Monday, September 6, 2010

Mrs. Blackstock vs Mrs. Meanypuss

My First Grade Teachers, (Wonderful vs Horrible)

Chinese class
My very worst teacher was when I was about seven years old. I had already missed a significant part of first grade due to contracting Rheumatic Fever and what was at the time called, "Bright's Disease," now referred to as chronic nephritis.

My first attempt at first grade was wonderful and so was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Blackstock. I loved school, and adored my teacher.

Mrs. Blackstock even came to visit me at home and even bought my little Golden Books to read. She knew that I was a good reader, even at age six, and she made sure that I had something to read at home. She also knew I was not expected to live.

I am now 65, and I still have very clear and fond memories of that wonderful lady.

Mrs. Meanypuss:

After missing all the rest of first grade, it was the next term before I was finally well enough to to return to school. Meanwhile, we had moved to another city, and it was in a more urban area of Georgia than we had lived before.

This horrible new teacher was just plain mean to everyone from the very beginning. She was not only responsible for a class mate being hit by a car, and his being hospitalized for a very long time, but she was not even fired for her irresponsibility in the accident.

Thankfully, or not, I don't recall her name. If I did, I would certainly publish it here.

In any case, our class was outside for recess, and many of the kids were playing "dodge ball" on the playground. There was no fence around most schools in the early 1950s in this area.

While children were throwing the ball back and forth, and throwing it pretty hard, in order to hit someone to get them out of the game, someone threw it hard enough that when it missed hitting anyone, it happened to roll out of the playground area and into the alley that ran behind our school building.

The building blocked the view of the alley, and when the youngster ran out to retrieve the ball, he ran directly into the path of an oncoming car.

The last I saw of the boy, he was on the ground with his leg wrapped around and over the tire of the car. He was also not making any noise, so I suppose he was most likely knocked out in the accident, as well. The class was never really filled in on his exact condition, but we did hear that his leg at least was badly broken.

He never returned to school that term either. We moved after the end of the school term, so I don't know if he ever did return to school.

That teacher should have, at the very least checked the alley before letting the boy go after that ball, or even gone after it herself.

That was not the only thing she did that put her on my horrible teacher list. She also picked on my for my religious beliefs, and was basically just a mean person who had no business teaching children at all, much less first graders.

I am very thankful that I first had Mrs. Blackstock as a teacher, or I would probably hated school after having that wretched woman for a teacher.

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