Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Kids And A Pig

During a visit to a petting zoo, three young children and their Mother happen up on a couple of the cutest Pot Belly Pigs, you'd ever want to meet, and guess what?

It just so happens that they lady who owns the two piggies, also sell baby ones...

Arlington County Fair 2008
Look Mom, pigs, and they're not big like Uncle Jim's pigs.

 Look Mom, can't we get one? They are so cute, and that lady already said they don't get really big. She said they're tea-cup pigs, I think...

 Yeah, Mom I want one too, can I, can I have one too?

Now boys, they don't get as big as the really big pigs, that we see at Uncle Jim's farm, but they aren't going to stay as small as they are now, either. Those piggies may be tea cup sized now, but like big pigs, they take several years to grow as big as they will get, and nobody knows for sure how big that will be. They could get nearly as tall as our dog, Cruzer, and he's pretty big. They will also weigh more than Cruzer, because their body is made differently. They could be as tall as Cruzer, but weigh more than a hundred pounds. I only weigh a hundred and twenty, and they could actually get at heavy as I am, and maybe even more.

 Mom, if Joey and Steve get one, I want one, too.

Now, Sandy, I didn't say anyone was getting a pig, did I? Besides, a pig also needs another animal for a friend, like maybe another pig. Two pigs will be lots of work, and they need a good place to play outdoors, too. They need lots of attention, too, or they won't really be pets, will they?

That lady said they can stay inside like our cat does.

Look Mom, that one's licking Joey's fingers, and it's not biting, either. Can't we have one, please???

Look sweetie, before anything, your dad an I will have to talk about this, and see how he feels about having a pig or two. Then, if it's ok with Daddy, I have to talk to our neighbors, and see if they don't mind. If it's alright with the neighbors, we would still have to check to see if the city would even allow us to have a Pot Belly Pig. They may not even be allowed where we live.

Mom, what if we all agree that we'll share, and that way, we'll only have to get one. We'll even take care of it, we promise, right guys?

Look kids, this is something we have to learn a lot more about before we just rush into it, you know? Right now, we don't even know what they eat From what I understand, miniature pigs have to be on a special diet. They can't eat things like dog food, it's really bad for them. We still need to find out if they need shots like our dog and cat do.

It's expensive having any animal, much less one that will need us to get a whole lot of new things, like building a pen for it to play in when we're not at home, special food dishes, a piggy house and a place for it to have mud or water to keep cool when it's really hot outside. Why, it will also need shade from the hot summer sun, and shelter when it's cold outside. The pigs I've seen on TV have lots of blankets and quilts to help keep them comfortable at night, and in cold weather, even if they are inside. That' something else we need to consider.

It certainly can't stay indoors when we're not at home, either, so it will have to have the pen built before we even bring it home, IF we bring one or two home, later.

This much I do know. I've seen programs on TV about how many people are getting pigs for a pet, and then, for one reason or another, they can't keep it. If that happened, we'd all be very disappointed, and what about the pig? They have feelings too. I also know that it's not even good for a pig to stay indoors all the time. They need to play in the dirt, and root in mud like Uncle Jim's pigs get to do. That's just what pigs do. Just because they are smaller pigs, doesn't mean they don't like the same things as big pigs. Pigs also need some sunshine every day, or their bones don't grow they way they are supposed to.

What do you think we'd feel like if we ever had to give up or dog, or out cat?

All together, the three kids say, "Aw Mom, can't you at least talk to Dad and see what he says?"

Look, aren't they just so sweet? They are really smart, too. Look, that lady called Susie, and she went running to see what the lady wanted.

Tell you what, I'll talk to Daddy, and if he says it would be OK with him, I'll call around to see if it's OK with the city and see if I can find a vet that takes care of Pot Belly Pigs, to learn as much as I can. I'm not about to take that lady's word for anything. She may be OK, but she also wants to sell the pigs to us.

Sometimes when someone wants to sell something, they will not always be telling you the truth.

We have to think about us, as well as the pigs, they shouldn't have to be dumped just because we bought them not knowing we can't keep them. now, should they?

No Mom, they shouldn't. But we really want one. Pleease, talk to Daddy, OK?

Look sweetie, I said I'd talk with your Father, and we will investigate to see if we can manage it, and if it's ok with the city, like I said, OK?

It may be OK, and it may not, but we'll find out, and then your Daddy and I will decide if it's a good idea or not.

Pet the piggies good bye now, we have to go home now. I still have to make dinner for us, and Daddy's going to be very hungry. You know he's been working all day, and when he gets home, it really makes him happy to see dinner on the table. Right?

Yeah, Daddy is always hungry when he come home. Then, after we eat, we can tell him about our pigs.

Whoa now, it's still not for sure. You all do understand that, don't you?

"Sure we do," they all said in unison. "But Daddy will say it's ok, for sure!"

We'll see, just don't forget that, we still have to see!

The kids all said good bye to the Pot Belly Piggies, and headed with Mom to the car, and dinner.

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