Friday, September 17, 2010

Brains or Beauty? Can't People Just Be Satisfied The Way They Are?

Example of someone who brought laughter and tears both to millions, and he was not a very good-looking man.

Will someone please explain to me why some people can't be happy the way they are?

There have to be many millions of people we may not consider as being beautiful to look at, that are intelligent, caring, unselfish, and loving individuals. By the same token, there also must be many who are so gorgeous that you could forget to breathe when you see them. How many of those people would allow themselves to be seen without their makeup on?

There is always the question: Are they so full of themselves that they don't consider the rest of us worth drawing breath? Maybe the reverse it true. It's also possible they don't think of themselves as any different than you or I.

Ever hear the saying, "You can't judge a book by it's cover?" Don't you think the same applies to people? I have known a few people who thought they were God's gift to other person's eyes, when to me, they were nothing especially pleasing to look upon.

I have known a few people who were always telling me as well as others, how wonderful other people thought they were. "Mrs. so and so, thinks I'm so wonderful." Then, why is it that they have to tell you how great they are? If they are so wonderful, why aren't other people telling you, instead of them having to do the telling?

It all goes much deeper than what one sees on the surface. Skin can be burned away, as we are all well aware, then what? If a handsome man or gorgeous woman has nothing to offer other than their physical appearance, they are a sad case, and have very little if any self esteem. I know there are people who try to go through life on their looks, and see no need to improve their intellect, or morals.

Look at some of the actors and other artists in the industry. How many turn to drugs or alcohol to buoy themselves, due to their insecurities? That is truly sad, isn't it? Just think, living in a fish bowl, with everyone knowing your are getting a few wrinkles, and that you don't look as good as you did when you started. These people certainly had something that got them as far as they are. But, can they manage to stay in that place without more substance, and talent, and brains?

We all age, and sands shift to one extent or another. We all get wrinkles at some point in our lives, unless we can afford plastic surgery every few years to remedy the situation. Shouldn't people have more substance than just to worry about practically nothing but what other people think about how they look, from one day to another, or from one year to the next?

Few will look great when they are in their 50s, 60s or 80s, but it certainly beats the dickens out of the other option. Do you want to go to your grave with good looks and nothing else to show for your time on earth? Or would you rather, (as in our "fly on the wall prompt" ) have people saying how great a friend we were, or how much we could laugh and what a happy person we were? Wouldn't you prefer they be able to say what a selfless person we were, and how we were always ready and willing to help others?

Albert Einstein was no Clark Gable or Cary Grant, or even an Arnold Schwartzenegger, and he managed pretty well. Time to do a personal assessment?

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