Monday, December 26, 2011

Possible Religious Wars Feared in Nigeria

Possible religious wars feared in Nigeria

Western Africa - Nigeria
The news article stated that Islamist fundamentalists bombed churches and killed more than two dozen people.

There was supposed to be a video  available on the page, but it was not operable when I attempted to view it.  It may have been removed for some reason, but it was not working at the time of this writing.   There may be more still photos available.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have You Ever Heard of Lawnmower Races?

These hopped up, and specially modified lawnmowers can hit speeds of from 55 to 75 and even 80 mph

Does your hubby or children complain about mowing the lawn?  Maybe you are the one who maintains your lawn.  In any case, some people have discovered a way to get it done and have fun with the doing.  They have even expanded their lawnmower, increased it's power and speed, to get way more horsepower than you may have even considered possible out of a lawnmower.

Becky, a lawnmower
racing grandmother
From what I understand, this is a rather new sport in the U.S. that originated in the U.K. back in the 1970's, and has since raced across the pond to the United States.  These lawnmower enthusiasts change out the pistons to faster, lighter weight ones, that can race along, and have more power.  Those mowers started out as stock lawnmowers, and are now an up and coming legitimate sporting event.

From what I have been able to find out so far, there is even a land speed record of more than 80 mph, in the Bonneville Salt Flats.  There is even at least one racing grandmother, whose name is Becky.  You can see her in the photo to the right.

Below are a few more photos of some of the race, and even a few onlookers in the audience.  Like many sports, these people put their heart into these events.

Ahh, as they say, "Youth is wasted on the young." This sounds like something I would rather enjoy myself.

Here, we see a husband and wife team,  He races, and she does whatever he needs her to do.  I think she would like her chance racing eventually.

These people even race around the racing course and are very seriously having fun while they put the peddle to the metal.

Stray dog saved by good Samaritan in Menands, New York

This is not the rescued dog in the story, but she does resemble this one.
Different coloring

The link below tells the story of one more Pit Bull that was rescued.  This one lost one of her front legs.  No one involved in the rescue knows how her injury occurred, but she has been saved, underwent surgery, and is now in foster care.

She will soon be looking for a new "forever home."

Click on the  link for the story, and photo of this sweet dog.

Stray dog saved by good Samaritan in Menands - NEWS10 ABC: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports

Sunday, December 18, 2011

About The Cove - PG 13

Scene from "The Cove"
This photo was taken from the screen of my computer.

Have you ever watched the documentary, "The Cove?" I recently watched it after seeing it on  I never saw it before, and had only read the information on "The Cove," when I highlighted it on Netflix.    Some of you have probably seen this one, but for those who have not yet seen it, I highly recommend you watch it.  This is a documentary about what was for many years, as fairly secret  killing place for dolphins along the coast of Japan.  While the entire city appeared to be very friendly toward sea life, there was a whole hidden agenda with a secret, partially hidden cove, where there were tens of thousands of dolphins being slaughtered, under rather secure control.

I will be adding photos of some of the scenes from the documentary, and many are certainly not for the faint of heart, as they are graphic.

2009 PG-13 91 minutes
Daring animal activists arrive with surveillance equipment at a scenic cove in Taijii, Japan, to capture footage of a secretive and heavily guarded operation run by the world's largest supplier of dolphins. As the group sets out to expose thehorrifying truths behind the capture of dolphins for the lucrative tourist industry, they also uncover an environmental catastrophe. Louie Psihoyos directs this riveting, Oscar-winning documentary.
DocumentariesPolitical DocumentariesScience & Nature DocumentariesSocial & Cultural Documentaries
This movie is:
This is the killing in progress.  Poor dolphins were killed, and had no hope of escape.  Many suffered while the y
bled to death, drowning in the cove, which was red with their blood.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bible Text to Consider for Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jehovah's Witnesses: *** Text for Sunday, December 18, 2011 ***: "It is not you whom they have rejected, but it is I whom they have rejected from being king over them." — 1 Samuel 8:7 . Alexander the Great...

Why do you think that with all the various kinds of governments man has devised, eventually they all have failed to bring happiness and real security to earth's population?  While science and medicine have invented all sorts of new things, to make life easier, these things have come a great cost in more than money.  The Holy Scriptures answer these questions.  Click on the link above, and then, look up those scriptures in your own Bible, to see if it says the same thing as you will see on the linked page.

If you don't have a Bible of your own, you can look up these scriptures at either or both of the following web sites.
Modern English Translation of the Scriptures (NW)

Divine Name King James Bible

Peaceful morning view of the lake and sunrise
©2011 PK Hawk

Can any government by man wipe out death, mourning, and sadness?
 Can man's governments really bring peace
to the inhabitants of the earth?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do You Celebrate Your Birthday?

A Birthday Celebration
Guest of Honor Gets Gifts
It seems that most people, celebrate their birthday. It isn't only the kind and charitable, loving and sharing people who celebrate the date of their birth.  Criminals, murders, gangsters and mobsters celebrate theirs, as well. I choose not to celebrate my date of birth, as I feel like the Bible only mentions birthday celebrations three times. Each time, people who were innocent were killed during that celebration, by rulers who were not good at all.  After all, I can have a party or quiet get together any time during the year, and give or receive gifts when it really comes from the heart, not just because tradition dictates that I must give something to someone, or that they should give me a gift.

In Genesis 40:20, it states an example of when Phar'aoh had a great feast to celebrate his birthday. It reads: "Now on the third day at turned out to be Phar'aoh's birthday, and he proceeded to make a feast for all his servants and to lift up the head of the chief of the cupbearers and the head if the chief if the bakers in the midst of his servants." To read the entire event, read the whole chapter 40 of Genesis. 

The second time that birthdays are mentioned in the Holy Bible, read Matthew 14:6-11, which states: "... when Herod's birthday was being celebrated the daughter of He-ro'di-as danced at it and pleased Herod so much that he promised with an oath to give her whatever she asked. Then she, under her mother's coaching said: "Give me here upon a platter the head of John the Baptist." Grieved though he was, the king out of regard for his oaths and for those reclining with him commanded it to be given, and he sent and had John beheaded in the prison. And his head was brought on a platter, and given to the maiden, and she brought it to her mother." " At Mark 6:21 this event is also told. 

After all, a person has no reputation, either good or bad when they are born. Only when a person lives, and dies, is it clearer what sort of person they have been. Someone who may have been a good child can change, and become evil, even murderous, and someone who may have started out being unruly and out of control, may even change their ways, and become a decent person, who finishes out his or her life by doing good, and trying to make up for the bad they may have previously done. After all the apostle Paul was originally a person known as Saul, who persecuted and even encouraged murder of those who followed Christ Jesus.  Only after Jesus was killed and resurrected, did he change his ways.  Jesus actually contacted him personally to ask him why he persecuted him.  You can read this account for yourself in Acts of Apostles 9:4, 5.  You might get a clearer understand of the history of Saul (Paul) by starting at Acts 9:1, and read the entire chapter.  Even though Saul had been guilty of shedding blood, he was forgiven and began following in Jesus' footsteps himself, even unto death.  He was just as determined in being a true follower of Christ as he had been as an enemy.  Once her realized he had been wrong all along, he changed entirely, so that when he finally died, he had made a good name for himself.

This may well be the reason that the Bible nowhere gives the exact date of Jesus' birth, but only tells that it was while the shepherds were in the fields with their sheep. It was in that area of the world most likely in mid to late fall that he was born. Otherwise, had he been born in winter, there would have been very cold weather, and possibly even snowing. In that case, the shepherds would not have been in the fields, but they would have had the sheep sheltered from the weather indoors, in stables or barns.

If you recall, Jesus was killed, and resurrected some three days later, which was in the spring of the year. He was thirty-three and a half years old when he wast murdered. Count back six months from the early spring, and that would have made the most likely date of his birth in late September or early October, of 2 B.C. Jesus birth date was not as important as the date of his death, as he had proven himself faithful until death to his Father. He gave his own life's blood so that all mankind would have a chance to regain his Father's approval.

We each have the same opportunity to prove Satan a liar and that God is the rightful ruler of the universe. Only those who accept Christ as God's appointed King of the earth will have the hope of living on a cleansed earth, which will never again be run by Satan and his hoards of wicked spirit forces. 

If you care to get more information on the subject or some other Bible based information, please feel free to visit the following link.

If you read the King James version of the Holy Bible, there is a new corrected version online at: where they have reinstated the name of the God of the Bible as it appeared in the original manuscripts, and in all King James versions of the Holy Bible from it's original date of translation until the early 1900's when God name was removed from most places it originally appeared.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fraud Alert - These People Have Been Active Since at Least 2006

ALERT - Warning: Fraudulent charges on your credit card?

Even if you have not used your card
in years, you could be hit.
That's exactly what happened to my friend.
Beware of fraudulent charges to your credit cards, debit cards or check cards by a company called TLG Great Fun, or anything similar to that. They have been doing this for at least since 2006, and the FBI isn't even interested.

Check your credit card and debit card statements well, for unauthorized charges. A friend just called me to tell me that there is a "Company" who has charged her Capital One credit card $12.99 each month for three months. She called the number that was listed as the "business" where she supposedly charged something. After talking to some underling, she was passed to not one, not two, but to three supervisors. They tried to convince her that they had her signature on file. She told them she was calling from the Police station, and would they please fax their copy of her signature to the police, so they could verify she had or had not signed something for these crooks. 

The name on the billing was: TLG Great Fun, along with a phone number of 1-800-240-8603. My friend finally called Capital One directly, and they will be having their fraud department check it out, and reverse the charges. In any case, this is fraud. SO, BEWARE and check your statements every month.
Do you have money to waste?

I called the fraud department of the FBI in Los Angeles, and was told they have bigger criminals they are after.  They said to call the local Police.  This is at least an international crime, not only local, but for some reason, no one seems to be doing anything about it. It appears to be every man (or woman) for their self.

If you recall, there have been many reports of various credit card companies being hacked, with millions of individuals' personal information being stolen, along with their social security numbers, as well as their home address.

Please pass this on to everyone you know, so at least some people will exercise due diligence, and examine their credit card bills regularly, even if they don't use their card.  My friend had not used her card in years, and she only happened to open one, only to discover her card had been billed monthly for several months.

The following are web sites which have been documenting complaints for several years.  They include, and one which is popular, called Ripoff Reports.  Actually on Ripoff Reports, their list of online complaints on TLG Great Fun go back to 2006.

I will be following through on this, and my friend will be going to the local authorities to file another report.  I will be contacting the California Attorney General's office, as directed by the Office of Consumer Affairs for the State of California.

As of 7:00 PM local time, I have contacted the Department of Consumer Affairs in my local area, as well as the Sacramento office.  I must say that the local office was more helpful than was the one in Sacramento.  The very cooperative gentleman in the local office of the Department of Consumer Affairs said that he would suggest calling the U. S. Postal Inspector.

I called the U. S. Postal Inspector's office, and found that they have prosecuted these people in the past, and they are again under investigation for fraud.  I then called the Attorney General's office in Ohio, as that is were this company is supposedly located.  I found they too say this is a really bad company, that is really deeply invested in defrauding the public, and that they are on their trail.  I was able to get another address on the company, which happens to be in Connecticut.

With more research, I have also located their parent company, and will have to wait until Monday to call the Connecticut Attorney General's office, to let them know what I have found out, and to see if they are also  after these crooks.

As thing progress, I will be updating this story.