Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gripping, Suspenseful, What A Fertile Mind. Such An Imagination...

The Evil all around

This one is so very difficult, as every Dean Koontz book I have ever read was written so vividly, that you just felt that you were right there and fighting for your very life right alongside the potential victims and the past victims.

Dean Koontz has written under several pseudonyms, more than I even knew. I don't think I could ever read all his books, but while looking for the title of the story I really wanted to tell you about, I came across a list of titles to nearly all, if not all of the books Mr. Koontz has ever written, under every pseudonym as well as his own name. I still could not recall the title of the story I originally had in mind.

"Demon Seed" was all about being held prisoner in your own home by what at first appeared to be someone or something unseen, yet able to control everything about the whole security system and...

All the windows are shuttered, computer controlled security systems shut things down tighter than a drum if the system senses there it any danger near or approaching the house, and things are so sealed, there is no escape, no way in or out, not to get help, not even to bring in more food to eat...

Well, I don't want to give the story away, just in case there are other Dean Koontz fans here.

I really am not a dark and gloomy person, I just like mysteries, and trying to solve the case before it becomes too obvious.

I have read many of Dean Koontz' books, although I have stopped reading this type of book, as I really don't think it's a good thing to keep adding to one's mind.  If we are what we eat, then what we feed our minds, must also affect what we think and feel, as well as some of the things we may well articulate.

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