Monday, September 6, 2010

My Favorite Summer Memory

One of my very favorite summertime memories is when we went on a wonderful horse camping trip.

One thing I will treasure to my dying day, is riding my horse to the peak of the 6,000 foot top of the highest mountain in Cuyamaca State Park, in San Diego County, California when we were there for a vacation, horse camping.

You can see Mexico from the south side of the peak, Salton Sea from the east side, the Pacific Ocean from the west side, and the smog line from Orange County, and Los Angeles from the North side. We rode though areas where Native Americans once lived, and saw dozens of holes that were used as mortar and pestle for grinding corn, and other grains.

We also rode though another portion of the trail that went though a large area that was reminiscent of the Log Ride at Knott's Berry Farm, in Buena Park, California.

It is something I would love to revisit, and sleep again in tents, heating our food in the cans it came in.

We did bring flash frozen steaks that were kept cold with dry ice, until they were defrosted just right for grilling a few days after we got there.

Some days, we prepared bacon & eggs, with hash browned potatoes to supply our bodies with the needed energy for out long day rides.

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