Monday, September 6, 2010

I'll watch the nature special on sealife

Anything that will get as large as a school bus commands my full attention...

Pretty much anything that lives in the sea holds me in it's magnetic grasp. There is such variety, such beauty, colors like you may never see on the surface of the planet, at least not in such abundance as it is in the sea.

Just imagine a school bus floating, swimming to the depths of the Arctic Ocean, and traveling thousands of miles to and from their mating grounds, living on a diet that's practically microscopic in size, yet plentiful enough to fill and nourish something as gigantic as a Blue Whale, a Sperm Whale, or any other whale for that matter.

The absolute largest creature on earth lives on one of the smallest creatures in the sea.

Then, there is the subject of coral, which appears to be plant life, but is a living animal, without a thinking brain, yet it lives off of things that happen to float by on the ocean's currents.

Squid, once thought to only be of tiny, to rather large sizes, now discovered to be so large, that they have eyes the size of a dinner plate, diving to depths so deep that man must send remote controlled vessels with also remote controlled cameras, just to see what's down there.

Then too, there are the living creatures that live and thrive in super heated extremely toxic sulphuric water spewing from undersea volcanic vents that would not only kill most living things, but boil them alive as well. Yet, there "worms" live and grow and reproduce in these unbelievable surroundings.

Sure, I could watch these wonders of nature for much longer than an hour.

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