Monday, September 6, 2010

The Movie That Moved Me

An in depth look into the life of Julia Child and a real fan, named Julie...

I watched Julia Child off and on, until I finally discovered that she was really a wonderfully dedicated Chef. Then, I watched it every time I could.

I only recently saw the movie, as I thought it would be a big disappointment to me.

Finally I came across it on Netflix, and read the pop-up information about the story line, and decided to give it a chance NOT to disappoint.

This movie brought out Julia Child's personality, as well as her reason for studying to be a chef, along with her trials and errors, failures and successes. It also documented her twenty years of determination to get her cookbook published, as written, with just about it's approximately one thousand pages.

Meryl Streep made a very convincing Julia Child, and really captured her mannerisms as well as her way of laughing, and moving as well.

It was really a bit difficult to grasp that it really was Meryl Streep playing Julia, and not Julia herself.

Did you know the main reason Julia Child began studying French Cooking was so she could write a cook book about gourmet French Cuisine for American Housewives in language and measurements they could understand?

This movie was also a love story, about Julia and her very beloved husband, as well as the woman, Julie, who had watched reruns of Julia, and who also had Julia Child's English language French Cookbook.

Julie decided to log her attempts in her Online Blog, successes, as well as her failures in preparing every recipe in Julia's book in the next 365 days, and to document each and every recipe.

When I really became more familiar with Julia Child, including her own failures, and trials in getting her book published along with a few friends who were all working toward the same goal, it made me realize how dedicated Julia and her friends really were.

Her life was not always easy, as many people thought she may actually be a transvestite, and some even ribbed her husband about that.

If you haven't seen this movie, I heartily recommend it during a quiet evening at home, with maybe a glass of your favorite wine and cheese, and maybe some grapes, or melon. Even maybe a bottle of champaign to be shared with a few friends who were fans of Julia Child may be in order.

There is more I could say, but there is also a lot more to the movie, and I don't want to spoil everything for you.

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