Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Favorite Photo of Me - On My Computer Screen

An old Jane Fonda movie about the old west and fighting off land grabbing oil men.

Well, since I don't have very many photos of myself, here is one that I took while getting a few photos of my computer screen. I was watching a western staring what's her name (Jane Fonda) and when I snapped the photo, I was reflected onscreen with my camera. I look terrible, as I had pinned my hair up, out of the way, so I could get a good view through the view finder, without my hair getting in my way.

I like the way the still-shot of the movie and myself, are in the same shot. I have forgotten the name of this movie just now, but it was to have taken place in the days of real cowboys, and very old cars. I took hundreds of shots of the screen during this movie, as well as a few others I have watched and where I have really like the scenery, too.

Sorry is wasn't something more creative, or that I wasn't dressed up somewhat. But, this was last winter, and it was rather cool inside, so I was dressed in my comfortable clothes, and wasn't really camera ready.


  1. I think that is very creative and COOL!

  2. Wow, this was one I took about 18 months ago when my hair was still long, and much grayer than it is now. I had it all wrapped into sort of a bun to get it out of my face to see better taking photos of the computer screen. Thanks for the shout out, and for your kind comment Susan.

    I am having trouble posting to your blog lately. That's the reason I haven't been leaving you any comments of late.