Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Normal, Everyday, May Be Unthinkable To You

I was born in Georgia, and raised from coast to coast. My Father was from Ohio, while Mom was from Georgia.

080119 breakfast (1)
I completely forgot about these. The following are real favorites of mine.

1- Banana sandwiches with Miracle Whip. This is something our Mom gave us a small children, as a special treat in the hot, humid summers in southern Georgia. I just loved it. I don't care for regular mayonnaise.

Then, I began adding other things: Things like peanut butter and boysenberry preserves, for example. To die for! First, either halve or slice the bananas lengthwise, and place bananas and Miracle Whip on one slice of the whole grain bread.  Then, add peanut butter to the other slice. The peanut butter also helps hold things in place. Then, add your "Knott's Berry Farm" Boysenberry Preserves.

Bananas and peanut butter together is something many people already eat, but when you consider how many people also eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, see, it's not all that odd. Just put each ingredient on separately, so the flavors can be tasted and savored individually, and then together. It's akin to sweet and sour Chinese dishes.

2- Hominy grits with bacon, eggs and Velveeta Cheese, all mixed together and well blended.

When my parents married in 1939, they had a few taste adjustments to make. For years, Daddy just plain refused to eat grits, as did my late husband. Many folks eat grits with milk and sugar, and many others add some butter while everything is still hot. That is pretty good, but it can't compare with the flavors of the mix of my most favorite dish of all. Sometimes I will add either medium Sharp Cheddar into the grits while it is still cooking, and other times, I add shredded cheese on top of everything else. While the grits is cooking, I fry bacon, crumble it up, just so there are still some pieces that are large enough so you can actually chew them. I cook 2 eggs, just so the white is completely solid, while leaving the yoke completely liquid. That is important so the flavors mingle once everything is mixed together.

I put my eggs on the plate, add the cheese on top of the eggs, then add the really hot grits. This melts the cheese.  Top it off with about two or three slices of broken or crumbled bacon. Mix it all together, and enjoy. Heaven in a plate.

3- Pineapple and Miracle Whip sandwich made using whole grain bread, not that glue they call white bread, or "Wonder Bread." For me, it has to be canned pineapple slices. They are somewhat milder than fresh pineapple.  I have a reaction to fresh pineapples, so if I want to eat pineapple, it must be the canned variety.  I also only use pineapple with juice, not with sugar added.

What do you want to bet I won't be able to find any of these photos online, or even on my computer, for that matter.  I did manage to find one of grits with eggs and cheese, just no bacon.  I guess that will have to do.

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