Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where I Live Sometimes

Though I don't always live in the same community all the time, I do live...

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Ya know, it all depends on your meaning of where one lives. I live in different places at different times, even different times of the day or night. Sometimes, I am only around for a short visit, while at other times, I may stick around for quite some time.

The community as a whole seems rather friendly, whether or not it's all genuine, is at times a bit difficult to determine. Other times, there are predators, wolves in sheep's clothing, so to speak. For the most part, the folks in this community are pretty much like people I've met and known in the many other communities to which I've lived or been. They are just trying to take care of business, provide for their families, and maybe have a little fun along the way. Some people are into examining their creative side, and sharing with others the things they do, or learn from others of similar interests. Many also are exploring new avenues, and side streets, to see if there is something else that may catch their eye, something presented to help expand their horizons.

There are people from all walks of life, and from many backgrounds, who speak many different languages, and may even have some different beliefs than many or most of their neighbors. Yet, I have observed more tolerance where I live or visit, than many people would expect.

Some of the homes are ostentatious, while others are very humble, but here where I live and where I have travelled for much of my life, I have seen and met many people who are very talented, creative, kind and always willing to help their neighbor. People I have met are eager to share their knowledge and expertise to aid their friends and neighbors, and even newcomers to the community. I have seen many instances when someone with a serious problem may have been backed up by their entire community, whether it was emotionally, or moral support, or even helping in getting financial aid to some deserving soul.

I have seen times, when someone may have been abusive to a neighbor, the entire community stepped up to the plate and reprimanded or expelled the offender, to protect their overpowered neighbor. Usually the communities where I have lived, or visited, are a rather close knit bunch, and I have seen few serious problems that couldn't be resolved.

There is a steady hum of music, and background noises, from clinking glasses, plinking of things that are moving and readjusting, sounds of pages turning, and every now and then, one hears the sound of a door bell.

There are sounds of livestock, dogs, cats, and birds. You can buy things for mere coins at times, instead of hard cash. You can become chef, or builder or a farmer, a clothing designer, or baker, or practically anything you can dream up.

There are lots of many with birds and butterflies, and green grass, zillions of flowers, and some pretty out of sight eateries, with some rather odd looking patrons, and employees that seem to never get a day off, and yet, they never seem to run out of steam.

Sometimes I live in one community, and at other times, I may go for a short of even a longer vacation and stay in an entirely different community. I have only on very rare occasions run into other residents or possibly visitors who are up to no good.

All in all, most every community I have visited, or lived in for an extended period of time, has displayed positive vibes from most other residents and visitors alike, with very few exceptions.

If you think you recognize the place where I live sometimes, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about where this might be.

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