Monday, September 6, 2010

My Dream House

Home Sweet Home...

A Perfect Place to Call Home

My needs are simple, but not easily obtained.

I would love to live in an area that is far enough from town that I can call it rural, yet not so far that I can't get there to shop once or twice a month.

The surroundings will be at an altitude of about 2,500 - 3,000 feet, so it won't be terribly hot in summer, nor having extreme freezing in winter.

Snow at times would be a welcome addition to the atmosphere, as well as a few storms every now and then, to help water the trees and my vegetable and flower gardens.

My property would encompass about 20 to 40 acres, allowing for some neighbors, while maintaining my privacy and personal space, I would have a few horses and milk goats, and a few chickens for eggs.

My house would probably be approximately two thousand square feet in size with large open rooms, and cathedral ceilings. It would be made of logs, have at least two or three fireplaces made from stones collected from the surrounding area.

For heating. I would use soapstone wood heaters, and burn natural, locally collected dead wood, from old, fallen trees. The floors will be also of natural materials, preferably flagstone or granite, with area rugs, and comfortable furniture.

I would need at least three bedrooms, so I can have guest rooms, a sewing room and a room to use for my computer, writing, an such. I would most likely have to break down and use satellite connection for online access, or I wouldn't be able to get my daily fix, or my connection and writing done.

The entire place would be "off grid" so I shant have an electric bill. In such green surroundings, there should be a crystal clear river or stream also running through the property. I should also have a water well, with a pump that would only need to run about once a day, as I would also have at least a five hundred gallon reserve water tank with a pump for providing house and livestock with plenty of fresh cool water. In addition tot he deep well, I would also have a covered well, with rope and bucket, so I can still get water even if the pump should go out.

There probably won't be telephone lines up, so I will either have a satellite or cell phone, depending on tower coverage, or I will have to connect with Skype, or some similar computer phone service. I could live without a phone at all if need be, since I would have the computer for connecting with the outside world if necessary in an emergency.

Since I would have horses, goats, etc., I will need a good barn for sheltering my animals in inclement weather.  There will be enough stalls in the barn to care for the horses of my visitors, so we can go on long mountain trail rides, and even camping a few times a year, or whenever we so choose.

There is just the beginning of my perfect home dream, and I have a lot to add to that, but not now, or I will be writing another long piece...

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