Monday, September 6, 2010

This Poem Is Brought to You By the Letter S-1

Ships At Sea, Searching...

Ships, seas, sails, something special

See seven seas, sharks,

Sea shells, slippery sea snails

Sea ships searching

Stop shipboard slaughter

Stop savage sea-life sellers

Swiftly, ship-side

Stop slaughtering sensitive sea-life 

Such smooth seas, savage stormy seas, screaming sailors

Slipping, sliding sailboats

Boasting sailing ships slithering, some slowly

Some speedily, steadily southward

Searching sailors sailing silently, swiftly

Stealthily, sweating, slaving

Some starving, suffering, searching

Some slaying sea-life, some stopping savagery

Sharks sail southward searching

Sailors starving, sharks starving,

Sameness, stealth, satisfaction

Sharks satiate simply savagely some savage sailors 

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