Monday, September 6, 2010

If I Had Unlimited Resources, I Would...

I would create a non profit organization to help educate the public about the many Fake Pet Rescuers that are not really saving animals, but killing them.

It's not like they are killing them at a shelter that is overloaded with dogs and cats that have not been adopted. They actually lie and tell people they will "place them in new "forever homes" and they will be well cared for until they are placed, even if it takes forever."

They actually trap pets that may have accidentally gotten loose, or lost or even stolen from their rightful owner. They don't care if they are wearing a collar with tags, or even if they are micro chipped, they are destroyed, usually within hours of being taken in or trapped.

In the meantime, the owners are beating the bushes trying to find their lost pet, and don't have any idea that it is already dead.

I would also provide finding for spay/neuter of pet dogs, cats, as well as pet pigs.

I would also create more Internet Web sites for free listing of lost or found pets of any species.

I would have provision for feeding pets of people who would otherwise have to give up their pets due to circumstances beyond their control, such as serious illnesses, loss of a job.

I would also have a program for helping with veterinary bills for pets of seniors, and disabled persons who have limited income.

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