Sunday, October 24, 2010


Fall creeps upon an unsuspecting world
Slowly, summer is slipping away
Day by day, ever so slowly 
The days grow cooler, even cold

One night, cold winds begin to howl
Amongst the trees so straight and tall
Time for maple leaves to turn
Yellow orange and crimson they burn 

Early winter snow, blankets everything by dawn
Squirrels have hidden their nuts away
Bears are ready for their long winters snooze
Wolves and foxes now play and prowl 

Slightly things begin to change
Ever so slowly imperceptible at first
Snow slowly melts away while ice trickles into streams
Once again spring is on its way

Melting snow waters the thirsty earth
Tiny green shoots pointing toward sunny skies
Trees shoot forth tiny leaves and flower buds
Soon fields of flowers and grain replace the snowy turf

Bears awake with appetite and cubs
Cottontails and birds on wing
Welcome, it's simply planet earth
Sharing seasons colors and rebirth

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