Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If I Could Go Back in Time, it Wouldn't Be For Me But For Puglsy and Snow Bear

©2010 PK Hawk
I would change the events of this morning. Poor little five pound Pugsly was killed by my Grandson's one hundred pound Lab/Ger. Shep. mix.

I still can't find how Pugsly managed to get into Ozzie's enclosure, but as soon as I heard a yelp, I ran outside to see what was wrong. None of my dogs were in sight, which is very unusual in itself.

I called, and no one came, which is unheard of.

I first thought the yelp came from the back yard, and ran there to see if maybe Sequoia had bitten him while playing. Nothing.

I ran to the front yard, and all three of my other dogs were standing at the chain link dog run where my Grandson keeps his two dogs, Lola, the Bloodhound, and Ozzie. I called Puglsy, as he was the only dog I didn't see.

Then, as I walked closer, I saw Ozzie mouthing something small and white on the ground, and it wasn't moving.

I realized it was my sweet, dear little Pugsly, lying there motionless, and began to scream for Stephen, my Grandson. I must have called four of five times, before he was able to get outside.

©2010 PK Hawk
Snow Bear, Pugsly & Peanut
©2010 PK Hawk

 The only thing for which I am grateful is that it was very fast, and though he must have been terrified, thankfully, it was very fast. There were no bite marks or any visible signs of trauma, just a limp, tiny little motionless body that had been my Puglsy.

 All we can think was that Ozzie grabbed him, shaking "Puggy," so hard, that he most likely broke his little neck, and probably doing severe damage to his brain as well.

Snow Bear and Pugsly were the very best of friends, and Snow Bear, really hasn't grasped yet that her little friend isn't coming back.  It's only been an hour and half, so I am still writing through my tears.  I tried to be so careful that he had no areas of the fence that he could squeeze through, because he has tried before to get to a Pit Bull that was walking down the road. I secured every tiny place where it appeared that he might wriggle though in his puppyish determination.  It is painfully clear I missed something, someplace.  Someplace I still haven't found.

I have never before lost any pet to such a tragedy, and I am so crushed. Snow Bear really didn't understand what happened until I allowed Snow Bear, Sequoia and Peanut to see, so they could understand why Pugsly would never be able to run and chase with them again.

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  1. UPDATE: I feel I must tell you that this morning I finally found the place where Pugsly got into the area that Ozzie and Lola are. It was in the back yard, where the gate and side fence intersect. Somehow, there was a space just wide enough to let Puglsy slip between the two fences. I've owned this property for more than ten years, and I have never before seen that place open like it was this morning. Maybe it was just due to passing time, I really don't know. It's too late to save my Pugsly now anyway. Still, I fixed it, so neither "Peanut, nor Sequoia or any other small dog will ever get in there again.

    It hard to accept that I missed that, and even though I know I should accept that things just sometimes happen, I still feel very guilty. I can't believe I failed to see that place. I actually had to get pretty close and at the right angle to see it, so I suppose it was just not as easy to see, and that has to be how I missed seeing it. It only took about 30 seconds to fix, too.