Monday, September 6, 2010

My Favorite Comfort Food

Mmmmm, which is my favorite... How do I choose? Let me count the ways...

I don't think that I have only one favorite. I like many kinds of food.

Hmmm... Let's see now, I just love Cherry Crepes, with a cream filling made of sour cream and cottage cheese, with a nice sized dollop of cherry pie filling. Then I also like it with a bit of the same cream and cherry pie filling on top, too.

I love good, healthfully prepared Chinese Food, Mexican, El Salvadorian, and Japanese dishes as well.

What I seldom eat at all, is Ice cream, and things that many people would die for, such as sticky, gooey brownies, too rich candies, and the like.

I have actually made a How To Guide on helium about how to make cherry crepes, and how to make chili beans from scratch.

I also have another free site called "Temecula Valley"... just to let people know about my favorite places to eat in my area.

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