Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just a Bit of Information and Thanks to My Visitors

Fall Harvest
Fall is here, and people will be snuggling up in front of their fireplaces with a good book and hot chocolate to while away the hours.  It's the time of the year when people are looking for comfort foods, things like pumpkin pecan pie, wonderful homemade stews, or maybe chili beans.

I would like to take this time to thank all of my readers and those who see fit to follow my writing, whether it be a poem or story, or even my response to plinky prompts.  Some of you are probably people that I also follow on, too.

I only recently started this blog, and it is very interesting to see where some of my readers come from.  While it is only reasonable that most readers are from the United States, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are actually readers from many countries around the world.

Berry Pie
Now that I know were a few of my readers live, I would like to find out more about their country.  The countries include: Russia, France, South Korea and even India, Taiwan, Germany, Lebanon, Ukraine, and Moldova.

I am really very touched that all of you wonderful people see fit to read my little blog that usually makes me happy writing, and even happier to know that someone else besides me must be enjoying at least some of the things that I write.

I also was very touched by your thoughtful comments and condolences over the recent loss of my beloved little Chihuahua, Pugsly.

I don't really feel this little post is sufficient to say thank you all so very much.  I wish that I could hug each and everyone of you.  For now, I guess it will have to do.  I wish each of you a wonderful and safe fall season, and may your not get any cavities from all that pie and hot chocolate.

PK Hawk's Homemade
Chili Beans
©2010 PK Hawk
Hmmm, some nice hot, homemade chili beans would really taste good about now.  Maybe some delicious beef stew?  Would you believe I have already eaten dinner, and it really isn't that cold here right now, but it certainly feels like comfort food weather to me.

Do any of you have a favorite cool weather dish you might like to share?  If so, feel free to either add it to the comments, or email it to me as

All this good food, and I haven't even added hot chocolate or a photo of piping hot stew.  I will see if I can rectify that right now.
I guess I don't have a good photo of hot chocolate or stew just now.  I will try to rectify the situation, and add it in maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile if anyone has a favorite cool weather recipe, as I said earlier, just email to me, and I will try to add it in as another post.

PK Hawk

Beat Bad Air Days

Beat Bad Air Days

My Favorite Candy, I have to choose between two, don't cha know?

This is a very tough choice, hmmm

More, please?

I very seldom eat sweets at all, but... If I were to have only one choice, I suppose that would have to be Nestle's Butterfinger bar. I've never really been what one might call a "chocoholic" but, on rare occasions I will buy one or two Butterfinger bars. It offers the combination of mild sweet chocolate with the crunchiness of peanut butter taste.

An occasional Butterfinger bar is a pleasant taste treat that I only rarely ingest. Actually, it might just be a challenge between the Butterfinger bar and a York Peppermint Patty. I do enjoy the sparking taste of peppermint wrapped in the dark chocolate coating of the Your Peppermint Patty, also on rare occasions.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Use Extra Care to Protect Your Pet From Possible Harm

RIP "Pugsly"
10/2009 - 10/26/2010
The next morning, I searched every inch of my yard, and have finally found the place that allowed Puglsy to get into the portion of the yard where my Grandson keeps his two large dogs, Lola, the Bloodhound, and Ozzie, his one hundred Lab/German Shepherd mix.  It was where the cross fence and gate and the side perimeter section meet, or rather used to meet. Somehow, apparently over the past ten years, that section of fencing no longer meets as it did before.  It wasn't obvious that there was even a gap there, until I got very close, and even then, it was only visible from a certain angle.  There was about a four inch gap, and I missed it.  It's repaired now, but unfortunately that won't bring back my little "Pugsly."
"Pugsly" and "Buddy Cat" ©2010 PK Hawk
Happily playing on unfolded laundry.
This photo was taken
about a week before the horrible
incident that killed my sweet,
loving and adorable Pugsly.

I suppose one day, I will stop beating myself up over this horrible incident, but I just keep hearing his yelping, and seeing his limp body lying there, in Ozzie and Lola's yard.

I hope I am not offending anyone, but I just have to tell you all that when you have any pet, you must make sure they have a very secure yard to play and run in.  Pugsly ran in my yard since I first rescued him in March from a home, where the small child did permanent damage to his right foreleg and shoulder.  I feel absolutely horrible about any animal I have ever had that has died, but Pugsly is the first dog I have ever lost this way.  Any others were older, and died after many years of living life in safety, and being loved.

This happened on my own fenced in property.  Can you even imagine what could happen to your pets if they are just allowed to roam the neighborhood?


Another Event, Same Day, Different Area of Town

"Mini Pin"
Miniature Pinscer
My sister called the morning following my loss, and not knowing what had already happened here, she told me about another horrible incident.  She has a next door neighbor who has a Miniature Pinscer, better known as a "Mini Pin," that they have allowed to run much of the time.  The very day that I lost Pugsly, it seems that this little Mini Pin was tied in it's yard, which is not securely fenced.  A larger dog, about half the size of a Lab or Doberman entered the yard, and attacked the little Mini Pin.  The man who owns the Mini Pin, had to crawl under the house to breakup the the attack, and get the Mini Pin out.  It's harness was torn off, and it was bleeding, and in very bad shape. The owners of the Mini Pin, wrapped him in several towels, and immediately took him to the closest veterinary hospital, where he was kept and stabilized. My sister says the dog which provoked the attack is also allowed to run loose much of the time, even though it's owner knows it has an aggressive personality.
Mini Pin resembles this
Doberman, but weighs only
about ten to fifteen pounds at

 Surgery was done on the injured dog the day after the attack, and it's owners spent the entire day as well as the next day at the the hospital to be close to and to comfort their little dog.  If this little dog survives all it's injuries and the surgeries it must also undergo, it will likely always have mobility problems, as well as being terrified of practically every other dog it meets.  It may even lose it's leg as a result of it's injuries at a later date. That remains to be seen.

As is not unusual in such cases, the owner of the dog that attacked the Mini Pin, tells a completely different story, claiming that her dog was inside her home when the Mini Pin came into her yard and barked at her dog, who then crashed through the screen door, attacking the smaller dog.

If this were true, then how is it that the injured dogs owner had to crawl under his house to break up the attack, and the harness and rope were also pulled under the house? The other end of the rope was still attached to it's post.

Another neighbor states that he saw the attack and that the Mini Pin was in it's own yard, and that the larger dog attacked him, while he was tied, wearing a harness, and unable to run away.  My sister heard the attack, and said it was very loud, which also seems to show the proximity her house.  In any case, it is not unusual for both of these dogs to be allowed to run the neighborhood.
Loose Dogs
can cause problems
and can get into trouble.
They could kill, or be killed.

The dog that did all this damage, is said to be at the local animal shelter in quarantine, which means the dog was apparently not current with it's Rabies vaccination. This dogs owner doesn't seem to be completely truthful about several issues.  She stated to several neighbors that her dog had it's rabies vaccination, and that the quarantine is to be sure it doesn't have distemper.

If her dog were current with it's vaccinations, doesn't it stand to reason it would also be current on it's distemper vaccination as well?  If she told the shelter people of the attack, and the dog was current with it's Rabies vaccine, there would be no need to quarantine it, unless it was going to be adopted out as a senior pet.  The shelter people may not have even been told of the attack.  This dog will very likely be destroyed after the quarantine period, as this was not the first time it has attacked another animal.  If the shelter people knew of the attack, there would have been no need to wait before destroying the dog.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If I Could Go Back in Time, it Wouldn't Be For Me But For Puglsy and Snow Bear

©2010 PK Hawk
I would change the events of this morning. Poor little five pound Pugsly was killed by my Grandson's one hundred pound Lab/Ger. Shep. mix.

I still can't find how Pugsly managed to get into Ozzie's enclosure, but as soon as I heard a yelp, I ran outside to see what was wrong. None of my dogs were in sight, which is very unusual in itself.

I called, and no one came, which is unheard of.

I first thought the yelp came from the back yard, and ran there to see if maybe Sequoia had bitten him while playing. Nothing.

I ran to the front yard, and all three of my other dogs were standing at the chain link dog run where my Grandson keeps his two dogs, Lola, the Bloodhound, and Ozzie. I called Puglsy, as he was the only dog I didn't see.

Then, as I walked closer, I saw Ozzie mouthing something small and white on the ground, and it wasn't moving.

I realized it was my sweet, dear little Pugsly, lying there motionless, and began to scream for Stephen, my Grandson. I must have called four of five times, before he was able to get outside.

©2010 PK Hawk
Snow Bear, Pugsly & Peanut
©2010 PK Hawk

 The only thing for which I am grateful is that it was very fast, and though he must have been terrified, thankfully, it was very fast. There were no bite marks or any visible signs of trauma, just a limp, tiny little motionless body that had been my Puglsy.

 All we can think was that Ozzie grabbed him, shaking "Puggy," so hard, that he most likely broke his little neck, and probably doing severe damage to his brain as well.

Snow Bear and Pugsly were the very best of friends, and Snow Bear, really hasn't grasped yet that her little friend isn't coming back.  It's only been an hour and half, so I am still writing through my tears.  I tried to be so careful that he had no areas of the fence that he could squeeze through, because he has tried before to get to a Pit Bull that was walking down the road. I secured every tiny place where it appeared that he might wriggle though in his puppyish determination.  It is painfully clear I missed something, someplace.  Someplace I still haven't found.

I have never before lost any pet to such a tragedy, and I am so crushed. Snow Bear really didn't understand what happened until I allowed Snow Bear, Sequoia and Peanut to see, so they could understand why Pugsly would never be able to run and chase with them again.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Favorite Words: Accurate & Knowledge

Even scientists lie. Look at the fraud perpetrated in the fake evolution evidence of the so-called "Piltdown Man." It turned out to be a complete fake.

Piltdown Man exposed by his own fossils

Thanks to tfockler60, I am rethinking the subject of a favorite word(s).  He brought up a great point that in my hazy mind so early in the morning, I hadn't considered.   I took another look, and have new insight, thanks to tfockler. Actually, even though I seldom use these two words in my writing, they affect everything I write, except for the possible exclusion of creative (fictional) writing.

As writers, we use so many words, we may not think we have any favorite word, or words. When I got to thinking, I realize that even though I may not actually write using these words, they affect everything I write, from my blogs about pet rescue, to my blog on Pot Belly Pigs, and everything I write on, as well. Not all knowledge is accurate. Just because a person is sincere, doesn't mean their knowledge is accurate, does it? They can also be sincerely wrong.

Firstly, I try to always have "accurate knowledge" regarding the subjects about which I write. I am most definitely passionate about every blog site I write, as they are nearly about things I feel very strongly about, such as the ones I referred to above. Even one site I have about good places to eat in my local area as well is controlled by my desire to provide correct/accurate information to prospective diners. I make sure that all photos of food on that site were personally taken by me, of food actually prepared and served there, and aren't "stock photos" that I got someplace else.

There is one more scripture that is very important to me, that I would like to quote. It is found at Romans 12: 2, and states the following advice: "And quit being fashioned after this system of things, but be transformed by making your mind over, that you may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

One must search in order to find. It doesn't happen by osmosis, we must seek in order to find, and only by prayer and asking for God to bestow upon us his holy spirit, to help us in our search, will we be able to find the answers we are looking for.

When I write about my religious beliefs, those posts are also based on studying the scriptures for some 60 plus years, and continuing to delve deeply into all the Bible. After all, according to many scriptures in the Bible, such as 2 Timothy 3:16, 17 "All scripture is inspired of God, and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, that the man (or woman) of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work."

Thanks, tfockler60 for the heads-up.

Back to things we take for granted at time, that turns out to be either in error, or an out and out lie.

All that glitters isn't gold. Just because something sounds good, doesn't make it true. How many falsehoods have you heard in politics, in advertising, and even on food labels? A little food for thought? accuracy and honesty are now considered for fools, used by ignorant people who don't accept the latest and greatest, deception, outright lies, and misleading information is bandied about in abundance in today's society. Weeding though all erroneous messages, and outright lies, isn't always easy, even for the educated and informed.

My Favorite Word - I Don't Have a Favorite Word!

But, since you appear to want people to write about a word, how about: Antidisestablishmentarianism?

Not-so-pocket dictionary v. 2.0

I don't have a favorite word. It's not like asking someone what their favorite color is. Awww, Come on Plinky people, this is getting to be tedious. Can't you please come up with something more creative than a favorite word that someone tries to interject into every conversation?

After all, some people work at expanding their vocabulary, by learning and adding a new word everyday. But, a favorite word? Nah, I don't have one, and I seriously doubt you will get very many positive responses to the prompt for today. Haven't you noticed how many fewer replies you get when you submit these trivial prompts.

People find more interesting things to write about, whether on, or their own blog, or even another site when you request they write something about a non-issue.

How about: Antidisestablishmentarianism?

Here's Wikipedia's definition: Antidisestablishmentarianism

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Look up antidisestablishmentarianism in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Antidisestablishmentarianism (listen to British sample (info), American sample (info)) is a political position that originated in 19th-century Britain in opposition to proposals for the disestablishment of the Church of England, that is, to remove the Anglican Church's status as the state church of England, Ireland and Wales. The word was used in 1838 in Church and State by William Gladstone, under whose administration the Irish Church Act 1869 was passed.

The establishment was maintained in England, but in Ireland the Church of Ireland (Anglican) was disestablished in 1871. In Wales, four Church of England dioceses were disestablished in 1920, subsequently becoming the Church in Wales.

The term has largely fallen into disuse. The question of disestablishment of the Church of England is still current, often tied with the position of the English monarch as "Supreme Governor" of the Church (see Act of Settlement 1701)."


Fall creeps upon an unsuspecting world
Slowly, summer is slipping away
Day by day, ever so slowly 
The days grow cooler, even cold

One night, cold winds begin to howl
Amongst the trees so straight and tall
Time for maple leaves to turn
Yellow orange and crimson they burn 

Early winter snow, blankets everything by dawn
Squirrels have hidden their nuts away
Bears are ready for their long winters snooze
Wolves and foxes now play and prowl 

Slightly things begin to change
Ever so slowly imperceptible at first
Snow slowly melts away while ice trickles into streams
Once again spring is on its way

Melting snow waters the thirsty earth
Tiny green shoots pointing toward sunny skies
Trees shoot forth tiny leaves and flower buds
Soon fields of flowers and grain replace the snowy turf

Bears awake with appetite and cubs
Cottontails and birds on wing
Welcome, it's simply planet earth
Sharing seasons colors and rebirth

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taking a Stand, Always!

Dottie & Frankie, Rescued
and Adopted Happily Ever After
Photo Courtesy of Hamalot Pig Rescue
Honestly, I can't think of a time when I didn't stand up for what I believed in. I fought to save more than 300 Pot Belly Pigs which were about to be destroyed, twice. Once by local Animal Control and Code enforcement, and again when a so-called Pot Belly Pig rescue group decided they have bitten off more than they could handle, getting all of those same pigs spayed/neutered, wormed, vaccinated and relocated to forever homes, and/or pig sanctuaries. They had decided that to save face, and not have a failed rescue hang over their heads, they would simply shoot all three hundred pigs that were left on the property in question. They then attempted to sabotage the efforts of myself, and the ones who came to the rescue when they had failed, in placing all the remaining adult and younger pigs.

With the help of others involved in Pot Belly Pig rescue,and sanctuaries, every last one was saved and not one was killed for lack of a new home, or permanent relocation in a sanctuary. Some that stayed in various sanctuaries from clear across the country were not suitable for private homes, but they were heathy, and altered so as not to reproduce, so they could live out their lives doing what pigs love to do. They have been able to have the company of other pigs, and get good healthy food, and any needed vaccinations and health care, as well.

I have also been doing everything in my power to educate the public, as well as other legitimate pet rescue organizations about "Fake Rescuers" who say they will get homes for people's pets, or strays which are perfectly placeable, but who have them all destroyed, usually within a few hours of taking them in. These people not only take in animals, usually cats and dogs, but will take in any animal off the street, which may have just gotten out of it's yard, only to kill it.

These people are usually part of some non-profit organization that represents itself to care for animals, and even collects donations for such work, but really uses the funds to trap, transport and kill tens of thousands of perfectly adoptable pets annually, in my area of southern California, alone. One place alone, of which I have personal knowledge, in San Bernardino, CA in one year killed nearly 10,000 pets that were transported to their facility by "Fake Rescuers." They finally admitted that the greater percentage were killed after hours, to prevent people from knowing what they were doing. It finally became public in February 2010, when it made front page news in our primary local newspaper on February 8, 2010. At least two veterinarians who had worked there, were fired once they complained and refused to turn a blind eye to the fact, as well as the fact that people who had no legal access to the drugs were using the "blue juice" to kill the animals. There is more to this story, and it would make you sick to learn about it. Suffice it to say, most of these animals weren't killed so kindly as your vet would do, in your presence.

Well known organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States fully supports these groups, and at least some of the low cost HSUS spay/neuter clinics are in this practice up to their eyeballs. It is pretty well known now, that PETA also encourages this activity, and even sends many hundreds, if not thousands of pets they take in to California for destruction.
The syringe here, is filled 
with "blue juice," which is 
the drug of choice for 
killing (euthanizing) animals

If anyone tells you that they will take your animal, immediately, beware! If anyone says the can and do place every animal they take in, run the other way, as fast as you can! Even many legitimate rescuers who find homes for many pets, aren't all "no-kill." But, at least you know your pet or stray stands a better chance of being placed than those who only say they will, but who don't even try to find homes.

Special Needs from birth
Deformed hind foot and leg.
He has no idea he can't do
 everything other cats do.
It's best to contact groups who actually do adoption shows at places such as PetSmart, or PetCo, or someplace else where they allow pet rescuers show adoptable pets, rather than give your pet up to someone who meets you in a parking lots and/or won't even give you a copy of your release which states they they are a no-kill rescue.

You can't necessarily take the recommendation a veterinarian. Many either don't really know the people who may have their flier or card available in the vet's office. Some vets even encourage people to surrender animals to known killers.  

The great majority of these animal that are "euthanized," (destroyed, put to sleep, killed) aren't even seen by a vet, but are killed by the same persons who trapped them or otherwise took them in from unsuspecting people, who were lied to, and probably even donated money, thinking they were helping spay/neuter, feed, and otherwise care for these animals.

Stay aware, and informed.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Optimist or Pessimist? Neither, I Am a Realist

I'm sure you have heard about the recent financial mess the whole world is in. They all probably thought they were right, too. "Err in haste, repent at leisure."

End of the Rainbow
I am something else. It's called a realist. While I look for good, I am certainly not blind to evil, or in denial about the reality of things not always working out the way I might like them to.

Just because you wish things to be wonderful, doesn't make it so. Not every cloud has a silver lining, nor does a rainbow have a pot of gold at it's end. It just ends. Live, laugh, love, just don't be either gullible or a fool. Use the brain that god gave you, and think with your head instead of always following your heart.

I think it is wise to investigate before investing my money or time and energy into something or someone because others may well either overlook a serious flaw, or be in denial when it comes to motivation of others.

Just because the medical community and drug manufacturers say that some new "miracle drug" is the answer to everyone's specific health problem, doesn't make it true. It has been widely told in the news that the drug manufacturers many times hide negative results of their in-house studies, opting to only use what they say is conclusive proof that the medicine does more good than it really does. Many, if not most doctors are only used by the drug companies to dole out their newest and so-called best medicines, and really haven't a clue how dangerous it may well tun out to be in the future.

Look what happened to investors in recent years, who believed their investment counsellors, and put their hard-earned money into bonds, and other instruments that had been manipulated, with home buyers mortgages being chopped, split, and sold sometimes into thousands of places, leaving investors afloat on the sea of bad investments, and at the mercy of ruthless dishonest people, and firms.

I have a friend who has lost almost everything he had invested. He has a lot of money in Lehmann Brothers, as well as GM, and a few other places that had been misrepresented as to their integrity, and their credit rating. Now, he's in his mid seventies, and is in a serous mess. He isn't even sure how he will make it to pay for his car or homeowner's insurance now.

Even investors in fine art have been defrauded, being sold reproductions instead of the original piece they thought they were buying. How much more-so with something else being sold a bill of goods, that in fact isn't what it is represented to be?

"Caveat emptor" (Let the buyer beware). Never accept everything at face value, or follow along only because, "everyone else is doing it." While they may be doing it, doesn't make them right, or even wise. They may have been mislead. Investigate before you invest, so to speak. Use your reason and common sense. It's pretty amazing how many people don't do that, even in today's skeptical society.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If I Could Go Back in Time - Would That Help?

Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all.

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine
Well, I am probably many years too late for this, but if I could, I would change the property I chose to buy probably fifteen years ago.

Instead of purchasing a lot, with just a home and large garage on 1/6 acre, I would have moved farther away from the area where I live, probably into a more hilly area, where I could get at least a couple of acres, maybe even five. I did consider moving to another state, but I stayed in California due to my children, my sisters and all the rest of my direct family living in this area. I also had to consider my disability, as I do really need to be closer to help than I might otherwise.

I would have started officially rescuing animals much sooner, and had room for the piggies, dogs and kitties that I adore so they would have more room, and the local government wouldn't care that I had several dozen or even more. I would have had at least a couple of Great Pyrenees to keep predators at bay. I also would have taken in donkeys and mustangs that needed homes. So, obviously I would have needed more than only five acres.

I know places in Arizona and New Mexico that one could have bought forty acres for what only two would cost in California. The forty acres are/were available at altitudes that are cooler in summer and not too cold in winter, so the pigs and I would not freeze, either. Snow would only be an occasional event there. Of course, placement of these rescued "critters" would also have to be accessible to people, which would present other logistical problems, wouldn't it? People who would help in feeding and caring for said animals would also need housing in a area so remote. That is another obstacle one would need to tackle. Fencing would also be a very essential item.

I would have also started my spay and neuter assistance much sooner, while I was young enough to accomplish more, as well.

However, that was when I was really restricted in what I could physically do because of my neck and back issues. That is why I made the choices I did. Now, I just have to deal with what is, and not what I wish to things were.

Life throws us a curve every now and then, and we need to work with that, making the best choices we can with the information and resources we have at the time.

Regrets only cause more regret, which only adds to the stresses of life, which is something we definitely do not need. As Ecclesiastes chapter 3, verse 1 states: "For everything there is an appointed time, even a time for every affair under the heavens." (Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 for more on this topic). Also in Ecclesiastes, chapter 9, in verse 11, it states the following insightful information: "... Time and unforeseen occurrence befall them (us) all." Reading a bit further, verse 12 says, "For man also does not know his time. Just like the fishes that are being taken in an evil net, and like the birds that are being taken in a trap, so the sons of men themselves are being enslaved at a calamitous time, when it falls upon then suddenly."

So, we need to the do and be the best we can under the circumstances in everything we do in life, and not act foolishly in the choices we make. Hindsight is not always 20/20, either.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unusual Weather Event

This is about something that happened just a couple of days ago in my area of Southern California.

Photo ©2010 Helen Dawson

It's really interesting how our weather can change so quickly. Recently, we had temperatures 112 degrees for three days in a row. Our humidity was at only 5%. Suddenly, I could hear lightning flashes causing static on my radio, the static from the lightning could be heard for about twenty minutes.

Since I have lived here for twenty-six years, I know that it is not unusual for the desert to our east to get massive storms during the extreme summer weather. They may or may not get rain from these storms. There are actually time in the inland deserts that it rains hard, even the summer, but it's been so hot and the humidity so very low, the rain evaporates before it hit the parched ground of the desert.

Where I live, if you go outside, especially in the evening, after such weather, you will see a massive display of lightning and those massive billowing white clouds, rising thousands of feet into the air. It's really impressive to watch these storms taking place more than 80 to 100 miles away, and watch the gigantic lightning striking across the sky, from one horizon to the other. Before the area got so built up, we would walk to the end of out road, where there was nothing blocking the view, and in late afternoon, or after dark, we just stood in awe, watching nature's fireworks display that dwarfs anything man can create with his version of fireworks.

I went outside to see what the situation in the desert to the south-east was, since it appeared we may be affected this time.

I checked to be sure there was no damage from the strong winds. It was then that I saw the most impressive clouds: Huge, white billowing clouds, gigantic in size, and rising very high in the heavens. Yet, they were only in some places, and not covering the entire area.

I took my photos, and returned to load them onto my computer, when the wind started to blow, and blow even harder.

In the next few minutes, the temperature had fallen about ten degrees, and the humidity rose from 5% to 22%, within minutes

Within a few minutes, people were losing power, and in just a few more minutes, there were news reports on the radio that the area south of us about 15 miles, had a fire that was caused by the lightning, and there were also flash flood warnings for that area as well.

Just about the same time, the area about 5 miles north, they had a power pole that was hit by lightning, causing the power lines to fall across the street, and land atop a public transit bus containing passengers. They also were under flash flood warnings.

Fortunately no one on the bus was injured, but they did have to stay onboard, until someone from the power company could come shut off power to the area, to allow the passengers to escape the damaged bus, and they power to be re-routed, making it possible to replace the broken pole.

Meanwhile, we were right between both affected areas, and we got not one drop or rain, nor any very nearby lightning. Micro-cell weather certainly can be strange, can't it?

After A Freak Storm

Photo ©2010 Helen Dawson

This photo was taken from the road in front of my home this week, just a couple of hours after a freak storm that doused one area about five miles north of here, and another area about fifteen miles to the south, just north of the San Diego County line. We received nary a drop, nor did we actually get the direct lightning flashing across the heavens any closer than the area five miles north that actually got both.

Late that afternoon I went out to feed my pond fish, and saw some really spectacularly gorgeous skies. The sun was just below the peaks of the nearby mountains, and the clouds that remained from our earlier weird lightning display and the flash flood threat had passed. However, the entire sky was a fantastic display, scattered with the type of clouds you see in my photo above. Toward the east the clouds were thinner and in some places, wispy, but still all pink, and varying hues of soft mauve, orange and deeper lavender as far as the horizon and distant mountain peaks.

This was just breathtaking, and something we may not usually take time to go outside and just stop, to take it all in. There is no artist on earth that can truly match the hues, and brushstrokes on nature's pallet.

Fact Based Fictional Conversation Between Friends

Shirley, is a nurse by vocation. She also works with Bloodhounds, for Search & Rescue, and is a member of the local Mounted Posse.

This conversation is about two of her horses that are getting older, and now have special needs for their comfort and mobility.

The farrier, Chuck and Shirley have a conversation...
Photo ©2009 Helen Dawson

Hold it Kandi. Good girl.

Chuck, I sure appreciate you coming on such short notice to trim Kandi's and Red's hooves. I've been working so much, I haven't even had a good look at them for a couple of weeks.

Hey Shirley, what are good friends for, Alma and I are always happy to help you, you know that. Besides your horses are always so good, and you saved them from the life they had, what with Red just all messed up with bowed tendons off the track, that horse would have been destroyed if you hadn't taken him in. Didn't you once say that he was about two or three years old then?

Yes, Red was between two and three. He was not yet gelded, and the tendons in both his front legs were badly bowed. He had trouble just walking. red was also a bag of bones, since he was no longer paying for his keep, his days were numbered.

Chuck, were you around when I bought Kandi? Kandi was well cared for until her owner allowed his friend to use for for herding cattle in Colorado. She wasn't used to running over that kind of terrain. She had fallen on some rocks, and really damaged her knees. Since she has aged, they have developed arthritis, and stay swollen and sore.

Since I got her, she's had a great life. She's never again been overworked. I trained her as a posse horse, and she really took to that.

Now, with her into her thirties, the damage to her knees has caught up with her, and they stay swollen and painful. So, I really do need to keep her hooves in good shape, so she can function as best she can.

It's a good thing you brought your daughter along, too.

How are things at school Mandi?

Well, I like school, but there are times I would just rather stay home and do something else. But with Mom driving a school bus, she isn't at home all day, and I really don't like having to stay home alone, either.

Ah, all done Kandi, come here Red, let's see what you need now...

They are both getting on in years now, and they have earned a better life.

Where The Red Fern Grows, (all versions)

This movie really touched me, to see a young person who worked so hard, to attain his dream of having two such fine hunting dogs. Then, to watch as one was killed, and the other one pines, and just grieves herself do death.

There was a very good story between the really sad parts, but I really react the same, every time I watch "Where The Red Fern Grows."

There was another version of this movie where they used two Irish Setters, instead of Red Bone Coon Hounds, and that movie also stayed with me, as those two dogs also died.

Originally "Where The Red Fern Grows," was a book, and it has been made into at least two, if not three movies.

The story takes place in hill-country, during nineteen thirties, or forties, and things were hard in those days, especially for a family living in the back hills of the southern portion of the country.

Families just didn't have the where-with-all to spend hard earned money on dogs, even to help hunt meat and skins to help support their family. Things were pretty much hand to mouth, and just getting cloth to make your own clothes was tough enough.

While I loved this movie, I also hated it, as that kid put heart and soul into those two dogs, as well as trying to help save another dog that belonged to a hardened neighbor who only fed his dogs if they hunted for him, and stuck around no matter how badly they were treated.

Embarrassment - Appetite Suppression In Order

American Pop
I'm curious about this prompt. If something was so embarrassing, why would anyone choose to share it?

As for myself, I can't think of anything that didn't happen while I was still rather young. I've already given my "favorite mistake," when I didn't know what a singletree was.

I would say that everyone has had embarrassing moments in their life, and some may not be able to keep those things from the public eye. For example, can you imagine how embarrassing the railway folks must have been when their train fell from an upper level floor? Many very embarrassing things have been on the news, at one time or another.

"World's Dumbest Criminals" comes to mind. These people are already not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but then, they are shown on TV for all the world to see, as well.

Celebrities also come to mind, with their lifestyles, and personal problems being published for the satisfaction of the public's appetite for more information than they need about the latest laughing stock.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Superstitions: A Falsehood and Deception

The scriptures state that the "Truth will set you free," not enslave you.
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I believe superstitions are foolish.

If one truly believes in the Bible as God's word, and follows it's principles of love and following in Christ's footsteps, they are free of all such things as superstitions and traditions of men.
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False religion enslaves people, manipulating them into doing things directly opposed to the teachings of Christ Jesus, and his Father, Jehovah God, mankind's creator.

All Bible law is based on one very simple thing: That we should love each other, and have no other gods before our Creator. After all, he sent his Son to show us the way and to redeem obedient mankind from the death sentence we inherited from Adam. When Adam and Eve sinned, they passed on sin and death to everyone born since that time.

Only those who listen to Christ Jesus, and search for the real truths in the Bible, applying them in their daily life, and helping others to also learn the things God inspired to be written for our instruction, will have an opportunity for forgiveness, and everlasting life on earth.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Reasonably Decent Photo of Me

This one I took May 6, 2010 @7:15 AM

I guess this is a more correct photo of myself. The one in the computer screen was pretty bad. I forgot this one even existed. They are all done with my Photo Booth on my MAC.

I know my lips don't show up very well, but I am 65 after all, and my lips are no longer as full as they once were. I very seldom use lipstick, or any makeup, for that matter.

I really don't think I have a favorite photo of myself. I'm certainly not photogenic.

A Favorite Photo of Me - Inset in Tropical Paradise

Me inset in my Photo Booth Tropical Island Scene

I think I like this one better than the first one posted. I was playing around with my Photo Booth program on my MAC, and this one popped up. I like the island view, and I was having a little fun, so I think that I like this one even better.

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My Favorite Photo of Me - On My Computer Screen

An old Jane Fonda movie about the old west and fighting off land grabbing oil men.

Well, since I don't have very many photos of myself, here is one that I took while getting a few photos of my computer screen. I was watching a western staring what's her name (Jane Fonda) and when I snapped the photo, I was reflected onscreen with my camera. I look terrible, as I had pinned my hair up, out of the way, so I could get a good view through the view finder, without my hair getting in my way.

I like the way the still-shot of the movie and myself, are in the same shot. I have forgotten the name of this movie just now, but it was to have taken place in the days of real cowboys, and very old cars. I took hundreds of shots of the screen during this movie, as well as a few others I have watched and where I have really like the scenery, too.

Sorry is wasn't something more creative, or that I wasn't dressed up somewhat. But, this was last winter, and it was rather cool inside, so I was dressed in my comfortable clothes, and wasn't really camera ready.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

No E's Allowed - Old Man VS Wild - Adolph

Man Vs Wild
IN 100 WORDS +/-
Long ago, and far away, was a man who did a lot of walking. This man trod to many far away towns and to mountains, too.

This man Adolph, though old, still trod to impossibly high mountains and to unimaginably low plains. This man gulps all sorts of things you would think not possibly nutritious or that a human could swallow.

This man did swallow such things, and trod off to so many and to such far off lands that most thought him just plain crazy. Adolph may still roam lands too wild for most to think about going to and still gobbling such things, for all I know.