atresia Community Hospital on May 2, 1964, one year and four days after we were married.  While we still lived in Cypress, I was walking home from a nearby store, and nearly home, when I heard a commotion at a local mechanic's shop.  I over heard the man saying that someone had been killed.  As soon as I got home, I turned on the TV, only to see and hear the announcement about President John F. Kennedy being shot in Dallas, Texas.  I was astonished, so say the least.  It was really shocking, and even more so, when they finally announced that President Kennedy had in fact been killed.  The scenes played over and over all the rest of the day, with people crying, some actually screaming, and others passing out.  It was a very emotional event, which few people who were living at the time could ever forget.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Advances in Technology-What Will Be Our Future?

Plinky's Prompt for today may be more important than one might think at first glance. After all, today people are under the impression that everything keeps advancing, and improving with each new invention, and as people continue to discover new things, and begin to utilize them in their day to day life. 

Personally, though I enjoy many things about technology, and the way it helps one to learn and communicate worldwide, there are certain drawbacks as well. Look how much the Internet has allowed for more deviants to have access to pornography, and to information on bomb making, as well as how to kill someone, without leaving much trace of their actions. 

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is very true. while more people are connecting with new friends, and old around the world, they are also connecting with people whom they think they can trust, only to be taken advantage of, or even killed. 
There is more to technology
 than just computers and phones.

If the price of energy continues to rise as it has been over the past decade, and if the cost of living continues to widen the gap between the "haves and the have nots," effectively eliminating the middle class on earth, including those who live in supposedly the most advanced countries on earth, technology will be working against those who are financially affected as is currently occurring. 

Already, so many are concerned about "Big Brother," slowly and methodically wiping out more and more "Human Rights," and leaving more and more people open to scrutiny of possibly not so ethical people who are supposed to be working for the public good, but who many people consider, appear to be taking over people's lives and personal control. 
Waiting for check-in
and security scans

Already, the technology today, is invading people's personal private body parts, when they travel on an airliner, even within their own country. Granted, some people may be interested in destroying a jet liner with it's passengers, but most other countries, do not resort to such invasive scrutiny. The other countries conduct deeper questioning of it's passengers, and this is said to be more effective than the personally invasive technology that is being implemented in other countries, such as the United States. Many people have stopped traveling by air, to protect their person, and self respect. 

Organically Grown or Factory
Farmed and full of pesticides
and Weed Killers?
Which would you rather
put into your body?
I think that if things continue as they are apparently headed, fewer people will be able to afford the technology we already have available, and fewer people will be educated as they were just a few decades ago. More and more, youth are passing along in school, who cannot even properly fill out an work application. If they can't even fill out a form to get a job, how on earth can they competently support themselves or a family?  Technology includes much more than computers, and cell phones. It also includes biological tampering, and some who have done so in the past, have been very evil and manipulative indeed. 

Added artificial butter,
and High Fructose Corn Syrup
or artificial sweeteners
Genetically modifying the food supply and the excessive use of weed killers and pesticides has already affected the health and lives of many in the public sector, and continues to wreak havoc all along the way from the farms to our dinner table already. It can only continue to get worse, if it is allowed to continue.  Already, we are warned about the dangers of excessive use of cell phones, being a very likely source of cancer. For decades, it has been suspected, and now even more so, that with so many electromagnetically transmitted radio waves, etc. is affecting our bodies and minds in many ways.  Even the use of Wi Fi, and using our computers in the wireless mode, it allows for that many powerful radio waves to bombard our mind and body, upsetting the natural balance of the body's natural electrical systems.

Look at how "factory farming" has affected our food supply, with ever increasing outbreaks of such things as e-coli, and yes, even mad cow disease. 

Healthier range fed beef.
When range fed, their body
is less acidic, and the cholesterol
from the meat is much lower,
making it healthier also
for those who consume
the meat.
Feed Lot Finished Beef
fed a diet of GMO corn plants,
including kernels, stocks and all.
Killed before 6 months, or they
would die from the unnatural diet
which leaves them with a highly
acidic system, leaving them open
to all sorts of internal infections, and
even stomach ulcers.
Even our vegetables are lacking in essential nutrients, from the soil being stripped of needed natural minerals, and being over farmed, without allowing the land to rest. More and more family farms are being driven out of business. Those farmers who dare to refuse to plant genetically modified (GMO) crops such as corn and soy, and being sued by the producer who now owns the patent for these unsafe, seed products. Somehow, these seeds seem to find their way onto the private farmer's property, and they are sued out of existence, or forced to sign a non disclosure statement to settle the case. 

If you doubt what I say here, about our food supply, and/or the results of factory farming, and such, please, look for the following documentaries. You may or may not find them in stores that sell DVDs, but you will find them on netflix.com.

* King Corn 
* Food Matters * Food Inc. 
* What's on Your Plate? 
* The Future of Food 
* Deconstructing Dinner
* Big River

These are just a few of the documentaries that are available to help you increase your chances of living to a healthy ripe old age, instead of living in sickness and misery.  These are just a few of the ways that technology is affecting our lives.

If you can't pronounce what's in your prepackaged food, should you even eat it?   I can pronounce these ingredients, and I have looked them up online, and have found out that they are either toxic, or as many are, they are by-products of the petroleum industries waste that cannot be disposed of cheaply or efficiently.  So, they just add it to our food supply.  It's full of artificial ingredients, including petroleum by-products, and even toxins. Why would you feed your body poison on purpose? 

In our day, technology is proving to be a two-edged sword. 
The gap widens, and will continue to do so.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

If I Had My Own Clothing Line...

Today, Plinky.com's Prompt suggested writing about one's style in clothing, if a person were to have their own line of clothing which they had designed.

If I had my own clothing line, it would be called "PK Hawk's Own." Since I appreciate comfort in clothing, my designs would be mostly for ladies who are interested in getting out and about, in comfort while looking good doing so.  I would create lots of attractively designed pants, which are also easy to wear out on the town as well as styles for hiking, camping, horseback riding, or just kicking back at home.  There would be a wide selection of split skirt styes, so one could appear to be wearing a skirt, while providing the comfort of pants. The range of design would include shorts of varying lengths to all for more choices for more people, with different body styles, from slim to larger sizes, as well. After all, larger ladies also like to look nice in their clothing. 

The possibilities are practically endless, comfort, and style. Ride a motorcycle, or a horse. Go dancing, or shopping. Work in your garden or relax in the shade with a good book and lemonade.

Do you know how difficult it is to find flared palazzo pants/skirts. or even a well made split slip? Well, I do.  I need to wear something that is dressy appearing but not really a dress, while actually being actually being a nice flowing split skirt, or flowing palazzo pants.  Culottes just aren't loose enough, and appear more like slightly wider shorts, and are not nearly as comfortable as something more flowing, and with more material, These would come in varying lengths, for those who prefer shorter or longer styles.  Do you recall the western split riding skirts some women used to ride horses in older western movies?  That is similar to what I would design. Many women do not like wearing pantyhose, and with a skirt like this, they don't have to.  

The design can be either very dressy, using silk, cotton, leather, or some manmade material.  The skirt can be just blow knee length, or down to the ankles.  One could wear heels, dress boots, or riding boots, western or some other style.  But, they would not be antsy to get home and get out of their clothing, in order to feel comfortable.

I have given this a lot of thought, as I grew up wearing pants, and I really dislike wearing dresses, or suits.  There are times, when pants are not appropriate though, so some very well designed, split skirts would fill the bill, and would be suited for even dress up events, such as attending religious services.  When on is in GOD's house they should not be wearing cutoffs, or jeans, etc.  

I have never taken a clothing design class, but at least I know there are more comfortable clothes, which still look very good.  A woman should not have to wear sweats or jeans to wear pants, and still be well dressed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Numbers On Caller I.D. Are Not Always What They Say They Are

Is that call for real or a scammer?
Every now and then, I get phone numbers that show up on my Caller I.D. that just don't look right.  So, whenever I get calls from 866, or 855, 753, or any other area code that I am not familiar with, I do not answer the call.  I jot the number down, and enter it on the Google space on the far right on the top right on my browser, to see if I can find out if it is a legitimate number, or possibly one of those which originate in some far-off island which may be a complete scam.

Just late last week, I decided to checkout one of those sites that promises to possibly save you about half on your car insurance.  I did get legitimate quotes, but I also think their site may be hacked, and others may be collecting your personal information, including your telephone number, E-mail address, as well as possibly even your mailing address, be that a PO box, or your street address.

If you don't know who's calling, 
don't answer!
Let them leave a message.
No message?  Can't be too important
then, can it?
Likely, it is a solicitor
or someone trying a scam.
Since then, I have begun getting a few different numbers showing up, which I do not recognize as likely legitimate businesses.  One of them had this number, 855-831-9123.  When this number shows up, I allow it to ring until my telephone secretary answers.  So far, they have let it connect on three occasions, but have left no messages.  They have called several times daily, even prior to 8:00 AM.  I still do not answer.

I Googled the number, and clicked on one of the sites where people can leave information about calls they have gotten from this number.  One person said that they picked up the phone, and entered the number to talk to someone.  That person told them that their credit card interest rates were being raised.  Quick thinking on their part may have saved the day.  This person said to the caller, "Which credit card is this on?"  The man on the other end, quickly hung up.  This has SCAM written all over it.

Scammers can call from
anywhere on the globe.
Return their call, and you, too
could be calling anyplace.
Just yesterday, I also got calls from an area code that raised a red flag.  It was area code, 753-000-8541.  Think about it, have you ever seen any number which started off (000)?  Not only that, I had not seen the 753 area code before, either.  So, I entered that in Google, and landed on the same page as before.  Many people who have answered the phone with this number on their Caller I.D. stated that a man with a heavy foreign accent asked for their E-mail address.  At that, they hung up on the person.

Over the past year or so, I have gotten several calls from such callers.  I never answer any call from any area code I don't expect a call from.

One other reminder; Many calls will also leave you a number to call back.  If you do not know who the company or caller is, don't fall for that trap, either.  Many far off islands have scammers, who call people and leave a message to call back.  They may even say it's an emergency, or that you are about to have your bank account garnished.  If you think the call sounds legitimate, then call your own bank directly, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT call the number they left, even if it's an 800 or 888, or 866 area code.  The telephone companies as well as law enforcement, and the news has been warning people for several years, that many times, when you call the "toll free" number, you will unknowingly be transferred to another number, then put on hold, and it could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars which will be billed to your telephone number.  Getting that all straightened out with your phone company may well take several month, and you could even have your phone disconnected for non-payment of the bill while you are getting it corrected.

Rats, Humans, Drink Cans, and Leptospirosis

Wash drink cans and bottles
with soap and water before drinking from them
I just received an E-mail message from a friend, warning people to be sure to wash off the top of drink cans before opening them to drink.   I suspected this one may very well be true, but you know how many fake messages warning people about so many things, that prove to be either a mistake, or even a hoax.  So, I went to SNOPES and verified it.  It is was a mix of truth and non-truth..

The story said that a woman in Texas had gone boating and taken along some cans of COKE, which she has apparently neglected to wash before putting them in her refrigerator on her boat.  Later, she drank COKE from one of the cans, also not washing it before drinking.  She ended up in the hospital, and died two or three days later, of Leptospirosis.

This part of the story was false.  The person who died was from Hawaii, and he was working in a warehouse where there was rat urine.  Rat urine can contain Leptospirosis, which can kill dogs as well as humans.

On SNOPES, it said the story had both truth, and fiction involved.  Rat urine is not  toxic to humans, but it certainly can carry Leptospirosis, which can kill. Rodent droppings also can to always spread a deadly type of Pneumonia, as well so, be sure to wash canned drinks before opening them to drink.  It isn't a bad idea to also wash even bottled drinks, as these things, cans and bottled drinks are stored in warehouses for shipping, and rodents can crawl all over the bottles, cans, and the cases they are in, urinating all over.  Even if the containers are inside cases, some of the urine, could possible get onto the drink container.

Like they say, "Better safe than sorry." RIGHT?

Check it out for yourself:  SNOPES report on rats and drink containers

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacationing In Mexico By Plane And Bus

The snow covered distant peaks here, are dwarfed in comparison
to those we were on in our bus trip between Mexicali and Tijuana, Mexico
I have not used mass transit since the early 1950s. Once back in 1979, my family and I did fly to Mexico City for a vacation and to visit my husband's family who lived there. We decided to visit Acapulco while we were that far into Mexico. As we had not made reservations for air, we opted to ride a bus for the trip. That was uneventful, and rather pleasant, as a matter of fact. when we returned to Mexico City, that too was a pleasant experience. 

We decided not to use LAX as the airport from which to fly from, as there are just too many people, and it is too far to really walk, from where we would have to park our car for the time we would be away, and to the terminal to catch our flight.  We lived only about a hundred miles north of the Mexican Border, and the airport there is so much smaller, with parking in an area where would pay a man to care for our vehicle until we returned.  It was  also much cheaper flying out of Tijuana.

Our first problem came when we got stuck in traffic at the US/Mexican Border crossing to enter Tijuana, as there were so many people heading into Mexico, that it took longer than we anticipated.  When we finally reached the airport, it was almost time to take off, and we still had to check in and go through Mexican Customs.  That was just plain maddening, as they were just sure we would be carrying something which they could charge us for, or to confiscate.  We had only brought along a few small items for gifts for the children in the extended family, which were totally legal.  They kept trying to make us think we had to pay for this and that, which we just refused to do.  We were about five minutes from scheduled takeoff time, when the pilot himself, saw what the Customs people were up to.  He actually, came to our rescue, and ran with us all the way to the plane.

If those people had even thought to look in the bag I was carrying, we would probably still be there, with them thinking I was importing drugs of all kinds.  I actually was carrying about twenty bottles of various herbs, and natural vitamins, but I doubt the labels would have  stopped them.

We had been in Mexico City for more than a month, when we decided take a side trip to Acapulco.  Since we had not made reservations to go to Acapulco, we decided to take the bus there.  That trip was uneventful, as was the bus ride back to Mexico City.  We were able to see so much wonderful scenery, so, we decided that when we were to return home, we would like to take the bus also on our way back to Tijuana.  From there, we could pick up our car which we had left at the Tijuiana airport. 

The bus trip from Mexico City to Tijuana was to take three days and three nights, stopping only for food along the way. On the second night on the road, the mother of a very small child, disposed of a disposable diaper in the busses toilet, which promptly disabled the toilet for the remainder of the trip. The driver did his best to accommodate his passengers, stopping at least two more time during the daytime hours, and once more at night.

Needless to say, the bus also began to show telltale signs that the problem was only getting worse, with the reeking aroma of sewage wafting through the bus. Even open windows did not help as much as was needed. My husband began feeling ill and his innards were not happy, either. He was desperate to get to the nearest restroom. The driver finally stopped at a small, "one horse village," so anyone needing to use the facilities could get some relief. My husband, along with a few other passengers disembarked, and walked down the unlit dirt roads, looking for the nearest restroom. Passengers were told we would be here for only fifteen minutes.   After about fifteen minutes, the driver cranked up the engine, and several of the passengers who had gotten off the bus, were returning, all except for my husband, that is. I looked hard into the night, straining to see if he was someplace within earshot of the noise of the busses diesel engine rumbling, only to see absolutely nothing.

Just as the driver began a very slow creeping takeoff, there came my other half, hurrying his way back to the bus. He scrambled aboard, found his seat, and we finally got on our way again. Except for many unhappy people, all glaring as the unthinking woman who had caused our bathroom trouble, the remaining miles were uneventful.

I actually enjoyed the bus trip, taking in as much scenery as possible. There was one more, long lasting,  hair-raising event between Mexicali, and Tijuana.  That was one very long section of road which winds through many miles of mountains called, "Los Rumarosas." I usually love driving or riding mountain roads, but this was a whole new experience, one that I don't think I would ever want to do again. This road is barely wide enough to allow one vehicle pass another, in opposite directions, let alone, busses the size of a Greyhound. The bus we rode was Mexico's version of Greyhound, and was called, "Tres Estreas de Oro" (Three Gold Stars). These busses were rather nice, and a huge step from the city busses one sees in most towns in Mexico. I was very impressed with the driver and his professional driving ability. He took no unnecessary chances, nor did he drive at all recklessly. 

Back to the mountain road: All the way through this mountain range, thousands of feet high, one could see the rusting remains of cars, pickup trucks, eighteen wheelers, and yes, even a few busses that had probably miscalculated the road space, or had lost control on icy, or snow-covered roads, and gone over the side, nose first. The vehicles, were usually hundreds of feet below the road, and these were the kinds of wrecks, from which no one survives. This road was paved, but it was just so very narrow, and had few if any guardrails, which would not have been strong enough to prevent huge trucks or busses from going over anyway. All along this road, were hundreds of crosses, with flowers, where someone or many people had lost their lives. 

When we finally arrived at the bus terminal in Tijuana, everyone thanked the drivers for their getting the safely to our destination. Everyone went their separate ways, and we got our bags, hailed a taxi, and headed for the Tijuana Airport, to claim our car, get something to eat, and head home, to Orange County, California.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Debating Issues

Friendly Debate
Today's Plinky.com prompt asked what issues I like to debate.  It's not whether or not I like debating, it is more an issue of whether or not the subject is worth debating, and it the person in question is informed or ignorant on the subject or not.  Some people just like to argue, and that is completely pointless, and a waste of one's time and energy.

I have no problem debating any subject when I have accurate knowledge of the topic. I do not argue just to argue. If it is something worth my energy, and of importance, and accuracy counts, I will discuss the issue in a calm and hopefully enlightening way.

If I do not know all the details about the subject, I will readily say so, and listen to the other person's opinion on the subject. Then, I will research the information in question, and talk about it later, to either verify their point, or to advise them of information I have discovered on the subject. 

I am always amazed at people who throw out a statement as if it is fact, when they actually know very little about it at all. Other people will consider a simple debate as an argument, and take it all very personally.

I often kindly debate Bible teaching with people who really are interested.  However, it is a waste of time to debate scripture with someone who is just wanting to fight, and is not really interested in what the Bible really says on a subject.

I have debated strenuously the subject of "fake pet rescuers," as many people just can't seem to consider that anyone would really kill another person's lost pet, when it has a collar, tag, and even a microchip.

I also often debate with people who have pets they just keep allowing to reproduce, only to have the litters finally be taken to shelters, for lack of people to buy them.

As they say, "Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person."

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some Dangerous Situations I Have Been In And Survived

Serious Thought
This is my response to a Plinky.com prompt.  They asked me to tell about some dangerous situation I have lived though in my life.  I waited almost all day, mulling this one over,  trying to narrow this down to just one incident, and if I even get started telling about each instance, it will likely become a very long story. 

Do you want to read about when, back in the late 1950s, my sweet loving mother nearly killed four of us, when she panicked and passed the freeway exit?  She cut across several lanes of fast moving traffic, not only scaring us nearly to death, but everyone else traveling on the road, as well. 

Or, how about the time when my parents moved back to California after living in El Paso, Texas?  It was in the late 1960s. They had leased a small two bedroom, furnished house, since they sold all of their things so they wouldn't have to bring all of that with them. When their least was up, they found another, nicer place in a nicer neighborhood. While my husband was at work, I took my two year-old daughter to their old place to help clean, and pack. My parents left to take most of their things to the new place, so my younger, fourteen year-old sister and I stayed to finish up last minute cleaning. I still had my daughter with us. While they were gone, their crazy landlady tried to get into the place when my younger sister, myself, and my two-year old child were finishing cleaning the place up. This crazy woman had a Bowie Knife, and attempted to forcer her way in, even though I told her that my parents would return soon, and she could come in when they were back. 

Keep Your Car
Doors Locked!
Then, there was the time in approximately 1973, when I was driving to work, which was about fifteen miles from my home.  When I stopped for a red light, a man tried to yank open my car door, (thankfully, it was locked). When he yanked on my door, I drove through the red light, and hit the gas.  He quickly got into his car, and proceeded to follow me, until I finally outran him. That was long before cell phones, so I had to get to work before I was late, and call the police from there. I don't know if they ever caught him.  I am sure that if they had found him, they would have contacted me.

Someone I follow on Plinky.com, "Sparchitect," wrote one that reminded me of another situation my late husband, our toddler daughter, and I were caught in. It was early in 1965.  We were in Los Angeles on business, and were leaving, heading for the freeway on a downtown street, to return to our Orange County home. We stopped for a red light, and about half a dozen police cars came screeching to a stop, right in front of a bank, shotguns at the ready, and all. I put our daughter in the floor as fast as I could, and we really weren't sure what to do. We were in a pickup truck, which had us in a very uncomfortable place.  We had a red light, and other cars were crossing. While armed police went running into the bank, and a quick as possible, we finally got a little break in cross traffic, and hit the gas, and left the area, as fast as safely possible. I think we may have felt slightly saver in a car, as we would have been lower in profile, and our daughter would not have been jammed under the dashboard, where it was rather warm from the engine heat, either. 

Well, even with all these dangerous situations, we all survived, and I am now the ripe age of sixty-six years.  My daughter is now forty-seven, and has two adult offspring, ages twenty-four and twenty-two.

My husband has passed away, but the rest of us, including our youngest daughter is now thirty-eight.  She and her hubby have a son who is now twenty, and a daughter who just turned eighteen this past July.