Saturday, September 25, 2010

A 100-Word Texas Tall Tale-Manatees Envy Texas Rio Grande

Tall Texas Tale?

Rio Grande Overflowing its Banks
Manatees of Florida developed an envy of Texas having the Rio Grande. They were so tired of being injured by boat propellers, that they decided to swim until they reached the Texas Rio Grande, hoping to only fend off a few people who were swimming to make their way also into Texas from Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. They met other obstacles they had not taken into consideration.

The banks of the muddy Rio Grande was patrolled not only by ICE agents, but also was loaded with many coyotes of the four-legged variety in search of dinner. Those coyotes weren't shy about entering the water, either. They sure missed the relatively clear water of Florida. At least there, they could see trouble coming. While boats were no longer a big threat, they now had to worry about coyotes approaching in murky water.

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