Friday, September 17, 2010

Brains or Beauty? Is This Question Even Justified?

You've got to be kidding...

Princess Diana in Bristol, UK, 1987

Did you really expect that most people would actually say they would prefer beauty over brains that will definitely outlast physical beauty? After all, beauty is only skin-deep.  (Please forgive my using a cliche')

Sure, inner beauty is a whole other issue. One can be totally lacking in physical beauty, and still have such inner beauty, that people who know this person don't even consider their outer shell.

How many "blond jokes" have you heard lately? These are not necessarily directed toward blond women who are intelligent. They are directed toward those, (all hair colors included) who are spacey, or just don't use the brains they were given.

While Princess Diana was considered beautiful, people remember her most for her love and kindness for people.  They remember her having been betrayed by her "Prince" of a husband, by having an ongoing affair with some woman many people called, "horse-faced."

He didn't even appear to try to hide it from Diana.  Now that she's been dead for what some may call, a respectable period, he even married his lover.

I'm actually somewhat surprised he didn't try to do away with her husband, so they could marry, before marrying Diana.  But, if he had married what's her name, there would not have been sons, or any children, for that matter to be successors to the throne.

Persons who depend solely on their outward beauty, are certain to, like many cities and nations, eventually run out of funds, and whether they file or not, they are essentially bankrupt, with nothing to show for all their showy displays and prostituting themselves, while things are still pretty to look at.

Like a beggar on the streets, once their outer shell is worn away, and they have nothing of real value to offer, they are tossed aside, and forgotten, while those who previously gathered around her, are out looking for other pretty faces, and empty heads.

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