Monday, September 6, 2010

I'd have 'Music box Dancer' playing in my cafe

Music box Dancer
It's uplifting, and yet relaxing. Cheerful, but doesn't get on your nerves. Besides, it was a real favorite when it was new, and is still played quite a bit in my favorite place to eat.

Green Sleeves
This song and the melody are timeless. It's actually well over four hundred years old, and is still a favorite of many.

El Paso
If I were opening a rustic place, I would definitely play El Paso. "down in the west texas town of El Paso, .....

It was one of my favorites when I was rather young, and it still grabs me.

The Wayward Wind
I recall singing this song in front of my 6th grade class when it was still on the charts, as one of the more popular songs in the 1950s.

I still love it, and still sing it every now and then.

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