Monday, September 6, 2010

My Superhero Special Powers

If I could be so tiny that no one would notice me, and if I had super hearing ability, plus super powerful eyesight of an eagle soaring thousands of feet above the earth, or that of the Hubble telescope...

Tiny fly

I would like to literally be like a fly on the wall, at all the strategy conferences, of anyone and everyone who is, or who aspires to be involved in running any or all the governments on the planet. Then, I could find out what their REAL plans are, and what they really think instead of what they feed the gullible people they are trying to manipulate into voting for them.

This one takes me back to the "fly on the wall" at your own funeral thing we did about a week or so ago.

Since these people seem to think they are entitled, and appear to think they have the innate right to wield power like that of the Almighty God, they need to have the truth forced from their lips, onto the airwaves, radio, and online, as well as on television around the world.

What movie was that where a man had a spell or something that made him tell the whole truth about everything, all the time?

After all, don't they decide practically everything that happens to everyone? If not immediately, or directly, then for a certainty, sooner or later, through the "trickle down effect," it certainly does affect every human alive on this planet.

Wouldn't it be a real hoot if we could hear their every thought, and hear what they aren't saying, as well as what they discuss in their private meetings?

Remember when one politician made a comment to another, about an affair he was having, not realizing the microphones were on?

Point made.

I'm sure you have heard about the recently developed electronic "flies" that can actually listen in, some even having cameras. But can they pick up what's not verbalized? To be really effective, they would also have to contain extremely sensitive cameras in order to see what may be written, instead of voiced, or clear enough so their lips could be read, or to pick up what may be either whispered, or just mouthed, so as not to be heard.

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