Monday, October 4, 2010

What I Miss About Childhood - I Didn't Ever Want To Grow Up, But I Did.

View of Field Across From My Home   Photo ©PK Hawk

I think I miss all the times when I had freedom to run, play with and care for our critters, and even going to work with my dad while I was on school vacation. I also loved working with my dad on our vehicles, trimming hedges, while standing on the roof our little 1948 Crosley 4 on the floor, station wagon. We seldom ever took that little thing on the road, but it certainly was fun on the dirt roads that ran through the fields in the farming are we lived in when I was in my teens. I even looked forward to milking our five milk goats, twice a day, and even bathing our Buck, (Billy, our male goat) to get that male goat smell somewhat subdued.
My Pond Fish Spring ©2009 PK Hawk

Until I messed up my neck, I made up for these things, by riding my horse, using my donkey for packing, having my milk goat. I also loved to do some of my own repairs to my and my husbands cars and trucks when he was unable to do it after being disabled in a serious traffic accident, when he was T-boned while driving a Toyota Pickup.

If I could still ride a horse, I would still be out riding, every time I had the time to do so. I may have already gone on that trail ride from the California/Mexican border to the Canadian border, and back the following spring.

I still enjoy doing some repairs to my Ford Explorer, things like doing a brake job, changing radiator hoses, as well as any other things that I am physically able to do. I do still have four dogs, two California Banded King Snakes, a hermit crab, as well as my ten month old cat, "Buddy," and a one thousand gallon pool with about forty pond fish.

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